Corn Dog Millionaire, Benjamin Button Mushroom Quiche and Various Sweet Goodies

Well, Mr. Cranky Pants is feeling a bit less cranky thanks to all your compliments. He pretends that he doesn't like being called "cute" but he smiles when nobody is looking. 

Here is one final Vegantine's Day dessert. I dare not call it trifle because it's missing 99% of the ingredients of a traditional trifle. Let's just say it's a Trifley Layered Dessert! No recipe. It's a bottom layer of crushed cookies (plain vanilla or chocolate will do.) On top of that, a layer of vanilla pudding, then a layer of pureed strawberries, and on top of that a layer of soft coconut milk whippy cream and some swirly chocolate.

Valentine's Day Coconut Milk Trifle-y Dessert

Here's a challenge: try not to eat all of Bianca's Sweet Potato Bread as soon as it comes out of the oven. I dare you! This is one of Bianca's test recipes for her upcoming cookbook. It's supposed to be a loaf of bread but I always bake muffins instead of one big loaf. Check out Alison's gorgeous loaf made with the same recipe.

Bianca's Sweet Potato Bread... er... Muffins

Now it's Oscars time! I love watching The Academy Awards and I haven't missed one show since I was a child. So in honor of my favorite awards show, let's make some Oscars themed food, shall we? Let's start with a Best Movie nominee: Slumdog Millionaire... or is it... Corn Dog Millionaire?

Oscar Party Food - Corn Dog Millionaire
I sliced them all up and piled them up like a pyramid.

Corn Dog Millionaire

2 tbsp oil for frying
1/2 cup cornmeal
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1 tbsp cornstarch
2 tsp brown sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
cayenne pepper, a dash or a few dashes if you like'em HOT!
3/4 cup non-dairy milk
1 tbsp mustard
6 veggie dogs

1- Pour the oil into a frying or saute pan and preheat over medium-low (closer to medium than to low). I like using a saute pan for this because they have a larger bottom. Teehee, a larger bottom! Sorry, back to adulthood.
2- Whisk together all dry ingredients.
3- Whisk together the milk and mustard.
4- Pour the milk and mustard mix into the dry ingredients and stir until smooth, but don't over-stir.
5- Drop a veggie dog into the cornmeal mix and use a spoon to thickly coat it all around.
6- Transfer the veggie dog to the preheated pan. I use two clean forks to transfer them, and rinse them off and dry them in between dogs. Repeat with all six veggie dogs.
7- Let them cook for about two minutes or until the bottoms look golden brown.
8- Flip them over to another side and cook for another minute or two. The veggie dogs themselves are round, but the batter cooks flat around them creating three sides as you flip them over. So they end up looking like a triangular prism.
9- Flip them over once again to cook the third side for another minute or so.

Next Oscars themed food - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Mushroom Quiche.

Susan V's Mini Tofu Quiches

These are Susan's Mini Crustless Mini Quiches made with spinach instead of bell pepper. I was feeling too lazy to chop peppers and the spinach was already chopped. I cut them all in half and arranged them like a pwetty fwower. Just use button mushrooms and you've got yourself an Oscars themed dish.

More Oscar Party/Dinner Food ideas:

  • I was going to make "Marisa Tomei-to" Polenta Squares, but something went very wrong and it ended up looking like Strawberry Shortcake had relieved her hangover in my saucepan. Anyway, how about Marisa Tomei-to Basil Cream Pasta, Marisa Tomei-to Bruschetta, Marisa Tomei-to Basil and Millet Salad, etc.

  • Iron Man-icotti - The spinach in this recipe provides the "iron."

  • Sean Penne in Milk-less Alfredo - Cashew Alfredo, Tofu Alfredo

  • Kate Winslettuce Wraps

  • Revolutionary Rocky Road Ice Cream 

  • Frank LanJello Shots 
  • Happy-Go-Lucky... something? Happy-Go-Lucky Black Eyed Pea Croquettes, Hummus, or Cakes? Or are black eyed peas only lucky on New Year's Day?

