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Halloweegan Central

There is an updated Halloweegan index here! More spookery!

Halloweegan (Vegan Halloween) is the most spooky-ful time of the year! Here you will find all my Halloweegan posts going back all the way to 2008. Some of the blog posts feature full recipes (sometimes even video tutorials) and others include general guidelines to assemble your spooky treats. If things look a little too pastel for Halloween it's because I don't use artificial food colorings and it's hard to get super bright colors with natural dyes. Have fun! Don't let the spooky mashed potato ghosts take your soul!

Man-Eating BurgersJack-O-Lantern Stuffed PeppersWhoopie Pie Spiders
Coffin CakeMashed Potato GhostsSpiced Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies
Coconut Whipped Cream GhostsSpooky DinnerStrawberries and Cream Ghosts
Cats and Bats CookiesGhostly Lemon TartMan-Eating Burgers Video
Chocolate Witches' HatsJack-O-Lantern SquashBat Pancakes
Eyeball CupcakesGhostly Meatless ScramblePumpkin O's
One Eyed Veggie MonstersHappy PumpkinsFrankie Cakes
RIP CupcakesSpell Book CakeSpider Cinnamon Rolls
Spider CupcakesSpookitty HeadsSpooky Pancakes
Vampire CookiesVeggieloaf CoffinGhostly Pudding Pies
Mini PizzasMummy DogsFelt Coasters
Cat and Ghost Pillows

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