Half-Batch Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins

Last week I shared my recipe for Her Ladyship's Cranberry-Orange Muffins. Today I'm sharing one for my kind of muffin. Raise your hand if you're a peanut butter lover! Yeah! I have to actively keep myself from blogging exclusively about peanut butter and chocolate, otherwise my recipe index would be pretty monotonous. I could totally do that. But then I'd have to change the name of my blog to Wing It Peanut Butter and Chocolate, or  Wing It PBC, or Wing It PeaBuCho. Peabucho! I like it. I'll think about it.

Can I interest you in a Peabucho Muffin?

These are loaded with peanut butter, which makes them very dense and, well, peanut buttery. There is always the option to cut the peanut butter in half, which will render a lighter muffin that is still peanut buttery but at a more normal level. If you have a normal relationship with peanut butter, maybe the variation would be best for you. If your relationship with peanut butter is more intense, let's say if peanut butter is the "Mother" to your Norman Bates, then you may prefer the original version.

Mr. Wing-It says he likes his muffins stupid, so he prefers the dense ones too. Zing!

Half-Batch Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins

Recipe Type: Muffins

Cuisine: Vegan

Author: Wing It Vegan

Prep time:

Cook time:

Total time:

Serves: 6


  • 1/2 cup almond milk

  • 3 tbsp vegetable oil

  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

  • 1/3 cup sugar

  • 1/2 cup natural peanut butter*

  • 3/4 cup all purpose flour

  • 3/4 tsp baking powder

  • 1/4 tsp salt

  • 1/4 cup chopped roasted peanuts

  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

What To Do:

  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 C), line a muffin tin with six paper liners and spray with cooking spray.

  2. In a small mixing bowl, whisk together the milk, oil, vanilla extract, and sugar. Add the peanut butter and whisk or stir until smooth.

  3. In a medium sized mixing bowl sift in the flour, add the baking powder, salt, peanuts, and chocolate chips and stir well.

  4. Pour the liquid ingredients on top of the dry and gently stir until just combined. Your batter should be thick, but you should still be able to pour it out of the bowl using a spoon for guidance. If your batter is not at least a little pourable add a bit extra milk.

  5. Fill each muffin well almost to the top. If you want, you can throw a few extra peanuts and chocolate chips on top for decoration.

  6. Bake for 22 to 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center of a muffin comes out with just a few moist crumbs. I like to broil mine at 375 for two minutes to make the tops nice and toasty. So I bake mine for about 22 minutes and then broil for a couple extra minutes.

  7. Let them cool in the muffin tin for about 10 minutes before transferring them to a cooling rack.


You can use only 1/4 cup of peanut butter if you want a fluffier muffin. 1/2 cup of peanut butter is for insane peanut butter lovers!

I like to throw in 1/2 cup of chocolate chips because I have no self control, but I realize that it may be too much for strange people who are not addicted to chocolate.

Did you choose the dense muffins or the fluffy variation? Either way, here's something else that's fluffy and sometimes a little bit dense. Lovey and Dovey! Here they are waiting for Food Dude to deliver their breakfast. Any time now. No hurry. We'll just be here looking hungry and miserable. Thanks.


  1. The more pb tbe better in my book. Load it up!! Yummerrrz

  2. Another peanut butter nutter! The more the merrier! :D

  3. I'm still laughing at the suggestion to halve the peanut butter. Halve the peanut butter. LOL

  4. LOL! We are up to three peanut butter nutters! ALL THE PEANUT BUTTER! :D

  5. Love the zinger :D OH MY PEANUT BUTTER GOODNESS.

    And cute birds :)

  6. Hehe - you can always count on us for bad puns and silly zingers! Aren't doves adorable? They are pretty much the only birds that get along with everyone, at least in our back yard. They just want to eat and chillax.

  7. I just made these. Why do I have to wait for them to cool? Cruel world.

  8. Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.

  9. Waiting for things to cool is torturous! Did you save me one? I'm all out now. That's the thing about half batches of stuff, as soon as I eat them all I want to make another half batch and eat moar! Yay! I hope you like them! <3

  10. They were delicious! And in a show of great restraint, I only ate two, kept one for today and froze the other three. So come on over, there are muffins to share. ;)
    I would like to make variations of these, replacing the chocolate chips (hear me out!). One with blueberries and cinnamon (because PB and blueberries are actually awesome together), and one with chopped dried apple and butterscotch chips (for bake sales, people love butterscotch).

