Halloweegan Cupcake Disaster!

Halloweegan is not going so well…

Spider Web Cupcakes *FAIL*
WTF? (What the frailty?)
Those are supposed to be spider web cupcake toppers. Not my best moment. I was trying to make these white chocolate toppers but using this vegan royal icing recipe instead. As you can see, the royal icing worked out wonderfully as far as drawing the webs goes, but the bottoms never fully dried which made it impossible to remove them from the wax paper without breaking them or smooshing them into a blob of sticky goo! I was able to salvage 1/4 of a spider web:
Spider Web Cupcakes *FAIL* 
Spider Web Cupcakes *FAIL*

The cupcakes are the basic chocolate cupcakes from VCTOTW, which I made gluten-free because I’m all wheated out for the week. I used Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour mix instead of all purpose flour, and I threw in a couple extra tablespoons of tapioca starch in there for good measure. I also added an extra little splash of oil to the mix for extra moisture. The ganache? Also a recipe from VCTOTW. The cupcakes themselves were awesome if you ignore the fact that I completely fudged up the toppers! Next time I’ll stick to vegan white chocolate for the spider webs as instructed in the original recipe.

Today’s cuteness might be too much for some of you to handle! You’ve been warned! If you already hang out with me on Facebook you might have already seen this furry piano virtuosa that I shared the other day. If not – you’re welcome. The “call and response” towards the end is my favorite part – it reminds me of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind! Enjoy – and happy weekend! :)


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    The cupcakes look so moist and fluffy! I’ve never attempted gluten-free cupcakes before, GF baking still scares me a little. I’m always worried I’m going to add too much or not enough of something and be left with sad little hockey pucks.

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      I am no stranger to those sad little hockey pucks! I trust my Bob’s Red Mill flour mix a lot. But I do add a bit extra starch and fat to gluten-full recipes when I’m trying to make them gluten-free. Sometimes I get all wheated out and need to skip the gluten for a day or two and then it’s Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free flour mix to the rescue!

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    She is so adorable is miss Nora! Sahara has played the piano a couple of times with my brother, it was super sweet.
    I am never brave enough to just sub Bob’s All Purpose GF for regular flour in recipes. People say you need to add more flour, or add xanthum, or you have added tapioca, it seems risky!

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      Now I feel left out and I want to find myself a piano-playing kitteh ASAP! :)

      It is a little risky! I usually just add some extra tapioca starch and a wee bit more fat to a recipe that I am deglutenizing (that’s totally a word).

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    The cupcake topping was just too scary and exploded from fright — that’s my take. The cupcakes look all moist and delicious, though. I guess you had to eat them right away since they were failures and all.

    The cat video is too much. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the talented Nora before. Yikes — I think she needs a spot on a late night TV show. Pretty great talent!

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      I like your take on it! Yes, the cupcakes had to be immediately consumed or they would have reminded me of my failure. I woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do ;)

      Nora definitely needs a spot on a late night TV show! She’s more talented than many celebrities and more likable than at least a couple of today’s late-night talk shows hosts.

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