  • Frost/Nixon - I can't think of anything for this, but it seems like it should be so obvious. Frosted something, frosting something... anyone? I'm stuck!

In case tthese make no sense to you, here is a list of this year's Oscar nominees.

I wanted to leave you with a video of what I think is the best acceptance speech ever: Emma Thompson's speech for Best Screenplay for Sense and Sensibility at the Golden Globe Awards.She wrote the speech from Jane Austen's perspective, trying to think of what Jane would say about the ceremony. However, the video is nowhere to be found. Isn't everything supposed to be somewhere floating around the Internet? Anyway, here is a transcript instead if you care to let your imagination do the rest. I'll update this post if the video ever emerges from the darkest depths of the YouTubes. (Found it!)


  1. I've never been big on the Oscars(usually because I've never seen any of the movies nominated), but I love seeing what all the celebrities wear. I wish I had some of those dresses!

    I love the names for your Oscar- themed food. Very creative!

  2. I can't stop laughing! The corn dog pyramid is just hilarious! And the quiche title is too creative! River, you're a GENIUS! Beyond a genius, actually!

    Ooh, I hope you lik the mousse!

  3. didnt you love Benjamin button!! it was so danm good...

    haha your too freakin funny :)

  4. I laughed so hard at "Corn Dog Millionaire" in your title. You're so clever! I like the themed goodies. All these eats look fantastic. Well done, River!!!

  5. I love your Oscar-themed food ideas!

    Has Strawberry Shortcake turned into a party-going "pop-tart" now? I bet the Purple Pie Man had a hand in this. he he! Oh no, not more berrytalk!

  6. Your food titles never fail to entertain!, the benjamin button mushroom quiche looks delicious! and I'm always a sucker for a good cookie, especially an amazing looking oatmeal cookie!

  7. River, I had no idea you were an Academy Awards fiend like me! Sadly, what I think is the best picture of the year (The Wrestler) wasn't nominated in that category, but I'll be rooting for Mickey Rourke to win for his stunning performance. I think the Best Picture category is lackluster at best this year. We'll see what the big night brings!

    Thanks for all the fabulously creative ideas to help celebrate the night!

  8. You're BRILLIANT with those Oscar meals!! :-) And thanks for the yum-o recipes and reviews. I ♥ Emma Thompson.

  9. Everything looks so yummy! I'm one of Bianca's testers too, I totally need to make that sweet potato bread.

  10. Hahahaha - you do make me laugh River!
    The Corn dogs are my favourite but it's all so funny.

  11. your cookies look lovely! I'll definately be trying them

  12. I love how into the Oscars you are and the food you created! I hope you enjoy the show :)

  13. Love the trifle, love the Oscar food (I love watching award shows too!), love the cookies, love you for making all this yummy food!!!

  14. River, you're amazingly talented; and just amazing.

    Love ya!!

  15. You are so amazingly creative - I'm just in constant astonishment! I love all of your ideas! :)

    Happy Friday my dear!

  16. I love all the food titles. You are so creative and the food looks delicious.

  17. Oh my god, that Oscan run-down is just too hilarious. And apple + oatmeal + cinnamon? My three favourites! Thanks for posting the recipe.

  18. As a confirmed trifle lover I think yours is absolutely boss! Btw - Frost/Nix-On - half a plate of frosted cuppies, half a plate of nekid muffins? Geddit?! Just an idea... ;)

  19. Those cookies! Those corndogs! I'm in yummy food overload!

    I LOVE the Oscars, too, and even though I haven seen NOT ONE of the movies this year (sniff!), I am still going to watch. Your food names are fabulous, too (I have to think about that frosted-something)! Can't wait to see what else you come up with. :)

    And THANKS for mentioning my recipe! It was exciting to see it in the mag, and now doubly exciting to see it mentioned on your blog!

