Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff

Creamy pasta, come to me!

Tofu(less) Mushroom Stroganoff from Isa Does It

This is the Tofu-Mushroom Stroganoff from Isa Does It, minus the tofu. I like tomato-based pasta sauces, but my heart entirely belongs to creamy, smooth, cashew-based* sauces. This dish was as excellent as I expected it to be, even without my precious tofu that I miss so much. It’s velvety and mild, but definitely not lacking in flavor thanks to the yummy sautéed onion and garlic. The mushrooms are there, even if you can barely see them in my pictures.
Tofu(less) Mushroom Stroganoff from Isa Does It

The recipe says to garnish this dish with flat leaf parsley, but I used curly parsley because I do what I want! Also, it was the only type of parsley that I had. When I was eating it I realized that this dish looks more irresistible when it’s all messy and all the noodles are coated with the saucy goodness, so here’s a quick shot of that.
Tofu(less) Mushroom Stroganoff from Isa Does It

* If you have a nut allergy, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to make this with sunflower seeds instead of cashews. I have made this Sunflower Mac before, also one of Isa’s recipes, and I can tell you that it was delicious and super creamy. So go forth and nomnomnom!
Do you have a copy of Isa Does It
– Yes? Awkward high-five! 
– No? Don’t worry, you can find the recipe here. Yeah! Awkward high-five for you too!
You know who’s not getting a high five? This pesky duck that landed on one of our bird feeders and ate all the food, that’s who.
Pesky Duck


  1. says

    I have a review of Isa’s book going up tomorrow, so YES I have a copy. Isn’t it the most beautiful book? Tonight I made Wild Rice Soup and it was great. Changed the ingredients a little, though, but that’s what we do, isn’t it?

    • says

      Awkward high five! The photography is stunning! I love cookbooks that have lots of pictures and this one doesn’t disappoint.

      Yep. That’s what we do. We have to change the ingredients a little to customize the recipes to our exact tastes. Otherwise it’s no fun! :D

  2. says

    Awkward high five right back at you! I do have the book, but I haven’t made this recipe yet.

    The duck looks pretty chuffed with himself.

  3. says

    Oh, man! That mushroom stroganoff looks so good! I’ve got to try that one. The picture of the duck on the bird feeder is hilarious. He seems to be saying, “What? I’m a bird! It’s valid.”

    • says

      Yes, you have to try it, Cadry! You’ll love it!

      That’s probably exactly what the cheeky duck is thinking. I’m surprised it didn’t try to chirp! :)

  4. Rhonda says

    Looks wonderful! Thanks for the pics and review! Reconsider about the duck, though. He’s not pesky – he’s silly and healthy and posing for a really cute photo. :) (I lost a duck recently in rescue so this photo made me smile big.)

    • Rhonda says

      Eeek! That picture is even cuter! I live by the water with a lot of ducks around but they never visit my feeder, darn it. Maybe I need one with a sturdier base, like yours. :)

    • says

      Our ducks will try to land on ANYthing that has any food inside! It’s probably because one of our first bird feeders was a ground feeder, which might as well have been a little “duck table” with short legs. They loved that feeder but they were eating us out of all our money, so we had to switch to (more challenging) hanging feeders. They have already broken a couple of feeders. Probably because instead of shooing them I grab the camera and let them eat :)

    • says

      Hmm. Mr. Wing-It is in charge of the feeding and until a couple of months ago he used to buy a no-mess bird seed but I can’t remember what he buys now. He’s gone to bed already but I will ask him tomorrow and I’ll let you know what kind of yummy foods he’s been serving at the birdie buffet :)

    • says

      I highly recommend it, Lisa! I’ve only made the stroganoff, the dilly stew with dumplings, and the beet burgers, but the rest of the recipes sound SO good too. Messy food looks like it’s waiting for you to jump right in there, doesn’t it? :)

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