Mini-Giveaway Winners & Some W.I.P Craftiness

Greetings from LaCrosse, Wisconsin! Are you confused yet? Between my imaginary E.A.T World travels and my real mystery-job travels I barely know where I am anymore!

What I do know is that it's time to reveal the winners of the Kalonji giveaway! I asked Mr. Randomator to choose two numbers between 1 and 21. Mr. Randomator consulted with his muse and then he spoke: "nine... and seven".

Comment number seven belongs to a certain someone who is vegan... and strong... it's Gina! Comment number nine belongs to Danielle, who decided not to enter the giveaway because she lives near an Indian grocery. So thanks to Danielle's convenient location someone else gets to win a bag of Kalonji! Thank you, Danielle, for giving someone else a chance to try some black onion seed goodness! :)

Mr. Randomator consulted his muse again, but this time he only needed to choose one number. Mr. Randomator spoke: "four".

Comment number four belongs to someone who just cannot resist a cute mini bundt pan... it's Andrea! Congrats ladies! Please send me an email with your address at thecraftykook (at) gmail (dot) com so I can send them to you as soon as possible. YAY! This was fun! :)

Moving on to crafty things, I am very excited to inform you that I am officially joining Shellyfish's W.I.P Wednesdays! My objective is to sew something new at least every two weeks and then blog about it here. I will most likely do little giveaways instead of keeping my crafty stuffs for myself.

A couple of things I have already made:

Cupcake Coin Purse

Happy Apple Coin Purse

And I am currently working on this:

Meet Captain Piggull. He was supposed to be a seagull, but his feet make him look kind of like a pigeon, so he's a Piggull. This will actually be my new wallet, if I ever finish it.

Every couple of weeks I will do a crafty giveaway and one of you will get up close and personal with my rookie stitchery. Again, no need to alert the media, this isn't a way for me to attract more interwebs traffic, I just want to share the craftiness! :)

Any special requests in case you are one of my craftiness victims?


  1. Oh my goodness that little apple is ADORABLE!! Doesn't hurt that my favorite color is green. I would love to see more of your craftiness as I am a vegan and non-crafter :)

    (I've been lurking for over a year and finally commenting. Inspired by the adorable-ness!)

  2. Since you asked, I would die for a pit bull crafty themed item! This is so cool. I just pulled out my jewelry making stuff after a couple of years and made some earrings. I'm so rusty!

  3. Sweet!!!! That is awesome, I will send you an email asap.

    And those coin purses are adorable!! Each was cuter than the last, love them :)

  4. CCarter - YAY! I'm glad you decided to de-lurk! I will probably end up making another apple at some point, and there will be more green craftiness for sure. Watch this space! :D

    Lisa - How cool that you make jewelry (though now that I think about it I remember reading about that on one of your posts some time ago). A pit bull? A challenge! Maybe as I get more confident in my sewing skills there will be some pit bull craftiness! :)

    Gina - Congrats! I hope you enjoy the seeds as much as I have, and maybe you will become addicted to them too! It's like I'm recruiting people for some weird kalonji worshiping cult here! :D

  5. River! Those coin purses are so adorable! You clever girl; you're so crafty!

  6. AWWWWWWWWWWWW you really are the coolest!!! Why are you so amazing?

    The seagull well pigull reminds me of one of your shots from your other blog.

    They are all soooooo cute!!! Here is a picture for inspiration -

    You are so creative and I'm so lucky to have been a recipient of your very fine yet oh'so chic craft-work.

  7. That gull is gosh darn cute! And I'm loving the coin purses too. Safe travels (in real and imaginary life)!!

  8. Oh, the piggull is so cute! I like his personality. Nice creative endeavor-- and those giveaways are too tempting to opt out of! Personally, I have a shirt pattern and adorable fabric that are ready to go... pretty ambitious, since I've only made curtains so far!

  9. Congrats to the winners! Your craftiness is incredible. What a stunning array. . . and you are soooo sweet to give (some of) them away! Sign me up for any of them. . . !! :)

  10. Oooh Congratumalations Gina and Andrea!
    River! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your little purses and Captain Piggull is adorable!
    Your Kraftyness is so so so so so so awesome.

  11. Those are all so cute! I think I love the apple one the best, even though I'm typically drawn to cupcakes. There's just something adorable about that little apple. I wish I could sew...well, I'm sure I could if I put my mind to it. Finding the patience is the problem.

  12. Such cuteness. I love how crafty are. Any aquatic animal craftiness is awesome.

  13. Aimee - Aww, thanks! I really need to work on my skills and built up some consistency. My skills are still very raw and some things look like Picasso... not in a good way! :D

    DennyBerry - You are the coolest! You were a victim of my cold porcelain adventures and not you are going to have to endure a sewn one at some point. Aww, what a cute little guy! Way beyond my abilities... for now! :)

    Jes - Captain Piggull says THANKS! He is *almost* done now, I just need to find a nice button to finish the wallet.

    Danielle - Thank you! Good luck with the shirt project! I have been wanting to make my own clothes for a while but it seems way too complicated. I would love to see your finished shirt when you're done! :)

    Ricki - Thank you! I was hesitant to give them away because I didn't want it to look like I was trying to get more traffic. Handmade things are meant to be shared though! :)

    Jeni - I wish my skills were advanced enough that I could make you one with a tree and a little tree-hugger! I could always try... :)

    Bianca - The little apple is becoming so popular! I hope it doesn't go to her appley head! Sewing does take lots of patience, and time! I do find it quite relaxing though. You know, when I'm not doing something spy-related! :D

    Krys - Thank you! I actually want to make a little fish blowing bubbles at some point. If I do, I will skip the giveaway and send it straight to you! :)

  14. congrats to the winners, and hooooooray for so much W.I.P. awesomeness, River! you are so super crafty - i absolutely love the cuppins cake coin purse! that is fo 'sho the most happyfaced apple, indeed - and the piggull = the cutest ever! looking forward to the crafty giveaways. i can't wait!!! thanks, river!

  15. I love the coin purses! So cute!

  16. Jessy - Hooooooray for W.I.P! I love it! Why did it take me so long to join?! I will be making more happyfaced fruits and veggies soon, there is a happyfaced eggplant in the works right now! :)

    Krys - You're welcome! I am not a very fast crafter, but I'll get there! By the way, I totally forgot to update my Eureka Brownies post with a link to your Almond Joy version! I'm doing it right now...

    Andrea - YAY! That was fast! I didn't think they would get there until at least tomorrow. Enjoy! :)

    Stacey - Thank you! I'm working on three more as we speak! :D

  17. How I admire you crafty folks! Those coin purses are adorable.

  18. I can't believe it's taken me so long to reply! Thanks, guys! I used to admire the crafty folks from a distance, but then I thought maybe I'd try my hand at getting crafty and now I love it! :)

  19. wow, they are so cute! Love the happy apple, but don't forget a cranky one. crankies need love too :)

  20. There must always be a cranky pants! I'll be sure to make one soon to keep things balanced. :D


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