The Fluffiest Bread in History!

Gluten-Free people – avert your eyes! I teased all yesterday when I showed you the most perfectly fluffy slider buns but didn’t tell you what recipe I had used. Evil! The recipe wasn’t really for slider buns – or buns at all. It was Megan’s lighter than air Homemade Newfoundland White Bread!

Newfoundland White Bread
So fluffy!

I don’t usually eat white flour, but when I do, I make sure it’s worth the sprurge! You can’t beat Megan’s bread! It’s so unbelievably soft and fluffy and light and perfect and *sigh*

Newfoundland White Bread
Beautiful golden tops!

Instead of big loaves I made tiny little buns in a small metal baking dish. I halved the recipe, which gave me eight little buns. These buns were small but very tall! That’s how much the dough rises and therefore how fluffy the bread gets. I had to cut the buns into thirds to make the sliders! So awesome! Go check out the recipe and make yourself some fluffiness! Thank you for sharing, Megan!

Today’s entertainment recommendation is actually a youtube video! Do you subscribe to the Pixiwoo sister’s channel? I’ve been following these beautiful ladies for years and I love them! Sam and Nic are professional makeup artists and they regularly do a wide variety of tutorials – everything from simple no-make-up make up looks to full on fancy-pants fashion make up. And of course, Halloween make up! This is Sam’s tutorial for the character “Miss Argentina” from the movie Beetlejuice. Awesome!

And finally today’s duck friend is actually a goose:

Stalkery Santa Goose sees you when you’re sleeping.


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    I used one of Pixiwoo’s tutorials for my Halloween make-up last year, they’re so freakin’ talented! I loved the one for the corpse bride.

    Thanks trying out the bread recipe, and I’m glad it turned out for you! Never thought to make it into buns, must try that. How long did you bake them?

    • says

      That is one of my favorite tutorials! So creepy! That must have been one super cool costume.

      Excellent question. How long did I bake them? Hmm. I’m gonna say 14 minutes. I think. I just kept an eye on them after 12 minutes and removed them from the oven when I was satisfied with their golden little tops.

  2. says

    That bread really does look amazing!

    I LOVE the Pixiwoo girls. I watch all their videos and they’re great. I’ve learnt loads from them.

  3. says

    holy cow, that looks SO FREAKING GOOD. I love bread most of all in the whole world. I want to dance around on its fluffy goodness and stuff it in my mouth all at the same time. Those pictures are truly glorious.

  4. says

    It’s like that goose is saying–hey you, stop making pillows with my feathers!! Super cute. And stalkery. Hmm.

    And holy fluff-tastic breadness!! I can only imagine how incredible that must be warm with Earth Balance slathered all over. Mmmm.


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