Gobi Tikka and Sindhi Bhindi Masala

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Am I the only one who is literally having her butt kicked by Vegan MoFo this year? I mean a boot came out of my computer screen and actually kicked my butt! OK, maybe I mean figuratively and not literally. It’s only day four for me and I’m already feeling overwhelmed! So rusty! Cannot brain! But carry on I shall.

Back in February when Mr. Wing-It and I were still traveling, I received a complimentary copy of The Lotus and the Artichoke, by one Mr. Justin P. Moore. The cookbook is divided into regional sections, and it’s full of full-color photos that accompany most of the international recipes inspired by Justin’s own “many years of travel and adventures in nearly 40 countries!” That’s a lot of traveling! The chapter about Indian cuisine was the one that I loved most, so today I bring you two spicy Indian recipes from The Lotus and the Artichoke: Gobi Tikka and Sindhi Bhindi Masala.

Gobi Tikka (Spicy Indian Cauliflower)

The Gobi Tikka is a spicy cauliflower dish that really couldn’t be easier to put together. You pretty much just throw all the ingredients together and bake it until browned and crispy. I took it easy on the coriander because I am one of those weird coriander haters. The lemon juice adds a nice tanginess without overpowering the other flavors, and it’s overall a wonderful dish.
Sindhi Bhindi Masala (Spicy North Indian Okra)
The Sindhi Bhindi Masala was probably my favorite! That delicious spicy sauce coating the okra bits really rocked my world. Next time I will take Justin’s suggestion to make extra sauce. I barely added any chili flakes because I am pretty wimpy when it comes to spiciness. It was perfect! You can check out Justin’s blog to sample these two recipes from his cookbook, if you don’t yet own a copy, along with a truckload more of his recipes from all over the world! Thank you for sharing, Justin!

Today’s cute creatures are a pesky duck and a displeased starling who is not in a sharing mood. That bird feeder is five or six feet tall! That pesky duck just landed there with utmost precision! The starling wasn’t impressed. (The picture was taken last winter.)

Pesky Duck
Vegan MoFo


  1. says

    Oh! The gobbi tikka looks amazing. I’m the same way about spice. The recipe will say 1 tsp of red pepper flakes and I will put the tiniest pinch instead. I want to taste the food and, when it is super spicy, all I taste is hot, hot, hot all while my mouth is on fire! I always love your animal pictures. They make me smile!

    • says

      Arrggh! Sorry I missed this comment, Cindy! Red pepper flakes are the work of the devil!! When I was still a rookie at cooking spicy things, I added a whole teaspoon to a soup I was trying and it made me cry tears of lava! That taught me a painful lesson. The tiniest pinch is all I need too!

      I’m glad you enjoy the animal pictures! I need to sit outside with the camera one of these days because I’m running out of new pictures to share. Luckily the ducks and the birds are always up to something funny! :)

  2. says

    Ahh that duck! It’s just like the pair at my mom’s house that was trying to fit into the Purple Martin houses at their pond. Too cute! And the gobi tikka looks amazing, mmm Indian food. :)

    • says

      Do you need any help eating all those treats your making for MoFo? I’d be happy to volunteer, you know, it would be a sacrifice but I’d do it for you :P

  3. says

    I think this is the first year I don’t feel frenzied! And I have done zero prep, so it feels odd not to be stressed!

    These meals look delicious and I LOVE the duck photo – adorable!

  4. says

    Both of these curries look very appealing but I especially love the look of the okra. I’ve been trying out heaps of okra curries lately so I’ll have to give this one a go too.

  5. says

    The cookbook sounds amazing and Justin’s blog looks like a tasty resource! I love cauliflower dishes like this.

    I’m certainly impressed by the duck, no matter what the starling thinks. Let’s just see Mr. Bird float across the lake. Silly bird.

    • says

      Justin has lots and lots of recipes! I love international cuisine so much.

      The duck landed on the feeder just fine, but his descent wasn’t the most graceful – it was however very funny! :)

  6. says

    Oh, my gosh! That picture of the duck on your bird feeder is hilarious! He seems to be saying, “Hey, I’m a bird too, you know!”

    I’ve heard such good things about this cookbook. Thanks for the review with such mouthwatering pics!

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