  11. That's impressive! I may break into your freezer and steal the last three. But then I'll blame it on Sahara. Bad kitteh!

    Yes to variations! Everybody loves butterscotch, right? I've met fellow raisin haters, a few nut haters, even one chocolate hater, but I've never meat a butterscotch hater. Maybe there's no such thing as a butterscotch hater!

  12. Last year when I was in the US I managed to get my hands on four bottles of the elusive butterscotch chips to bring home! Though turns out I am not such a fan when I ate a couple straight out of the jar because SO SWEET! But then I put them in some oatmeal cookies and when they have other things with them it worked out much better. I just won't try and eat them straight on their own again. ;)
    I will always be a boring berry girl, but butterscotch is fun. And when it comes to vegan bake sales anything that is butterscotch is always popular!

  13. Nice! Hoard all the butterscotch chips! Nothing wrong with being a boring berry girl. I'm a boring chocolate chip girl and it's hard to branch out sometimes. We like what we like!

  14. Nothing beats a classic peanut butter and chocolate chip muffin, in fact, I think it has to be one of my favourite muffin flavours ever. Wish I had one of these now!

  15. You just can't beat the classic PB and chocolate combo! I wish I could mail you one in a little box with a little bow on top :)

  16. Oh gawd, these look amazing. I wish I had an oven!

  17. I feel for you, Jojo! When Mr. Wing-It and I are traveling I always miss my oven so much!

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  19. My boyfriend and I LOVED these! Perfect peanut buttery taste. If I double the recipe, would it still come out okay? Any changes I should be aware of?

  20. I'm so glad you loved them, Alicia! That makes my day! I have never baked a full, 12-muffin batch of these, but I can't think of any reason why that wouldn't work. Maybe bake them for 18 minutes, then rotate the muffin tin and continue baking so that all 12 muffins bake evenly? Thanks so much for stopping by to let me know that you made these! :)

  21. Do you think I could do a jam swirl in these? Or stick a spoonful of jam in the middle of each muffin before baking?

  22. I don't see why not! That does sound really good :)

  23. OMG! Just woke up with a hankering for muffins and had everything except eggs. A quick Google search led me to the promised land of peanut buttery goodness! These muffins are AMAZING, hands down. So nice to have a half batch as well because I'm the only one eating for today. It's hard to find recipes for singles. Thank you!!!

    Ps- Do you have any nutritional stats on these?

  24. I'm so glad you liked these, Kim! Half batches are nice. They keep me from eating a full batch of muffins by myself in an embarrassingly short period of time! :D

    I'm not sure about the nutritional stats. Sorry about that. I imagine they can't be too low in fat with all that yummy peanut butter in them!

    Thanks so much for stopping by to let me know that you made these! I hope you will come back any time you find yourself eggless and with a hankering for a baked good! :)

  25. I will be back, I've bookmarked you and am already prepping to make the quinoa lasagna bowl. Thanks!

  26. Ooh I love that quinoa bowl! I hope you like it too, Kim! Bon appétit! :)

  27. I must make these ASAP! I love that the recipe makes a half batch- perfect for my two roommates and myself. If halving the PB (I'm almost out) should I replace that other 1/4 cup with anything or just leave it out? Banana, maybe? Thanks!

  28. Hi Robin! Aren't half batches handy? I'm thinking banana could be a great sub (I love the PB and banana combo!) but I haven't tried it myself. I'm thinking it would work. Maybe? It does sound good! :)

  29. These are AMAZING! I generally bake in half batches,so this recipe is perfect. I made these for my dog, Dandelion's 1st birthday today! I know she will love them as will we. :) I left out the chocolate and extra nuts and decided to go with half the pb. I made mini cupcakes and then did one in the microwave with the left over batter. I added mini chocolate chips to the middle and top of that one. I was trying to save it for my sweetie, but I may have taken a few bites, lol! These are seriously delicious and a definite keeper. Thanks so much!

    1. You've made my day! Thank you for stopping by to let me know you made and liked these! And happy first birthday to Ms. Dandelion!! :)


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