Kitty Update and.. No Easter Goodies?

Thank you on behalf of Kitty for all your sweet comments on my previous post! I'm quite certain that all your positive energy and good vibes are what helped him get used to his new home so quickly and happily. Mrs. Fairy Godmother has been sending us updates and Kitty pictures of him and his new furry buddy. He's doing great with his super kind new humans in his awesome new home! He wants to be outside all day and only wants to go in the house when his food bowl outside is empty. Yep, that sounds like Kitty. Check out Kitty with his new buddy!

Check out the fluffiness of his buddy's tail!

Just hanging out, being cats.

"I'm free! Now let me in people, my food bowl has been empty for five minutes!"

Now that you're all smiling and happy I'm going to drop a bit of a bomb. I haven't been very inspired to make Easter themed foods and probably won't write a humongous Easter themed post. Sadface.

I did manage to make these on our day off:

Chocolate basket with peanut butter eggs
Chocolate basket with peanut butter coconut-covered 'eggs' inside.

It certainly isn't perfect, but it's as good as it gets with limited utensils, ingredients, cooking space, time and energy. We didn't bring any placemats or cute kitchen towels, but our reusable Whole Foods back worked just fine as a background for this shot, didn't it? To make the basket, I spread 1/4 cup of melted chocolate chips all around the inside of a small food storage container, and let it harden in the refrigerator for an hour. Then I ran it under some hot water for just a few seconds (the container, not the chocolate!) and after some persuasion the basket-shaped chocolate came off. I did the same thing for the handle using the lid of the food storage container as a mold. I poured chocolate just along the rim of the lid (just half of it), refrigerated it, persuaded it to come off, and "glued" it onto the basket with more melted chocolate.

For the eggs I used my Happy Vegan Ghosts recipe and shaped them into little eggs. You could use pink and yellow food coloring to make them more Eastery, but I didn't have any on hand. What are those big balls (same Happy Vegan Ghosts batch) around the baskets, you ask? Well, they're... Easter Bunny Tails? :)

Peanut butter - coconut Easter Cottontails

I've taken more pictures of other cool things we've seen on the road but I'm saving those for next time! Happy April!! Y'all come back now, y'hear?* :)

*I tried to find a video of the end credits of "The Beverly Hillbillies" to along with that line but I had no luck. What's up with that, YouTube?


  1. Yay for Lucy memorabilia!!! I am a huge Lucy fan. My bedroom back at my mom's house is COVERED in Lucy stuff. (People probably think it's a shrine) Nostalgiaville looks really cool, definitely somewhere I would have fun visiting.

    I am so glad that kitty is happy in his new home!

  2. I love the hepburn license! Looks like fun :)

  3. nostalgiaville looks like my kind of place! so glad the kitty is happy! your easter eats look delicious, i wish i could travel!!

  4. You are gorgeous-gorgeous, River (Or should I call you "Lucy"?). You could talk your way outta any ticket for sure!

  5. oooh - what a great post, River! i'm so happy that Wing-It Kitty is do'n so great AND he's got a buddy to hang out with! doublew00t!

    sounds like you guys are enjoying your travels! "Nostalgiaville" sounds awesome! i'm a HUGE wizard of oz fan! hooray! i love all your I Love Lucy awesomeness, and i'm loving your eggs, coconutty bunny tails, 'n chocolate basket! i don't think they're lame at all, River! i love 'em!

  6. Awwwww... kitty has a friend! YAY!

    Very cool stuff you picked up in Nostalgiaville. Neat place.

    Love the bunny tails.... :o)

  7. Kitty happiness! Nostalgiaville...only in the Midwest! ;-) You're genius with that "on the road" chocolate basket and eggs! I'm hoping to make DogHillKitchen Cadbury-style eggs this year, but won't go much beyond that. Safe travels!

  8. Yay I'm so glad kitty is happy!!

    Nostalgiaville looks like soo much fun!

  9. Hey hey now, your Easter Bunny tails are NOT lame at all! They are sooooo cute!

    Awwwww Rivvy you are having so much fun! Wheeeeee!!!!

    My cousin thanks you for all the kind things you said about him....I won't be surprised if he has a tiny crush on ya like I do!!!!

    hahahaha heartbreak hotel...sounds like my kinda hotel!

    miss you mucho mucho rivvy!!!


  10. Yeah happy Kitty! Yeah Nostalgiaville (huge Lucy fan!) But, bunny tails? River! Icky!

  11. Yay I already thought you would have some Easter themed food! I need to find me some kids to give these too, they are so adorable.
    Those licenses look cool...although I hope that they don't any longer write the person's weight on these. Pretty weird.

  12. I'm glad Kitty is doing so well! Nostalgiaville looks like a fun place. Enjoy your travels!

  13. That basket is just adorable! It's good inspiration for me!

    Yay for Nostalgiaville, I love places like that! I went to Graceland last year and it was so fun!

