Cabbage and Potato Casserole

Do you watch Miranda? Or, if you are in the UK, did you watch Miranda when it first aired on TV? I watch it on Hulu and it is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I have rewatched it several times! Unfortunately, the two final episodes are not yet available on Hulu. Soon, I hope!

I will probably write a Miranda-themed-food blog post at some point (no savory muffins, of course) and I'll tell you more about the show then, but the reason why I mention it today is that the name of this dish reminded me of Dreamboat Charlie's "pumpy de rumpy."

It's called rumbledethumps!

Oh, look. I've made more mini casseroles. In the same little white ramekins. Sat on the same metal baking pan as always. Photographed from the same angles as before. One trick pony.

My apologies to your corneas. There was some weird lighting going on there and the cheddar looks like it's blindingly glowing.

Rumbledethumps is a Scottish dish that is made with mashed potatoes and shredded cabbage, cooked separately and then baked together with cheese on top. The recipe comes from Undiscovered Scotland. Couldn't be easier to make vegan. I used vegan butter instead of dairy butter and Vegan Gourmet cheddar instead of dairy-based cheddar. I know. I am quite ingenious.

Gooey! I did grind up the cheddar shreds in my Magic Bullet to make sure they melted evenly on top of my little casseroles. As you can see, I only made two little casseroles instead of a big one. I didn't actually weigh the ingredients, instead I eyeballed it to make sure I ended up with a bit more potato than cabbage.

Unfortunately, and this will not come as a shock to those of you who know me, I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and ended up browning the onion even though the recipe says not to. It was lovely, brown onion and all! Also, I may have used about twice as  much cheese as the recipe called for. I may have done that on purpose.

 It was delicious even though I tried hard to ruin it by not weighing the ingredients, over-browning the onion, and using way more cheese than I was supposed to. Please, Scotland, don't be offended by my non-traditional wee Rumbledethumps.

Now I think we should wrap this up with some thumpy-de-buns. Check out the hair "gel" on the one in the foreground!


  1. I'm pretty sure that browning the onions and putting in extra cheese only makes it better!
    I love the name of this. I must name a clinic kitten after this one day.

  2. Then that kitten will have the coolest name ever! Yes to more cheese! :)

  3. Haven't seen Miranda, but it sounds like worthy viewing! Those casseroles = epitome of comfort food. And love those cute rabbits :)

  4. If you enjoy lighthearted silliness and comedic genius then I cannot recommend Miranda enough. I really should do a whole post dedicated to the show. I feel it is my duty to share it with those who have not yet seen it! :)

  5. Damn, that looks delicious. And honestly, don't browned onions and extra cheese make everything better? No way that could mess this up! Mmmmm....also bunnies!

  6. If only every time I screwed up a recipe it ended up like this!

    Bunnies were out in the backyard again today, but they were way too hyper and fast to photograph. We should arrange a play-date with Herman! :)

  7. Those casseroles look gorgeous! I haven't had such a creamy potato dish in ages.

  8. The horror! You must eat a creamy potato dish ASAP! :)

  9. This sounds lovely. Going to give this a go. thanks for sharing this recipe.



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