I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by three different bloggers: Jeni Treehugger, Vegalicious, and Veganview. So now I have to share seven random facts about myself.

**Warning: Very boring facts about a very boring person ahead**

I included pictures in hopes that you won't fall asleep whilst reading this.

1- I used to hate food and everything food-related until I was 24 years old. My obsession with food started in 2003 when I went vegan. Before that, I don't think I ever took a food photo at all. Funny how now 90% of my thoughts seem to revolve around food. This was my very first homemade cream pie back in 2003. It was a vegan strawberry cream pie, and I was so proud of it!

My First Pie Ever (2003)

2- We have a fish buddy called George. Before you panic and tell me that it's cruel to buy fish from a pet store, George was passed on to us from someone who couldn't take care of him anymore. George is a senior fish. Isn't he fabulous?


3- I am quite obsessed with vegan beauty products, especially eye treatments. These are some of my favorite products.

Vegan Personal Care

4- My coffee mugs must be fun and/or cute. It's the law. Pictured below are my Monk mug, my Colorado Bear Hugs mug, my I Love Lucy mug, and my brand new Snowman mug. Yes, the age stated on my profile is correct. I am indeed an adult. Why do you ask? I still would like to have a "Luke's" mug (Gilmore Girls) and a "Friends" mug. (Update: got it, and got it!)


5- Speaking of Friends and Gilmore Girls, I like watching reruns of my favorite shows when I'm having a rough day. Reruns never change, so I can sit down and watch an old show and know exactly what's going to happen without any weird surprises. Oh, come on! Like you don't have any funny quirks! :)


6- And speaking of Gilmore Girls again, it was thanks to Rory Gilmore that I decided to brush up on classic literature. This has been my classic-lit book list for 2008, in the order that I've read them from top to bottom. My least favorite has been Madame Bovary at the very top, and my all time favorites are Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre. 

Books 2008

7- I am painfully shy. I am very quiet around unfamiliar people, which often makes me come across as either rude or ignorant. Because I am so quiet, I am very observant and I love taking pictures of whatever draws my attention. Like this dewy Autumn leaf I found while playing with our feline visitor.

Dewy Leaf

Well, that's it. Fascinating stuff, eh? Now I have to tag seven blogs to do the same thing:

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Don't feel like you have to participate if you don't feel like it. Please, play only if you're into the tagging thing. I tagged more than seven blogs just because I'm a rebel and I wanted to tag everyone from my blogroll. Most of you have already been tagged, but if I left you out it's not because I don't like you or because I think you smell, it's just that my blogroll is huge. So if you're in my blogroll consider yourself tagged!


  1. LOVE the facts and all of the accompanying photographs!! I too am OBSESSED with 'Friends' and 'Gilmore Girls' :-D

  2. That pie at the top looks amazing! And your answers were fascinating, not boring in the least! Give yourself some credit my friend ;)

  3. I've seen every GG episode multiple times! I've even wandered around their sets on the Warner Brothers lot a couple times(not while they were shooting). I'm a HUGE reader and was always inspired by Rory's love of books (I've been known to carry one around, too). I always wished they were more explicit about exactly what she was reading. There were so many times I'd walk up to the screen and squint to see a title that wasn't legible! I'm not a Friends fan, but I do realize I'm in the minority on that one. :)

  4. I love watching reruns too! My favorites are Friends and Will & Grace. So funny =)

  5. I'm totally with you on numbers 6 and 7! I'm so shy, especially in a classroom setting that it's horrible!

  6. Such neat facts! I also collect unusual mugs (though mine aren't connected to specific shows or things--more like "different colors and/or shapes"). I used to be an avid reader, but these days can barely find time! I loved Pride and Prejudice and Huck Finn--haven't attempted Madame Bovary yet. Have you read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier? It's not quite the same league as those others, but I couldn't put it down way back when I read it!

    Thanks for tagging me! I promise I'll get to it--just not sure when :)

  7. That happened to me too!
    I didn't care about a food until I became a vegan...now 90% of my thoughts are about food. hahaha...funny how one can change.
    I really enjoy your blog :)

  8. there is nothing boring about you!

    I've only see a couple episodes of the Gilmore Girls. I only recently found out that one of the characters (the chef) is on Samantha Who and I love her.