    Kitty looks happy too :)

  14. Awww- Kitty wing-it has a buddy! Those pictures are so cute. He looks so happy and contented - just like a kitty should.
    I feel so much happier now (was feeling a bit blue).
    Thanks for posting about him and his new home.
    Nostalgiaville looks such an awesome place! The colours of the shop are amazing! Like something off a chocolate box that Lucy would be making chocolates for.
    And your Easter eggs in their little choccy basket look yummy.
    I'm keeping my eyes out for the Easter bunny - I'm gonna see him this year, I just know I am.

  15. I'm a HUGE Audrey Hepburn fan; I wish I had that license! Although, in all the biographies I've read about her, none has ever indicated that her birth name was Edda. I've seen Andrey and Audrey, but not Edda. Hmm.

    What a cool town Nostalgiaville seems to be!

    I'm so very curious about your line of work, but believe me, I understand the need for privacy.

    The goodies look delicious and very creatively "hatched." ;)

    Hooray for happy kitty!

  16. I'm loving the post between the kitty pictures, trip to Nostalgiaville, and the eggs. Yummy!

  17. your basket is very impressive! Happy April to you as well.

  18. My hubby and I passed nostalgiaville on our road trip. We didn't stop because it was late at night, but it's funny that we were travelling where you are now. I hope you enjoy your travels!

  19. what a neat store that must have been! and i like your easter idea, actually :)

  20. That egg basket is adorable!!! Who need real eggs when you can have peanut butter coconut chocolate ones. BTW, I've decided that you and your man are spies for the Russian government, circa 1985...because you have a time machine...and that's why ya'll are so into the nostalgic stuff...because you're really not from this era.

  21. Happy Kitty, fun stores, and Easter treats, Oh, My!

  22. Wing It,

    You were right in my neighborhood when hanging out at Nostalgiaville. You could have stopped by for lunch. And checked out Kitty's twin.


  23. What a great easter idea, so cute!

    And I especially like the Wizard of Oz sign, I'd like to have that above my door... :)

  24. River, I love the little choco baskets and eggs!! What you whip up with limited supplies on the road, I can't even manage at home! =)
    So glad Kitty found a good home.. My squirrels don't care much for cats but they think Kitty is a-okay!

  25. This is an unbelievably funny + cute post! <3 ya River! I am definatly an oldies fan as well, including I <3 Lucy + the Beatles... siriously, that hotel visit was bursting with humor and cuteness! I also loved the licence, haha... I needed some eatser inspiration and I think I've found part of it :)

  26. yay for kitty finding a friend, and such a cute one at that!!

    i think that chocolate basket is pretty damn cute!!

    lovin the audrey license too - i love her so much!

  27. Not lame, cute!

    Thanks for your sweet comment regarding my first bike race by the way!

  28. omg looks like you had such a fun time!!!!!! i would have gotten something Wizard of Oz...:)

    Your easter eggs are adorable!!!

  29. The chocolate basket is BEYOND amazing!!!

  30. Oh, boy, I know you had a blast in LucyLand!!!!

    Kitty looks very happy.

  31. Ooh the kitties are so cute! I love the eggs- amazing for having limited equipment. Oh and the audrey license? Why didn't you get me one?!

  32. You can spoon your way to health! Love the Easter treats :)

  33. I always like a good story about animals finding new homes - great to hear that kitty is happy with his new home and pals!

    Nostalgiaville looks like fun - don't you love finding places like that? If I ever have a place to put it, the Stooges sign would be so worth having.

    As always the baked goods are creative and delicious looking...great work!

  34. ok river, i'm positive those eggs would make me gain like 20 lbs but i would eat them anyways. they look beautiful.

    i love all those hilarious signs. i collect stuff like that. my sister would go nuts for the hepburn license. she loves her.

  35. I'm so happy to see how happy Kitty is! That's so great that he took to his new friend so quickly :) You must feel so much better knowing that he is happy and safe.

    Nostalgiaville looks fantastic, haha.

  36. Kitty is just so lucky! And I would have gone crazy buying Lucy stuff, fo sho!
    I think that basket is adorable and I would eat it in a heartbeat! Beautiful job as usual!

  37. Haha Lucy always reminds me of my cousin, a red head, and her Hispanic hubby :D And those "eggs" - so cute!

  38. That's more than I'll be doing for Easter! Looks good to me!

  39. Sounds like you're having fun on the road! How you can create stuff in a hotel I have no idea!?!

  40. i love that big fluffy tail that kitty's new bro/sis has. yay for kitty's new life.

    sounds like you're having fun on the road.

    as soon as you said you weren't have a big easter post, I see that you made an easter basket! by my standards, that's an easter post. mmmm... coconut.

  41. Yay for kitty!

    And yay for your new id card! I have an Elvis one in my wallet from like 10 years ago when the 24 Hour Church of Elvis was still around :)

  42. omg, your Easter creations are amazing!

    .. and the kitty pics are adorable..

  43. I am amazed by your chocolate basket, and I love your Audrey Hepburn license!


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