Halloween Man-Eating Burgers!

Run! Run!!! RUN!!! The Man-Eating Burgers are here! They will spare no one! Look at what happened to this poor guy! Some of you might remember the original Dead Man Burger from Halloweegan 2010, but this time the guy has green goo oozing out of him. Tasty! The green goo is of course that tasty Coconut Milk Cheddar that I am so smitten with, but this time I blended a couple of handfuls of spinach with the coconut milk before I started working on the cheddar. I added a bit more of all the seasonings that the recipe calls for because I didn't want it to taste like spinach - it doesn't! The patty is of course the same Beet Burger recipe I've been going on and on about since I first made it. I shaped the patty inside a greased gingerbread man shaped cookie cutter, just like I did last week for my Spooky Dinner. Check out the Spooky Dinner post for a video with more details. This is probably my favorite Halloweegan food of all time! It's fun and fairly easy t

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