Vegan MoFo - Ricki's Beetaroni and EL-LENd Me a Hand!

Thank you for all your marshmallow/white chip tips and recommendations! All your input has been duly noted and archived and I will make a decision soon. And then it will be blondie time! And rocky road cookie time! And rocky road ice cream time! :)

Let's get started with today's Blog-Love! (during MoFo, there will be Blog-Love every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!)

Today's Blog-Love goes to Ricki @ Diet Dessert and Dogs! Ricki is the Queen of alternative cooking and baking! She points and laughs at dietary restrictions, or at least she should. Ricki's blog is loaded with vegan recipes, anti-candida friendly recipes, gluten-free recipes, you name it! With her amazing creativity and imagination (and maybe a magic wand?) she can turn black beans into fudgy brownies, and beets into a delicious pepperonesque pizza topping! And by the time your belly is full and happy, Ricki will treat you to funny anecdotes and interesting stories while her Girls try to talk you into slipping them a treat. Check out Ricki's blog!

And speaking of pepperonesque beets...

Ricki's Beetaroni!

No, really! Those are beet slices! And they taste totally un-beety! The combination of liquid smoke, along with fennel, spices, and magic dust makes a perfect marinade for the thin beet slices. Don't take my word for it, check out the recipe and treat yourself to some beetaroni! (I love saying that word!)

So, since we're already making Ricki blush all shades of red, let me go on for a little longer. I was trying to think of new ways to support Ricki's EL-LENd Me a Hand campaign, and all I could come up with was that maybe we need to send Ellen tangible things, instead of relying entirely on emails and facebookery and twitterness. Nothing terribly expensive, just a token of our fierce determination - that'll show that pesky Ellen! Ellen is a vegan, so I thought a little Thankful Turkey for Thanksgiving would be fun!

ELLENd Me a Hand Turkey
Gobble gobble! Thank you for not eating me, Ellen and Portia!

He's holding a sign. Can you tell? I had a hard time with the sign. This is my first non-electronic contribution to the campaign. What do you think about this new plan of attack? If all of Ricki's groupies out there want to join in, all you have to do is make your own craftiness and send it to Ellen along with your own handwritten card/letter. How can she say no to handmade gifts and handwritten notes? Even if you're not feeling crafty, I'm sure even a nice purdy note will be... noted.

Just a disclaimer: Ricki did not put me up to this! This is just me being her groupie! :)

funny pictures
Possibly my favorite Lolcat of all time!


  1. Oh, River, I may really be speechless for once (and yep, all shades of red). This is amazing, and so are you! I am so touched and thankful for your incredible support of this quest and your craftiness in helping it come about! And I do hope you will be there in the audience if Ellen ever does make that call. . . ?? Thanks so much, again! :D

    PS Cutest turkey EVER.
    PPS "Beetaroni"--hee hee!!

  2. Pizza with beets?!?! Sign me UP!

    I could so tell that your turkey was holding a sign! You are all kinds of craft-goddessness.

  3. First let me say, the lolcat pic is priceless. No less than award-worthy.

    Everything you've said about Ricki is true, and she deserves to be on Ellen, but just beetween us, so do you. What if your plan backfires and Ellen calls you? But what I really think will happen is you will both be invited, and I can't wait to see the two of you on TV. Yeah! I want to be in the audience.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on a great looking blog!

    Cute turkey! (And yes, I can totally tell that he's holding up a sign.)

  5. Second time today I've seen those beetaronis. I have a rule if I see it three times, I usually make it.

  6. I LOVE that cute wee turkey! And I'm sure Ellen will too! PLEASE, if you ARE on her show, post a You-Tube link as otherwise I wouldn't be able to see it.

  7. Beet-a-Roni?! I LOVE IT!!! As a bit of a seitan-dodger I can see this appearing on one of our Friday-night pizzas pretty soon! That turkey is soooo cute, too!

  8. I love this homage to the super fabulous, October birthday sharing, Ricki!!

    I want that pizza! I need to get me some Daiya and a beet, apparently. Nom!

    Send that turkey! (btw, why do you NOT have an etsy shop? you are super talented!)

  9. Delicious looking pizza and adorable looking turkey! Awww! I love your felt craftiness!

    Ricki and her girls Rock!

    I might have given this recipe a try, but I spilled a bottle of liquid smoke in the kitchen yesterday (*Clumsy Buffoon*) and I'm SO sick of the smell already! So Beetaroni *chuckles* will have to wait until I've long forgotten the liquid smoke disaster!

    I totally LOL'ed at the cat! I've seen that face before on my boys :)

    I could just eat some pizza right nom too.....(I meant right now, not nom!! I'm not correcting that! My tummy has clearly taken over my brain!).

  10. Wonderful post River! I love Ricki's site too! I wish I could make all her stuff all the time! Great kitty photos too. ;)

  11. Oh I have to try the beetoroni!!! I just love the turkey. I am going to try adn make one. It will prolly be my only non food contribution too! Wonderful!!!!!

  12. such an awesome idea, River! little gifts to Ellen in support of Ricki is GENIUS!!!!! i do remember Ricki's beetaroni and thought it to be all things yummy - now i know i need to get a move on and make it sooner! you are one crafty chica and i'm all sad that i'm having hummus 'n veggies for lunch instead of beetaroni pizza. blondie time + rocky road cookie time + rocky road ice cream time = squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  13. ha ha, first, I love "I approve" cat!!! Ha! Also, beetaroni is genius! I can't wait to try it. Ricki really is amazing. I've made so many of her recipes over the years, and they are always successful. Clearly, she really knows what she's doing!

  14. Oh my goodness, your turkey is killing me with cuteness, I love it so much!

  15. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing this.. I'm off to her blog to check this out.

  16. I just love Ricki, and I am so hoping Ellen will wake up and smell the beetaroni!!!
    That turkey is so darn cute! I love it!

  17. River, you are so sweet. And Ricki is awesome!

  18. Ricki is amazing! I have made that beet-aroni and it is shockingly like pepperoni!

    Love, love, love that turkey. You are shockingly talented.

  19. zomg I just had to comment to say thathat is the cutest turkey ever! I thought it was a speech bubble at first, but I'm not very observant so you should probably ignore me.

  20. Kewl. I did beets on pizza a year or so ago, and I was surprised at how good it was. Actually I did beets, cucumber and tofu crumbles, and it was totally delish. We get a lot of beets from our CSA and I always have to find ways that others will try them.

  21. For some reason, since I saw this I keep thinking of every photo I see of pepperoni pizza as made of beets! And I like the name, but I have been thinking beetzza would be even cuter.

  22. Gauri Radha गौरी राधाDecember 17, 2010 at 6:08 PM

    That looks fantastic!!!


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