Recycled Cream of Fajita Soup


 I don't really like eating leftovers, unless we're talking about something fabulous like Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. On the other hand, it kills me to throw away perfectly good food! What to do? Recycle!

This Cream of Fajita Soup is a perfect example of what I mean. Mr. Wing-It and I had fajitas for dinner the other night (mine were naked on top of cauliflower "rice"), and we didn't quite finish all the roasted bell peppers and onions. The next day I recycled the roasted veggies into a lovely Cream of Fajita Soup!

The original Naked Fajita dinner:

Naked Fajitas

The recycled Cream of Fajita Soup:

Cream of Fajita Soup!

Here's what went into it:

1 10oz/285g cooked and peeled yukon gold potato (it can be microwaved, steamed, boiled, baked)
3oz/90g roasted fajita veggies (about 3/4 cup)
1oz/30g fresh baby spinach (a big handful)
about one cup of vegetable stock
salt, black pepper, and a pinch of cumin to taste

It all went into the blender until smooth, and after a couple of seasoning adjustments it was ready to be heated and served. Done! I did not add anything red to the soup (except for the roasted red peppers) because I wanted a bright green color. Thank you, baby spinach! This made enough for either one huge serving or two modest ones.

Now that we've had dinner, let's watch some videos that made me smile! The first one is about a little Pug hastily running upstairs... but how?! Boingy boingy boingy boingy! The second one is the latest Simon's Cat video. They never get old! I love how well the different personalities of the cat and the dog are portrayed.


  1. I made steak fajita soup for dinner yesterday and ate it for lunch. I mean, other than the whole steak thing, it's like you were there with me. ;)

    1. Great minds do think alike - or at least hungry minds! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm already thinking about what the next Cream of "Something" Soup could be... Cream of Burger and Fries Soup? :P

  3. I love the dinner, the re-dinner, and the whole recycling effort. (I have a collection of re-purposed leftovers sitting in my to-post file but you beat me to it.) Our last recycled dinner was chili into nachos, and nacho soup (a.k.a. tortilla soup) could be your next recycle.

    My favorite video was the pug — a little bouncing ball of fur. I just want to scoop him up and give him a kiss. I used to really like Lightlife but ever since their parent company, Conagra, contributed boatloads of money to help defeat the CA proposition to require labeling of genetically modified foods, I feel I can't buy their products anymore. What do you think about supporting natural foods labels owned by giant food corporations with money, not health, as their goal? I'm sad to also find Made in Nature on that list.

    1. That sucks. I like knowing what I am buying and what I am eating! I have never bought any Made in Nature products, but I'm sorry for your loss!

      Nacho soup! That sounds amazing actually! I am actually starting a new blog challenge that is all about recycling leftovers and repurposing failed recipes. Hopefully I will launch it tomorrow, right after I procrastinate a little more :D


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