    I could watch overboard and any of the tremors movies again and again. Pretty much those are the only ones. Now TV series, hmmm... there are too many to count.

  9. I wasn't tagged... I must smell! Hahaha that part made me laugh. But dear, your facts definitely weren't boring. I loved reading them, and I especially love your coffee mugs. Someday I will have to show you the fish mug I bought in Italy (it's shaped like a fish!).

  10. Hi River,

    I loved reading all your random facts. I recently started watching Gilmore Girls at the gym and I like it. I am glad to know that you like it too!

  11. River, this was really fun to read. And what a great idea to photograph examples of your random things. I might have to do the same, we'll see! Thanks for tagging me, this sounds like fun. But I might not tag others if you don't mind because I'm shy about that part.

  12. I loved reading your facts. Veganism really turned me obsessed with food but not in a bad way. I just love it.

  13. I was the same way about cooking until I became vegan!!

  14. Thank you for all your lovely comments everyone! More GG's fans! YAY!

    Vegyogini, I'm so jealous! Even if they weren't shooting! I've done the squinting trying to figure out what Rory is reading too!

    Ricki, I haven't read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier but it's going on my list. If you liked it, it has to be good!

    Bethany, her name on GG's was Sookie and she was AWESOME! Such a funny lady!

    CCV, you do smell... of that yummy apple pudding pie you made!! :)

  15. ack! i'm such a gilmore girls junkie. i have all seven seasons and watch one every night with my mom :) AND i have a luke's mug.

  16. I can't believe that YOU, Miss Halloweegan Spectacularness, didn't like food until you were 24! Now you're like the vegan Martha Stewart.

    And I have that same quirk with the TV shows...only mine is Will and Grace.

  17. You are not BORING!

    I love boring and dull things.

    I think the best GG seasons are 1 to 3. To me the show jumped the shark after that.

    I always get cravings for cheeseburgers and fries whenever Rory and Lorelei have them at Luke's diner. Well make that soyburgers ;)

  18. That pie is beautiful, just like you! I loved your facts silly goose! And I would just be thrilled to have a Lucy mug like yours! It's so cute!!

  19. I love your mugs. I have a collection of fun mugs too, including a Friends one (which is so big it's practically a bowl!) T.V would love a Monk mug~ Adrian Monk is his hero!
    (P.S: I don't hate horses, I just wish they weren't used for sport all the time. I do like feeding them apples!).

  20. ha, we are the same age!!

    I love reading all these things about everyone. I've just recently discovered Gilmore Girls - I've put all the boxsets on my lovefilm queue! :)

    I love friends too - I can watch them over and over and never get bored!

  21. I love fish!!! I think they are the perfect pets. He looks just like a George.

    And I want to mail you some of my mugs. The kitchen cupboard is overflowing and I don't know where to put them all. haha

  22. i would have NEVER thought that vegan strawberry cream pie was your first, River! it's soo beautiful! i would be proud, too! wow! george is a cute fishy! makes me miss mine. we had a tank full of them back in the day - eventually they all died - i just don't know if i want to start the tank up again, ya know?! i think the 4 cats and the dog is enough for now! ahahaaaa! too funny on the Gilmore Girls, as i have two close friends who are obsessed with the Gilmore Girls. i might just have to borrow some of their DVDs and check it out! :) i would also like to say hoooooray for classic literature, too! my favorite book is "the return of the native"! it's so awesome!

    i don't think you're boring at all, River! i've thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you! thanks for sharing! :D

  23. Thank you for the kind words on my blog. The pie you made is beautiful. And I like the fish.

  24. Hooray for Gilmore Girls! It's no Felicity (just joking), but it's in my top-five all time favorite shows. Jess, Dean or Logan? Who's your favorite? I'm so glad, too, that Christopher is now on Private Practice, which, by the way, is a horrid show but I can't stop myself from watching it!

    I don't think you're boring at all! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Thank you so much you guys, your kindness is amazing. I'm glad I'm not as boring as I thought I was! :)

    Jess, Dean or Logan? Hmm... definitely not Jess because he was a little punk, don't care too much for Logan either, and Dean... meh. Hehe, I'm so picky! Rory was too good for all of them!

