Halloweegan Coasters and Napkin Rings!

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OK. After this I'm all Halloween-crafted out! These felt coasters are very easy to make, but if you're a little obsessed with neat stitches it can be very time consuming. But then again there's always felt glue which would make these the speediest coasters ever!

Felt Coasters - Kitteh
Basement Cat!

Felt Coasters - Ghostie
I ain't afraid of no ghost

Felt Coasters - Frankie
Frankie say relax!

Felt Coasters - Dead Dude
Yet another dead dude

Felt Coasters - Spider
Spider man, spider man...

You like? If you want to make your own, here are the spooky designs:

Making Felt Coasters - Designs
Little characters, small circle for plastic lining, big circle for felt.

Print out the patterns that I so kindly and generously shared (what?) and cut out all the little characters. Trace them on Halloween colored felt and cut them out. Sew the little details (eyes, noses, etc) to the main faces like this: (you will also need to do some backstitching for the spider's legs, the cat's whiskers, and Frankie's mouth)

Making Felt Coasters - Step  1

Done? Also trace and cut 12 of the larger circles - you will need two felt circles per coaster. Now sew the little characters to half of the felt circles. Like this:

Making Felt Coasters - Step  2

You will also need some sort of plastic sheet to sandwich between two felt pieces, or else your coasters won't be very effective. We're striving for impermeability here! I used some leftover cupboard liners that I had stashed away "just in case." See? It pays to be a pack-rat! Anyway, you will need six plastic circles (the smaller circle) - one per coaster.

Making Felt Coasters - Step  3

Make a sandwich! Take a felt circle, place a plastic circle on top of it, and a dolled up felt circle on top of the plastic circle.

Making Felt Coasters - Step  3

Now blanket-stitch with colorful floss all around to secure the plastic between the two pieces of felt and you're done!

Felt Coasters - Pumpkin

I also made some batty napkin rings from this site. Super easy and cute! If I had some red beads I would have given them creepy beady eyes.

Bat Napkin Rings

That's all the Halloweegan craftiness I had in me, I think. Back to food posts next Wednesday! *POOF*

Follow this link for more vegan Halloween recipes!


  1. *Squeeeeee!*

    Do I have time to make some of these before Sunday?? Probably not (*slowpoke sewer*), but there is always next year! I love them!

    And you made the batty napkin rings too! I'm definitely making those, they are so easy, my favourite kind of project! :D

    Even though I naturally favour cat themed stuff, I think my favourite is the Dead Dude! The death toll goes up again! LOL! ;P

    Am I the only person curious about the noms in the beacground of the napkin shot?? *sniffs* what are we having? :)

  2. I like frankenstein the best! you are such a talent!

  3. You are so clever. These are the cutest coasters. So cute in fact, I'd be afraid to let anyone use them!

  4. I happen to have some felt in just the right colors...

  5. All kinds of Halloween cute! I can't decide which is my favourite. First I was like "Oh the cat one is my fave" and then it was "Oh no Frankie is the best" and then I saw the Pumpkins and that's when I passed out from awesome overload.

  6. Og!! Its gorgeus!!
    Each day one sorprise!!!
    What blog so creative!! Congratulations
    I like so much. Very original

  7. the halloweegan coaster scream cuteness from all angles, River! you are too sweet to take the time to post instructions for us as well. the batty napkin rings are my favorite - i think it's 'cause bats are my favoritest of animals. w00t! and i too am curious as to what you've got go'n on the napkin shot. something yummers, i bet!

  8. You are so freaken adorable. I love that you are whipping out crafts left and right and I cannot seem to find time to work on my halloween costume. I see cardboard and spraypaint in my future tonight...

  9. Okay, TOO cute. You've outdone yourself!

  10. Those are the most adorable little craft things I have ever seen! Seriously, they are so perfect. You make it look so easy, but I know mine would turn out lopsided and funky :)

  11. This is perhaps a ridiculous comment, but I love the blanket stitch! I just made a felt bag to go along with my daughter's Halloween costume and it was the first time I used blanket stitch. It's so fun and it looks adorable - as do all of your coasters!

  12. Crafted out?! No, say it ain't so!
    I can't even decide which of these is cutest...I'm gonna go with Frankie. :)

  13. You are so cleaver and crafty! I would just do a set of kitty-faces! Thanks for sharing your template with us too.

  14. So adorable! I wish I had your crafting skills!

  15. No way, these are too awesome and adorable all at once! Oh, I do miss crafting... I haven't knit or crocheted or sewn in MONTHS and it's killing me. Thanks for the reminder, I need to clear out time to do so. I just wish I had more time to make these for Halloween!

  16. These are TOOOOOO CUUUUUUUTE!!! I've added a link to them on my roundup today. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  17. I love it!!! I made some winter coasters last year, but it didn't even occur to me to make Halloween ones! Brilliant idea! These will be made for next year's Halloween madness!

  18. river, you are just amazing. I love love love love love your halloweegan posts and these coasters are extra awesome. you rule!

  19. Can't believe I only just found those... SQUEEE! You made my day!

  20. I think the Frankenstein one is the best!

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