D'oh!-Nuts - Giant Shredded Veggie Pancake and Two Awards!

First things first! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my previous post! I'm glad I'm not quite as boring as I thought.

Food time! I noticed that I've lost a few pounds lately, so I'm trying to gain them back. The thing is that I'm a hard-gainer, and I have to eat like a quarterback to gain or even maintain weight. Or maybe I could just eat like Homer Simpson, hence my D'oh!-Nuts!

Coconut and cream filled doughnuts

Glazed. Chocolate and sprinkles. Chocolate and almonds

Aren't they purdy?

I used this recipe from allrecipes.com, but without the egg and with whole wheat pastry flour instead of all purpose flour. And I baked them instead of frying them, which made them more like a sweet bread than doughnuts, but they were yummy nonetheless.

Last night we had what I so unwittingly chose to call a Giant Shredded Veggie Pancake. (Thank you, Denny, for pointing out that this looks a lot like a rosti.) Doh!

Here he is on my skillet. I had already cooked one side and flipped him over.

Giant Shredded Veggie Pancake

Here he is on my plate with some green beans and cauliflower.

Giant Shredded Veggie Pancake

This was kind of an "everything but the kitchen sink" dish, so I don't have a recipe. Here's roughly what I did:

I shredded 3 medium sized potatoes in my food processor and transferred them to a mixing bowl. Then I shredded a large carrot and some celery and added it to the potatoes. Then I sauteed some chopped onion with some chopped frozen spinach while the potatoes released their potatoey juices. Then I transferred the potatoes to a large strainer and squeezed the liquid out, transferred them back to the mixing bowl, added the onions and spinach, about two cups of ground beef-style crumbles, and some salt and spices. Next time I will use sausage style crumbles instead of ground beef style.

I firmly pressed the whole thing onto a well oiled and preheated non-stick round frying pan, and cooked it, covered, over medium-low heat for about 15 minutes jiggling it from time to time. Finally, I slid it onto a plate and flipped it over the (re-oiled) frying pan, and cooked uncovered for about 10 more minutes.

See how well lit my pictures are, and how I'm not complaining about not having any natural light for dinner time today? I must be on Santa's good list because I got my Christmas present early and it was a photography lighting set, complete with two different light tents, fancy lights, tripods, and six backdrops. Isn't Mr. Wing-it the best Santa ever? *SWOON*


  1. Congratulations on the awards!!!

    Love all the FOOOOOOOD!!!

    Mr Wing-It is a FABULOUS Santa :-D Great present, for sure!!

  2. Lucky you! Doughnuts sound yummy! I love your outlook on weight and how you want to gain instead of keep losing. Good for you!

    And that veggie dish looks fabulous! You are always so creative.

  3. Congrats on the well-deserved awards! Love the butterfly one :)

    Those d'oh nuts look amazing! (And of course the fabulous lighting didn't hurt). Coconut cream filled?? Ooooh, YEAH. And the rosti looks fab, too!

  4. Dang your d'oh!-nuts look good, I knew I should have made the yeast based ones!! Grr!
    And cool lighting too, I might have to look into this lighting set malarky.....:o)

  5. Congrats on the awards my sweet River of love! You're adorable and very interesting (teehee) so I'm not surprised at all by all this popularity!
    You are so kind to honor we vegan mums! Merci mille fois!
    And I am so wishing I had some of your donut love! They don't really exist here...which is good, because I would buy them! Making them with my foot up will be too much of a pain (which is good - keep me from eating them!).

  6. Oh wow can't wait to make these. What did you use to make the glaze for the glazed d'oh! nut?
    Also, I made several of you Halloween treats and they all got rave reviews; thanks for sharing them!

  7. River,

    Thank you so much for the award. You are so sweet. The food looks awesome. Wow. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  8. that veggie pancake is large and in charge. it looks amazing!!!!!

    those doughnuts kick krispy kreme to the curb!

  9. My, those D'oh!-Nuts! look tasty! If only I had to eat those to gain weight, but alas... haha.

    And Mr Wing-it is the best Santa, wow!

  10. Hi River,

    Those may be the most beautiful doughnuts I have ever seen in my entire life.

    Congratulations on your awards!

  11. your donuts really do look amazing! And your photo toys sound like so much fun.

  12. Gah! I could stand to lose a few pounds myself. Lucky you, now you get to feast with best Santa!

    Haha always willing to be a food taster, food labeler, food sniffer...

  13. congrats, congrats, congrats! that's so awesome, River! you deserve them both! superw00t!

    and oh my goodness of all that is glorious & awesome - your D'oh!-Nuts! squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! they ARE SOOOOO purdy! i want to eat them all! RIGHT NOW! i need to make donuts some day soon. i need a donut pan & a day to have fun with it all. mmmmmmmmm! your Giant Shredded Veggie Pancake - that looks soooooo awesome! Mr. Wing-It is too sweet! hooooooray for your photography lighting set! superw00t!

  14. hey! im new to your blog... and your food looks amazinggg.. i cant wait to try out your stuff once i get back to a kitchen!

  15. congrats on the awards - totally deserved!! :)

    donuts - they look amazing!!!

  16. Congrats on both awards. Well deserved!
    The doughnuts looks so delicious as does the giant veggie pancake. I could dive right in!

