Vegan MoFo: Doctor Who Jammie Dodgers

Today's Vegan MoFo prompt is "make/eat something inspired by a book or film." I'm doing something inspired by a TV show. Close enough? Close enough!

How many of you are Doctor Who fans? Raise your hand! Do you have a favorite Doctor or do you love them all the same? Have you watched all the classic Doctor Who episodes? I haven't watched them all but I will at some point, I'm sure. I think my favorite Doctor+companion combo was the dynamic duo that were David Tennant and Catherine Tate. Those two were... wait for it... brilliant! (video)

When David Tennant left us I did not think I would like Matt Smith as the Doctor because I'm not good with change, but he was awesome and he brought cookies! I'd say he was fantastic, but that word is reserved for Christopher Eccleston.

If you're not a Doctor Who fan, sorry about all that boring stuff I just said up there. Let me make it up to you with Jammie Dodgers!

Aren't they cute? I love them! For those of you who don't watch the show: Three episodes into the fifth series, the Doctor threatens to blow up a Dalek spaceship using a Jammie Dodger as a detonator. Here's a short video of the scene in case you're curious.

"All right, it's a Jammie Dodger but I was promised tea!"

I used Jamie Oliver's recipe (does that make them Jamie Dodgers instead?) which isn't vegan, but all I had to do was use vegan butter instead or dairy butter and skip the egg yolk. I didn't bother replacing the egg yolk with anything and they turned out perfect. I also skipped the sprinkling of sugar on top.

They are sweet and tender and a delicious little treat! In case you don't know what they are, Jammie Dodgers are a British treat that consists of two shortbread cookies (or biscuits) with a jam filling.

Do you think the Doctor would mind that I made half with jam and half with chocolate? Nah! (Did you just picture David Tennant saying "nah?")

Sorry. The little Jammie Dodgers were so cute that I got a little carried away with the photos. Just two more and then I'm done! Let's see what the Doctor thinks of my Jammie Dodgers...

He's running toward it! I think he approves! Sorry, Doctor. This one is mine.

PS: Oh, for Freedonia's sake! I wanted to make one of them with two hearts but I forgot! Somebody please punch me in the face (of Boe.) Thank you.


  1. Perfect looking dodgers. One of my favourite biccies.

    Also, Mr A is a huge doctor who fan!

  2. Thanks, Sal! I love these little treats! Hard to eat just one or ten though. Mr. A knows what's good! :)

  3. I have so little time for shows these days but I've always wanted to do Dr Who from start to finish. I'd have to be on bed rest to watch that much TV but if I ever break both my legs...
    Love the little hearts left over from the cut outs!

  4. Love the Doctor Who connection for these delicious treats!

  5. That's my problem! There just isn't enough time to watch all those bazillion episodes. Let's break each other's legs so we can finally have time to watch the whole thing! No? Have I taken it too far? :D

    The little hearts were so tiny! <3

  6. Can't beat a good TV show that features good food! Except for the Doctor's fish fingers and custard - that was just gross! :D

  7. Tennant forever. <3 And Donna... oh Donna... I will never ever forgive what they did to her.
    But I did enjoy Matt's doctor a lot. I met Matt earlier this year at a Whoniverse convention, I have a photo. :D
    What do you think of Capaldi? I am a bit meh.

    Yummy biscuits!

  8. Brilliant! Your Dodgers are so perfect and neat (my homemade biccies always tend to spread a little and look meh). I hope you left some un-dusted with icing sugar for Mr Wing It (Nah! You should dust them all so there are more for you! He hee!).

    The idea of doing one with two hearts was very cool, you still get points for the idea even though you forgot! ;P

    I'm not a Doctor Who fan (and the current doctor is never going to convert me to being one!) but The Hubster is looking forwards to the new series starting in a couple of weeks.

    No Boid or backyard critter? Not even a little one? (Can we please have 2 next time to restore the balance of the universe?).

  9. What they did to Donna was unforgivable! She was the best. I hope they can bring her back at least for one episode to "fix" her. They owe her! Stupid writers. Now I'm cranky, I think I need a Jammie Dodger! :)

    Have I not seen this photo of you and the Doctor? Why not? Now I don't know if I remember seeing it or if I just created a picture of you and Matt Smith in my mind. I can totally picture it, but I don't know if you've shared it on your blog before or if I made it up!

    A bit meh about Capaldi too. And Clara. I am ready for a new Doctor, a new companion, and new stories!

  10. Thanks, dude! I was sure mine were going to spread out in the oven and lose their shape. I even forgot to do my one-cookie bake test to see how they did before I baked the entire batch! But all was well in the end.

    I did indeed leave most of them un-dusted! You are on to something there though. Next time I will dust all but one! :D

    I will be kicking myself for a long time for forgetting to make one with two hearts! Dummy!

    Matt Smith sort of replaced the customary boid here, but the boids will return soon! I am running out of bird photos, believe it or not. It's time to replenish my stash!

  11. hahaha I'm coming over with popcorn and a baseball bat!

  12. I've never seen Doctor Who, but so many of my vegan blogger friends love it. So I really need to watch!

  13. You do really need to watch! It actually took me some time to like it. Mr. Wing-It and I tried to watch it together a few years ago, but the first episode (of the new Doctor Who show) was so very silly we couldn't finish it. Evil mannequins? Dumb! We couldn't watch it. Then later on I decided to give it another shot on my own and ended up loving it. Then Mr. Wing-It decided to watch it too because I wouldn't shut up about it. Anyway, yes, I think you should definitely watch it! :)

  14. […] Jammie Dodgers! This is Jamie Oliver’s recipe. They are two buttery shortbread cookies with a layer of jam in the middle. To make them vegan I used vegan butter and skipped the egg yolk. […]

  15. Those are adorable! I've never had a jammie dodger (or seen doctor who--sorry!! :P) but they sound delicious!! :)

  16. They really were delicious! Oddly enough, I liked the traditional jam version better and Mr. Wing-It preferred the chocolate variation. I'm supposed to be the chocoholic, not him! Anyway, I highly recommend both Jammie Dodgers and Doctor Who! :)

  17. Thank you! I was very pleased with them, especially considering that I was certain they were going to melt into little puddles of cookie in the oven. :)

  18. I ♡♡ Doctor Who.
    Cute jammie dodger recipe, but doesn't look a thing like the one in Victory of the Daleks. As a fellow baker I am currently working on my own play of a jammie dodger ;-)
    it's also nice to see more Whoivan bakers look for something more than the Fish Fingers and Custard (even though I have a great recipes for those in both sweet and savory dishes)

    take care and good luck with all you do.


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