  26. I love re-watching tv shows too, over and over and over again! And thanks for the tag! xox

  27. I am obsessed with Gilmore Girls too! My family has all the seasons on DVD, too (except #7 because that season was awful!). Your coffee mugs are so cute! I always flip for those...probably my favorite "dishes" to shop for, even though I rarely buy them.

    I like looking at your vegan care products too! I always wonder what brands other people use. I love Earth Science's Almond Aloe moisturizer with SPF, and I use Whole Foods 365 for my shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel needs. I need to try the Beauty Without Cruelty line now that I see you apparently like it!

  28. Ah! You got me! This is my first time being tagged. Great post! Boring? Are you kidding? I love your fish and your Lucy mug!

  29. I am officially jealous of your impressive Gilmore Girls collection ;)

    You do a lot of reading! I can't believe you read that whole stack in only one year! I commend you!

    Very interesting facts, you're not boring at all.

  30. Not boring facts at all River!
    George is one handsome fella isn't he!!
    I too LOVE classic literature and that snowman mug is adorable!!
    That Strawberry Cream Pie for a first attempt just leaves me breathless!!
    You were a cooking genius just waiting to happen girl!

  31. RRV, I've tried a few of the BWC products and most of them have been good. Their moisturizers and cleansers aren't my favorite, but their Balancing Toner is excellent. I also love their Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner!

    You guys are too kind! Cooking genius? Jeni, have you been drinking? :P

  32. Your tagging post is awesome! Sure puts mine to shame. If I ever get my camera to work it would be fun to add photos of my random life. I love classics! Way to go!

  33. Thanks so much for you lovely comment on my blog - it totally made my day :)

  34. We read the same literature -- that beta fish picture is beautiful & you taged me!

  35. We share #1. Before vegan blogging I was happy to eat the same thing... nothing new or creative. I didn't *hate* food but I was pretty indifferent! Now my list of recipes to make is a mile long, and I can't eat anything without taking a picture!

  36. I wish I was on your blog roll! Here's my meme anyway.

    For the love of Jane Austin...and I really need to watch Gilmore Girls. Putting it on Netflix now.

  37. I agree with you; I will someday be a very HOT grandma ;o)

  38. river, you are far from boring! the pictures were a perfect touch. i loved this post! :)

    your collection of facial products is so ''me!'' and george is so handsome :)

  39. I loved your facts! :)

    And I like that you did pictures with everything, that makes it even better!

    You should have been really proudof that first pie you made - it looks AMAZING!

  40. GOsh, I am so shy too!!! I love your Friends and Gilmore Girl collection. Those are two fabulous shows.


  41. Rats, I thought I had commented already! I loved reading about you. I'm surprised you are shy since you are not blog-shy! I love your coffee mugs. I wish I had a Monk one!

  42. George is so beautiful! Your first vegan pie looks quite impressive. Now I am dreaming of a piece of pie and a season of Gilmore Girls.
    Thank you for tagging me.

  43. Thanks for tagging me! I just did this while watching Friends, hehe

  44. Hey dude! I just stopped by to let you know I have given you a bloggy award, details are on my blog >:o)

  45. thanks for the nice comments, river!!

    i wish i would've gotten this guy's number, but his dad was with him and i felt weird asking. they really did save my butt though. i was so helpless!! i almost just left my car to start walking home, but they showed up just in time.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Hey babe! I am awarding you a BUTTERFLY AWARD!
    Because You have one of the coolest blogs I know!
    Go back to my blog to see the rules :)

  48. So many nice comments from you! You need to add one more to your 7 facts: "nicest blogger ever!"

  49. Wow, that's so pretty for a 1st pie! Have you tried ShiKai products yet? I like them & Innersense hair care.

  50. I didn't really thinkk this was boring! I loved your priduct and Gilmore Girl dsplay!

  51. Now you have me thinking I should give Gilmore Girls a try.

    I love fun coffee mugs. My favorite cafe back home was The Ugly Mug. I wish all breakfast places had such creative coffee cups.

  52. I love George! We have a betta named Jorge.

    That pie is awesome!

    I love Gilmore Girls too. I have seen every episode several times, but I still like the first 2 seasons the best.

  53. Thank you for all the super sweet comments, everyone! :)

    Melisser, I haven't tried the ShiKai products, but if that's what you use I'm going to check it out, because you have gorgeous hair!!


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