Mini Halloweegan Throw Pillows!

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Hello Wingalings! The crafting-induced headache is gone and Halloweegan is back on regular schedule! This is a non-edible post, so please don't eat this pillow:

I can has cheezburger?
I can has cheezburger?

It's a black kitteh pillow! Meow! I don't know why black cats are still considered creepy and bringers-of-bad-luck in the era of science, but it would feel wrong to have a Halloween without some sort of black cat decoration. The inspiration came from this Woman's Day tutorial for an even easier pillow. I complicated it a little bit because I wanted to make it from scratch. And I wanted whiskers that you could play with!


You can curl this kitteh's whiskers and it won't shred your face with those pointy claws. Unless the pillow is haunted. Which is possible. OK let's make one! You will need two 9 by 12 inches felt rectangles, buttons for the eyes, chenille stems for the whiskery whiskers, a button for the nose, some floss, thread, and some sort of batting/stuffing. Please excuse the following disgraceful pictures.

Black Cat Pillow - Step 1
I used three chenille stems for this kitteh's whiskers

Arrange the chenille stems and sew them to one of the felt pieces with a thick thread or floss:

Black Cat Pillow - Step 2
Several stitches in the middle, right where the stems meet will keep them in place

Sew a little nosey button in the middle to cover the whiskery stitches. For the eyes, I went with two large white buttons and then two smaller green buttons on top. Sew them to the felt just above the nosey button.

Black Cat Pillow - Step 3

Now it looked like it needed a little something extra, so I backstitched a vertical line from the nose down:

Black Cat Pillow - Step 4
Crooked - I did this with only one eye open, the other one was down for maintenance

The face is all done, now it's time to make the pillow. Place the felt rectangle you've been working on face down on top of the other felty rectangle. Sew along three of the sides, leaving one side open.

Black Cat Pillow - Step 5
I folded in the whiskers to avoid a sewing machine disaster

When you're done with that, flip the pillow inside out and stuff it with the batting material.

Black Cat Pillow - Step 6

Sew along the open side to close the pillow and you're done! I also made a little ghosty pillow:

Halloween Mini Throw Pillows

Same method as the cat pillow, except there are no stems or buttons, and the eyes and mouth are also made with black felt. Here's a quick ghostly design - print, cut, trace on felt, cut, sew black eyes and mouths to one white felt cut-out, finish making the pillow just like the cat pillow.

Ghostly Pillow Design

More Halloweegan craftiness coming up next week! More food too, but right now I'm feeling more crafty than bakey.

Have you made any Halloween crafts? The Halloweegan Flickr group is hungry for creepy treats and spooky craftiness! :)

EDIT to add that I'm an airhead and forgot to mention that this is an official entry to Shellyfish's W.I.P Wednesday... on a Friday. Check out Shelly's too cute black cat craftiness! *SQUEE!*

Follow this link for more vegan Halloween recipes!


  1. That is just too cute! I may have to make one of those little ghosties.

  2. Awww, cute! It looks like Kitty! I wonder how Kitty is getting along in his new life in the countryside? I bet he's having a blast! =^..^=

    Are chenille stems the same as pipe cleaners? I will google it...yes I think they are! Good, I had never heard of chenille stems before and thought they might be hard to find! *doh*

    Glad you are feeling better, and looking forwards to more crafty posts next week :D

  3. Too cute! I especially love the whiskers on the cat. But, I do believe that the ghost is my favorite! Glad you're feeling better!

  4. Adorable. I may have to make that ghost. I am scared of, white, grey. All of em.

  5. Love the kitteh kraftiness and the ghost too. Gad you're feeling better.

  6. So cute! You are so creative.

  7. hooooray for feeling much better AND super crafty, River! your halloweegan kitteh = puuuuurfect! (pun totally intended. tee hee!) i just love the little heart shaped button nose, and the ghosty is so spooooky and fun! superw00t!

  8. So cute. Thanks for sharing. I think this would be a perfect gift for a kid instead of too much candy. Or as a trade-in for some candy.

  9. Adorable! I wish I could be as crafty as you.

  10. Love the Cheezburger reference... ;)

    I saw something at a fair the other day (Germany is all about fairs... they're all pretty much the same, though!) and it made me think of the halloweegan theme! Basically they were chocolate-dipped apples (whole apple on a stick) but they'd had a small horizonal wedge cut out of one side before they were dipped. Then teeth lollies were put in the gap, and they were decorated with eyes, to make chocolate apple monsters! They weren't vegan, so I had to stick to eating a toffee apple instead, but I just thought I'd share the idea if you wanted something easy to make... :)

  11. Too, too cute! (And I say that as someone who doesn't even like cats.) ;)

  12. Love your ghost design! And the movable whiskers are nifty.

  13. i don't have a sewing machine but i'm totally going to try making a ghostie. too cute!!

  14. That caption under the first pic? Hilarious!


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