Vegan Treats for Two: Overkill Chocolate Cupcakes

Hello! It's the last day of Vegan MoFo! What a whirlwind that always is. I salute all of you who started at the beginning and stuck through the whole thing. I only started halfway through! Shall we celebrate our blogging achievements with some cake?

Yesterday I asked if you could guess my favorite treat. I said my taste buds are simpletons and that my favorite treat was 'stremely simple because I like simple flavors. Are you ready for the big, shocking reveal? My favorite sweet treat is... chocolate cake! Always chocolate cake. Simply flavored. No adventurous variations. No coffee or goji berries or rum or chili powder or roasted garlic, thankyouverymuch. Just the chocolate. ALL the chocolate.

When given a choice, I'll always go with chocolate! These are little chocolate cakes filled with silky chocolate ganache, then smothered with creamy chocolate buttercream and topped with semi-sweet chocolate curls or shavings. ALL the chocolate!

Overkill Chocolate Cupcakes for Two

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