Aquafaba Royal Icing Ghosts and Pumpkins

Not another year of foiled Halloweegan plans! I had lots of ideas for Halloween, but I've been going through a thing and I just haven't felt like getting crafty. I suspect this is a seasonal thing because the same thing happened last year at this time. But there is going to be at least this one Halloweegan post this year, and hold on to your bits because it's a picture-heavy bandwidth hog!

It's Aquafaba royal icing! This is the royal icing recipe that I used via Geeky Cakes. It works so well! It works just like the egg-based royal icing that I used to make for my mother's old catering business. I added 1/4 teaspoon of almond extract to mine to give it a bit of extra flavor.

First I made little ghosts following a tutorial that I can't find anymore. That's helpful, isn't it? It was a very simple tutorial. First you have to pipe a tear-shaped blob using a large round decorating tip on a bit of wax paper. The blob is the main ghostly body. When the body has had about 15 minutes to dry, you pipe two little tear-shaped blobs on the sides of the big blob using a smaller round decorating tip. The little blobs are the ghostly arms. After all the blobs dry for a couple of hours, you can draw the eyes and mouths using an edible marker or a tiny brush dipped in food coloring. Again, this isn't my original idea but I can't find the tutorial that I used. I'll update this post if I find it.

This guy is not too happy.

This guy is extra happy!

This guy wants you to get off his lawn.

Then I went vertical. Same decorating tips, but instead of making flat, tear-shaped blobs, I made vertical pear-shaped blobs.

I made a few that stood up straight until I got bored with that and then I made some floppy ones.

This poor guy looks like he's seen a ghost.

Then I made tiny little aquafaba royal icing pumpkins following this tutorial. Awful photo. Sorry about that.

And then I went vertical again.

That's it! Aquafaba royal icing *WIN*! I may try to make a little gingerbread house later this year now that I have a good icing recipe to hold it together. Unless I don't. I may not. Gingerbread houses are a lot of work!

PS: I owe you a photo of a cute bird. I haven't taken any in a while.


  1. I was really looking forwards to doing Halloween themed stuff when I had the idea back in September, now October is here I'm not even close to being in the mood! Nope! *Fail*

    But your little pumpkins and ghosts are so adorable and festive! Yay! I LOVE all the different expressions! And they are so tiny! When I saw them without the cupcakes on IG I thought they were bigger. So cute!

    Well done you for finding a tiny bit of halloweegan mojo! I love it! :D

  2. These are SO Cute! You should swing by my place and link up for the Vegan Halloween LINKY Hop! It's on my sidebar! Such a wonderful place you have here!

  3. Darling little ghosts. Just curious -- did you use the palm oil, or one of the alternatives (eg earthbalance)?

  4. We had so many plans and ideas! Oh well. There's always next year :)

    The ghosts and pumpkins really are tiny. Even the angry ghosts don't look intimidating because they are the size of a bean!

  5. Thanks for the invite, Jennifer!

  6. Hi Goose! I actually didn't need to use any palm oil or EB for the Aquafaba royal icing. This is the recipe that I used:

    I can already see that I'm going to be making all sorts of things with Aquafaba royal icing. It's inexpensive and fun!

  7. <3 The changing season is tough even among the delightful Halloween festivities. Hang in there River! <3 Cool to find out your Mom had a catering business, how young were you when you were helping her in the kitchen? I love the leaning ghost photobombing. Thanks for the link to the Geeky Cakes site, works of edible art for sure!

  8. Thanks, Lysette! There's something about the changing season for sure. Weird, it's such a lovely season. My mother made birthday and wedding cakes for friends and family since I was quite young, but she started doing it professionally when I was about eleven or twelve. I was never in charge of anything too vital, I did mostly prep work, but I did make truckloads of little royal icing flowers! The Aquafaba royal icing from Geeky Cakes is the real deal!

  9. I've been worried about you, River! I miss our FB messages. Hope all is well and I'm glad to see you posting again :) Hang in there with the seasonal funk!

  10. *hugs for you my beautiful friend*
    Your ghosts are super cute! I still haven't made anything with AF yet. I am a bad vegan. I think about it every time I drain a tin of chickpeas. Initially I thought I should save the liquid when I drained it, but then I remembered that tinned chickpeas are super common, so it is unlikely that I will ever be unable to find it if I do decide to make something with it. ;)

  11. I didn't mean to worry you! "Seasonal funk" is a perfect way to put it. Somebody should put that on a t-shirt! :)

  12. I hear you. I have saved lots of chickpea liquid from lots of chickpea cans that I just ended up throwing away a couple of weeks later because they didn't get used. If it makes you feel any better, I hope you will love it when you get around to making something with Aquafaba!

  13. HUGS River xxxx hope your seasonal funk buggers off sharpish!!

    Those are the cutest cupcakes ever. You are truly the Halloweegan queen! :)

  14. Thanks, Sal! I just found out that *someone* who happens to be one of my favorite bloggers of all time just got engaged, so that's a big dose of happy right there! :)


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