  17. Those doughnuts look scrumptious! Congrats on the awards & photo lights!

  18. There's just too much goodness going on in this post! The donuts? Yes please! And that giant shredded pancake? I'm drooling. As for your early Christmas gift--he's such a thoughful sweetheart!

  19. River, you are much too sweet to me. You are spoiling me! haha.

    Thank you for the mention:)

    Can't wait for your next post.

  20. Thank you for the award!!!
    I am so glad you are getting to see disposable aardvarks too!
    She is a very friendly "veganf" on vegpeople.com... I am making these donuts today!!!

  21. congrats on your awards and that you kindly for passing one on to me :) Could I also have some donuts please? thank you!

  22. river, thanks for the deodorant help! i'm gonna try that one out next time i go to whole foods. the grocery store near me only sells tom's so i figured i'd give it a whirl. as of now, it's still working!!!

  23. all of your awards are well deserved my dear!! :)

    thanks for the compliment! :)

  24. Thank you! Thank you! All your lovely comments cheer me up! I am thoroughly enjoying my new lights!

    Aww Shelly, you're too sweet! I don't know much French (though I got the "Merci mille fois"). How would one say "Shellyfish rocks" in French? :)

    JerseyVegan, I'm so glad you liked the Halloweegan goodies! I didn't measure the ingredients for the glaze, but it was just powdered sugar, soy milk and vanilla.

  25. Oh! Those donuts are totally orgasmic! Talk about food porn. I used to love, love, love donuts in my pregan days, but I've yet to find a decent vegan donut that tastes like my old non-vegan donuts. Of course, the cake donuts at Whole Foods are cool...but not the same. Yours look to die for!

  26. Wow, someone gave me an award, and to think I was happy with just my family telling me I put a good dinner on the table...who knew.

    Thanks for the award River and now I will need to go and award 10 bloggers.

    Glad for your awards as well. Be well and TTFN

  27. Congratulations on both of the awards! I'm in awe of all the donuts you made. And that veggie cake looks heavenly!

    Have fun with your new presents!

  28. Hey hey!! =))

    BIG CONGRATS on your awards =D You deserve it for sure!!! For all the wonderful goodies here..mmm..!!

    WHAT A GREAT DOUGHNUT batch there!! =D Enjoy them ,Girl!! =D

    Well,hope you have a good time =D


  29. Mr Wing-it is the best Santa (tell him I've been a good girl too)
    Congrats on your awards River - that'll bump it up to three now - well four actually 'cos you got the Butterfly one twice!!
    See....you are a genius!
    And looking at your Rostii makes me want to dive straight into it - it looks sooo yum River!!!


  30. you chose wisely, veggie moms are the best!
    the donuts...oh my.

  31. First off, River, thank you for thinking of all of us vegan mamas our here in blogland. I will post my Butterfly award as soon as a get a free moment!

    Second, that vegetable pancake totally looks like okonomiyaki to me!! (a Japanese pizza/pancake) I'll have to give that a go some time at home.

    No donuts for me. :-( I've got 30 pounds of baby weight after 4 pregnancies to lose! But they sure do look delish!

    - Krista

  32. Congrats on the award -- you especially deserve them after all your cute Halloween posts. Those donuts look like an awesome way to gain that weight back because they look sooo delicious! I need to make my own sometime. I have also been dying to try your coconut whippy cream and STILL haven't!!! Shame on me!

  33. Thanks for the Award, River! And congrats on your two!!! Check out your donuts... mmmm, donuts...

  34. congrads on both awards -- well deserved and those donuts? i am so jealous! I was just saying today i need to take a stab at making homemade baked vegan donuts! mine could never compare....

  35. Hello, d'oh nuts!!!!!

    i wishes me had some weight to gain. seems like all i do is gain. its never a loss for me-- pooh. lucky for you! :D

    zee foood looks vonderful! :)

  36. Congrats times 1000 :o)

    And oooh me want some vegan doughnuts!

  37. Hooray for Mr. Wing-it! what a nice present!
    Now can I have a doughnut please? please-please?

  38. congratulations on your award! you are so deserving :)

    your doughnuts look fabulous! and so healthy! i love it :) and the vegetable pancake looks delicious! a great way to use up leftover veggies!

  39. river, i hope you post pictures of the thanksgiving food you made!

    i have a feeling there will be a bunch of little turkey cupcakes and pilgrim shaped cookies.

  40. Joanna, I thought about making turkey cupcakes, but I just wasn't inspired for this Thanksgiving. I hope I can make it up to you with Christmas treats! :)

  41. wow! those doughnuts look amazing. Love the filled ones. Can't tell you the last time I've had one of those...

    That is total potato yumminess. I can never do hashbrowns correctly. I've even tried draining. I think it's becasue I'm too impatient.

    A lighting set sounds amazing. Good job, Mr. Wing it! I've been hinting at one, but Andy isn't picking up on it.

  42. Congrats on your much deserved awards! Woot woot!!!

    I had to quickly scroll past the d'oh!-nuts because if Marty saw them on the screen he'd be begging me to make them ASAP and I'm trying to lose (not gain!) weight here. :)

    Also, I'm curious about the lighting kit you got. Who makes it?

  43. Whoa! Donuts, please! That veggie pancake looks delish as well.


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