Lemon Meringue Truffles Out of Failed Whoopie Pies

Well, that went well.

Son of a batch! You may have already seen that photo if you subscribe to my Facebook page. Those were supposed to be lemon meringue whoopie pies. That was the third test batch, actually. The first two mini test batches were absolutely perfect, but the official batch was a disaster. Isn't that how it usually goes though? The practice batches are spot on and the official batch is almost like a culinary mockery?

I refuse to eat flat cookies/cakies! NO! What do we want? Lemon Meringue Whoopie pies! When do we want them? Now!

But we can't have them now because I have the attention span of a gnat and I ruined them. That's OK. We can pull a Wing It, Don't Fling It trick and turn them into Lemon Meringue Truffles instead!

These are made with those ruined lemon-flavored cookies/cakies and Mihl's Vegan Marshmallow Fluff... that is made from chickpeas! Have you heard of this stuff? Chickpea brine meringue? It's amazing! You basically whip the liquid that comes in a can of chickpeas with sugar and flavoring and you end up with a meringue-like fluff. Sorcery! Mihl's marshmallow fluff calls for guar gum, but I used xanthan gum because it's what I had. The chickpea meringue has been very popular on Facebook lately and people have made amazing things with it. Check out the Facebook group that is all about this magical food.


Let's say you've ruined your cake or cookies and you want to turn them into truffles too because throwing away food makes you want to punch yourself in the stomach. First things first: your cake or cookies shouldn't taste like butt. If your cake or cookies taste like butt, your truffles will likely taste like butt as well. But if your cake or cookies taste fine and the only problem is that they look disgraceful, then keep your chin up and truffle on!

Here is a general formula to turn a ruined (or leftover) cake or a bad batch of cookies into truffles using marshmallow fluff.

Lemon Meringue Truffles

Recipe Type: Dessert

Cuisine: Vegan

Author: Wing It Vegan

Prep time:

Total time:

Serves: 8-10 truffles


  • 2 parts disaster cake or cookies (unfrosted)

  • 1 part marshmallow fluff

  • lemon extract

  • finely shredded coconut or ground nuts for rolling

What To Do:

  1. Weigh your cake or cookies. Let's say you have 100 grams total.

  2. Weigh your marshmallow fluff. If you have 100 grams of cake, you want half of that, so 50 grams of fluff. My brain! The math! Well done!

  3. If your cake or cookies are already lemon-flavored you're good to go. If not, for 100 grams of cake, add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of lemon extract to your marshmallow fluff and stir well. I like mine quite lemony, so I went wit one full teaspoon.

  4. In a food processor, grind the cake or cookies until it resembles breadcrumbs. It's best to pulse to from over-processing your cake.

  5. Transfer the ground up cake or cookies to a mixing bowl and throw in the marshmallow fluff. Fold everything together with a large spoon or a spatula. Mixing vigorously will make your fluff defloof too much, so it's best to do this slowly and gently. Leave a few bits of fluff unmixed just for fun.

  6. Now you should have a nice truffle "dough" ready to go.

  7. Take a small piece of truffle dough and roll it into a ball.

  8. Roll the ball on your shredded coconut or ground nuts to coat it thoroughly.

  9. Repeat until all your truffles are done.

  10. Stand back and rejoice in your handiwork.

PS: No, really! Vegan meringue from CHICKPEA WATER. Sorcery!


  1. love this! I made the meringue with maple syrup and erythritol and it was perfect on a pie! But I keep wanting to make more and more and have nothing to do with it haha. now I know what to do with that failed lemon pound cake too....

  2. I cannot tell you how many "failed" batches of nacarons I made last week! Your truffles look gorgeous and elegant and I am so making them! I hadn't seen the new look of your site so far and I love it!

  3. Ooh it must be so delicious made with maple syrup! I may need to try that next time I make it. And pie! So many possibilities! :)

  4. Thanks, Mihl! I'm still working on the blog layout and features and whatnots a little bit every day, but for the most part I think it's pretty much done now. It was a lot of work!

    You must be so sick of macarons! I'd be happy to take them off your hands if you can't stand the sight of them anymore ;)

  5. I am yet to try the chickpea meringues. My friend Leigh has gone meringue crazy and made so many batches, but sadly lives in a different city to me. But she calls them legumeringues, which is the cutest thing ever.
    Pretty much any time I bake something that fails I will turn it into truffles or cake balls. Thank goodness for smooshing things together into a ball!

  6. Legumeringues! I love it! The only reason I haven't gone meringue crazy yet is because there are only so many beans I can eat! :)

    Smooshing things together into balls is a pretty good solution when all else fails, isn't it? Balls FTW!

  7. You totally redeemed the "baking oops" with these truffles. Delish!

  8. Haha *snort* haha! (we're twelve years old)

  9. I should have called the Wing It Don't Fling It challenge the "Baking Oops" challenge instead! :)

  10. Wait....what?! Chick pea brine? Turns into marshmallow fluff or meringue? (I just had to check the date, it's still March!). *Mind Blown*

    Lemme know when the food wizards figure out how to turn lettuce into bacon, kay?

    Can I have a ball please? (A naked one. Sans coconut por favor).

  11. Rabbit! How nice to see you out of your hermit hole! :)

    Yep. That was my initial reaction to the whole marshmallow fluff from chickpea brine thing. Mind blown indeedy!

    Lettuce into bacon and bean sprouts into cheesecakes is next, I'm sure.

    One ball sans nail-clippings coming right up!

  12. Nice save! I've yet to try this meringue magic but I'm definitely on board with it. Um that first whoopie looks like the side profile of a boob :) You could have called this 'From boobs to balls'

  13. Now THAT would have been a catchy blog post title! LOL! That's hilarious, Lysette! That one really does look quite boobular, doesn't it? Or, does it? Should I page Dr. Freud? :)

  14. Now I've really got to give that chickpea meringue thing a go. But these balls look delish. I've got a failed gluten free loaf at the moment but it taste like yuck, otherwise I could have used it. I guess I'll have to fail something else! lol

  15. I've made my fair share of cakes that taste like yuck, unfortunately. Throwing away food breaks my heart! You should definitely try the chickpea meringue - it's amazing to watch it change from smelly water to fluffy deliciousness :)


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