  20. Larger bottoms..hehe :) I'm afraid I'm going to have to make those corndogs I've missed them since going vegan!

  21. i LOVE your ideas! how awesome and creative! those corndogs... oh how i miss corndogs. we once baked some hot dogs into cornbread, but naturally it just wasn't the same. your recipes look so yummy... makes me feel like i wish i needed to gain some weight, myself, haha... too bad i really need to focus on just staying where i'm at (and possibly drop 5 pounds). still, as a special occasion, i do love to fry. so i might have to invent a holiday soon so i can have corndogs. yeah. that's a GREAT idea!

  22. I love award shows too! I always watch them.

    That trifle looks fantastic!

  23. River, I love your posts - they always make me smile and you're so cheerful! I just love reading them! Your Oscar-themed food is just great, and now I want me some corndogs!

  24. River!
    Fabulous recipes, you are so clever with the parfait, corndogs, baking... it just keeps coming! Don't worry, I'm a wimp for that (some would say crappy) celebrity stuff too, yes, I did enjoy the oscars but not as much as the golden Globes! (DId you catch that annoying blonde interview woman who was literally alost harrassing the jkolie Pitts? I wanted someone to shut her up! ) ;)

  25. Ha! I love the corn dog millionaire idea! And the Benjamin Button Mushroom Quiches. You are so creative!

    I also like that you tried my sweet potato bread as muffins. I didn't even think of that, but I'll have to give it a try.

  26. hahahah rivvy you're the best! i love ya and your posts are amazing!

    hehe wow that quiche looks really good babe!you're making me chuckle so hard with all the names. i love the speech emma thompson gave too. i also love that movie. ohhh alan rickman. you're so fine.

    sadly i don't watch the oscars anymore....the only time i do watch regular tv is LOST!

    hehe corn dog millionaire...good one!!!

  27. I don't even know where to begin - there is way too much yumminess. I love the swirly trifely. mmmm... coconut.

    I made chocolate cupcakes from the toasted coconut cupcakes vctotw recently, frosted them w/ vanilla icing, then put coconut on top. they were amazing.

    the sweet potato bread looks so moist and tasty.

    you're killing me w/ the corn dogs. they were my fave, but I haven't had them since I went veg, then vegan. by the time they had veg ones in the store, I had turned vegan and couldn't eat them....

    Now, I'm too hungry and must eat my gruel.

  28. i haven't had a corn dog in years, River! thank you soooooo much for the recipe! dan & i are totally going to make those - and some of our own trifley layered dessert! yours looks so fabulously awesome & yummers! mmmmmmmm!

    those cookies sound fanastical & look perfect! superw00t for another rock'n recipe! i think i'm gonna steal your idea and make muffins with Bianca's bread recipe, too! brilliant! :)

    i'm love'n all your Oscar-themed yummies ideas! let us know if ya like the butterbean burgers; they're our favorite bean burger! mmmmmmm!

    hope you have a super star-studded & spectacular weekend!

  29. Hi River,

    All of your food looks amazing! Thank you for the cookie recipe, I have actually been craving something like that so it is perfect timing!

  30. You have THE best ideas for food. You know how there's a show in the food network were the host prepares like little parties and are way better! come up with great ideas and the best part, they're vegan.

    Keep the AMAZING work!

  31. River, your food looks amazing and you have the best ideas! I am completely smitten with your cookie recipe and think I'm going to run out RIGHT NOW to get ingredients for them. And that trifley-dish is beautiful!!

  32. Rver, you and your posts ALWAYS amaze me. I love the ideas and photos and of course the FOOD. Wow, I am in awe of you, you creative genius you!

  33. Your theme recipes always put a smile on my face! It all looks so good, and you get extra points for turning Benjamin Button into a mushroom quiche...awesome.

    I finally saw Slugdog Millionaire tonight, so I'm especially excited about the corn dog millionaire pyramid - great movie, and I really can't think of a better corn dog-themed tribute :)

  34. I love all your Oscar food ideas!

  35. I would love to go to a vagan Oscar party! Food looks awesome as always.

  36. Your Oscar ideas are so clever! I've only seen a couple of the movies so far. We have some catching up to do with our movie watching!

