W.I.P Wednesday and Gilmore Girls Geekery! (Luke's Diner Shopping Tote)

W.I.P Wednesday on a Thursday? I was supposed to publish this last night, but the Sleepy Time Fairies sprinkled some sleepy dust on me and I had to surrender to their magic powers and go to bed. Blame the Fairies! Let's make up for the lost time and jump right into the craftiness!

Let's start with this Wabbit Coin Purse that I made for my buddy Becks... a wabbit for the Wabbit! :)

What a slowpoke blogger I am, I made this little coin purse over two months ago! Anyway, the little wabbit is my own design and I am extra proud of myself for pulling it off. The purse is lined with beige felt, and it has dark brown blanket stitching all around it. Yes, I am 31 years old. Why do you ask? :)

The next project is even older! I made this for Mr. Wing-It's birthday back in February, but I never blogged about it because I am frustrated with myself about the lack of swirly swirls in the sky. It's Starry Night! It's supposed to have swirly skies!! Duh!

Remember the Seagull Wallet I was working on a while ago? It's all done! In spite of its wonkiness, it has earned me a couple of compliments from two complete strangers! Score!

And here is my latest finished project and the first of many Gilmore Girls inspired blog posts - a reusable (and reversible) shopping bag!

Gilmore Girls Geekery - Luke's Bag

It's a Luke's bag! For those of you who are not familiar with the TV show "Gilmore Girls", let me tell you that it is only one of the best shows ever created! I am quite picky about my TV shows, and this one is my favorite - along with another little show called "FRIENDS".

What's with Luke's, you ask? Luke's Diner is a fictional diner in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, where Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory live. Stars Hollow is a lovely little place full of cute little shops and wonderfully quirky residents. Quirky and nosey! The writing is brilliant. You can't just sit there and zone out through an episode because you will miss dozens of fun pop culture and historical references. Oh, and there's food! Lots and lots of food! So, if you're a foodie, if you like quirkiness, if you enjoy obscure (and not so obscure) references, and if you love to laugh, then you have to give this show a chance! You will be hooked and you will find yourself making your own Luke's reusable shopping bag in no time! :D

My bag is made of four cotton bandanas from Hobby Lobby: two brown bandanas and two pink and white polka dot ones. This is the tutorial that I followed to make the bag. It was fairly easy to make and I will probably use the same tutorial again in the future. I printed out this picture of the Luke's sign to outline and cut out the letters and mug, which are made of felt. It's not quite finished yet because at some point the lining/reversible side will have a "Doose's Market" logo.

The bag will be even more awesome if you make it while you watch your favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls! I smell snow! :)

This is my first official contribution to my very unofficial "Gilmore Girls Geekery" blog series. You can expect to see Gilmore Girls inspired craftiness, food, and general geekery in the near or not so near future. We're still traveling, so blog posts are still sporadic. Feel free to join in and start your own Gilmore Girls Geekery series! I'm off to do some shopping now. I need some cornstarch from Doose's Market, purple hair dye from Stars Hollow Beauty Supply, and a meowing pot holder from Le Chat Club. Bye! :)


  1. Awesome. I love the Gilmore Girls. Looking forward to more GG craftiness!

  2. Becks~not a rabbitJuly 2, 2010 at 2:20 AM

    I love all your craftiness! Thank you so much for my super original wabbit wallet! I *heart* it!

    I want to join in with some GG geekery! I love Gilmore Girls! (which is all thank's to you! You introduced me to it a year or so back, and I've been hooked ever since).

    I also love your 'anonymous' pictures! You come up with some very crafty ways to appear in photos without ever showing your face! :D

  3. Becks~not a rabbitJuly 2, 2010 at 2:27 AM

    ....and you are watching my favourite episode, 'Love and war and snow', while you sew! The scene at the begining when Lorelai and Michel are talking about the weather and the snowball fight? Favourite GG scene, ever! LMAO!

    I wish I could smell some incoming snow right now!

  4. I love Gilmore Girls too! Despite it being anti-veg and anti-healthy, it is also one of my all-time favorite shows. I watch it on loop - once I get through all the seasons, I start over! Okay now I just sound crazy but oh well! I LOVE that bag... I wish I was crafty too!

  5. Those are so cute! I love your Gilmore Girls "Geekery." I used to watch that every day when I was in high school.

  6. Katie - GG lovers unite! I can't wait to go back home and get crafty again. I want to make some kind of GG inspired pillow. Maybe a Dragonfly Inn pillow? :)

    Wabbit - Join in! Join in!! I introduced you to Gilmore Girls, you introduced me to sewing... and peshwari naan! So I'd call it even! :D
    That is one of the best episodes! "Make them in the shape of a buttock, get people used to them" LOL! :D

    Jennifer - Those girls sure do eat some massive loads of junk! And if you're crazy then I don't want to be sane - I watch it on a continuous loop too! We're faNUTics! :)

    Kiersten - Thank you! I still watch it every day and it never gets old! :)

  7. OMG! I watch the GG's every night to fall asleep. Best show ever, I could never get enough! I love the bag! You are such a gem!

  8. Jessica! There you are! I've missed your blog! You watch the GGs every night and I watch them every morning with my breakfast! :)

  9. you are the craftiest, River - oh my goodness! i soooo love your bag and the wabbit coin purse - and the seagull wallet is my absolute favorite. :) the bag being made out of bandanas is really cool - i'm gonna have to check out the tutorial - thanks, River! i hope you're enjoying the weekend!!!

  10. Thanks Jessy! That tutorial is pretty awesome, and it didn't take me long to make the bag after I had finished the Luke's logo. I hope you're having a great weekend too! :)

  11. Those are so sweet! Especially the rabbit, though I'm still happy to see the seagull. Can't say I'm a Gilmore fan, but I'm excited to see your creations. I've been making crafty time lately and hope to post about it all soon :)

  12. Thanks Cassie! If you ever see a socially awkward person with a seagull wallet, say "hello"! :D
    I'm looking forward to checking out your craftiness - I am trying to be a better/more frequent blogger/commenter, but I am lazy about anything related to the interwebz when we're traveling. *sigh*

  13. i want all of those wallets, they are just too cute!! ;)

  14. Hi Lauren! I'll just send them via email... *send* :D
    I saw your Lemon Coconut Tofu over at Jessy's blog and it looks so good it's going on my list of future tofu splurges (soy is kind of mean to me)

  15. River, you are just SO, so talented! Those purses are beautiful--the perfect stitching, the adorable bunny & seagull. . . seriously. Beautiful. And okay, I think you may have convinced me to watch Gilmore Girls! (Well, now that my soap is going off the air in approximately a month--sob!--I need another show for the treadmill.) ;)

  16. Ricki, I am sorry about your soap going off the air! Definitely try Gilmore Girls! I think it would perfectly fill the void left by your soap. And thank you, though I am not too talented and I always buffoon my way through my sewing projects :D

  17. I just found this post from your peach sauce post, I LOVE that you made a Luke's Diner bag and the coin purse & wallet are gorgeous!

    Also, I *just* watched the snow episode the other day! <3

  18. Savanah and I still love this show, even if we have seen some episodes twice....OK, three times....fine you dragged it out fo me, more than four times.

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