  37. What a cute fun post! I haven't actually seen any of the movies yet, but your theme foods are so clever and look really really delicious. I'll peek in at the awards show so I can see how many awards Corn Dog gets.

  38. Ah! Great post! I especially liked the Kate Winslettuce wraps idea. I am totally going to try those Corndog Millionaires! Haven't had a corndog since going vegan but I have seen Slumdog. How about Frost/Mixin? Perhaps frosting with stuff mixed in to it? If you made cupcakes but before you baked them you put a blob of frosting on the top, would that come out good?

  39. You should to do themed catering. Your ideas are always so wonderful.

    Oh and that trifle...please, send over some!

  40. I love every single thing in this post, but the corn dogs are definitely my favorite!

  41. Fantastic!! I don't care about award shows, but my mom loves them, she's already started watching the preshow stuff today.

    I had planned on making a corn dog creation, but I pulled out the veggie dogs and they were looking questionable. Boo :(

  42. hey, if the Oscars encourage you to share vegan corn dog recipes, then I'll all for it!

  43. I'm watchin' right along with you. I gotta make those dogs. And the quiche, yours looks like a good recipe. I've tried others without success in the past. Love the finger foods.

  44. I'm putting Katie's chocolate mousse on next week's menu, too!

    You are so incredibly creative that it just overflows... I am loving the Trifley Layered Dessert -- not only is the name super-cute, but it is such a great idea!!!! I wish I could slow down with my food and make it an adorable art project like you seem to do with everything!

    Kate Winslettuce wraps = you are too much! Hahahahaha!!! You rock. What an awesome post (as usual).

  45. Hehehe, corndog millionaire...I love it! And they look sooo good too! Actually, all of your stuff looks awesome :)

  46. Hey I'm so glad I found your blog, be sure to check out mine and let me know what you think- much love from Detroit!

  47. You sure can work a theme, River. Absolutely amazing Oscar spread! No holiday or major event deserves to be without your genius!

  48. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'll definately post some more pictures of Missy, she's a little character hehe.

    This post is fab, I love all the themed food but the trifley dessert is my favourite, I've been meaning to make trifle for ages, now I have a dilema, a chocolatey one or a normal one??

  49. Your Oscar's foods crack me up.
    I'm a big Emma Thompson fan too.

  50. Great photos, as usual! I love that you always post about a variety of different foods.

  51. Thanks for adding me! I need to learn to take pics like you :)

  52. I am finally back into the world of blogs, and have just finished catching up on yours. Oh, how I missed it!

    I am so in love with all the themed food you do. It's so much fun! I love crankypants bug... hee. Such a cutie-patootie!

    Where can I get one of you?

  53. Hi! Thanks for the lovely message you left me on my blog. I haven't had time to respond until now. My iMac crashed and burned! Anyway it's nice talking with you from different parts of the world (not too far away). Your little crustless quiche looks awesome!

    Lyn Rose

  54. That spread for the Oscars is pretty fantastic. As always I adore your creativity and sense of humor with food. You always show that good food can be gourmet and still not take itself too seriously.

  55. these are such wonderful ideas for oscar food!! haha now i wish i had a party for it! :)
    those oatmeal cinnamon apple cookies sound amazing as well, i wouldnt have thought to put chocolate chips mixed in...but that sounds like quite a good combo! :)

  56. Does it make me a bad vegan to be so excited about the prospect of corn dogs!?!? YUM!

  57. Hi River! Happy belated Birthday! Hope it was great and I can't wait to see the cake you must have baked!

  58. Oops! Happy Birthday today!! And it's a big one, too!

  59. Your themed food cracks me up! I hope you had a happy birthday!

  60. It looks like you have some really nice recipes on your blog. I will be checking back often. Thanks!


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