Happy Vegan MoFo 2014, everyone!

Hi! Long time no see, eh? This year our travels extended almost into September which left me practically no time to prepare for Vegan MoFo. Instead of participating I will enjoy watching everybody else summon their superhuman cooking and blogging skills whilst I sit on my uninspired butt. This guy will be watching you too… no pressure…

Stalkery Goose Is Watching You
OK, my RSS reader says I have 14 new MoFo posts since I started typing this only a few minutes ago. The delicious insanity has begun! Have fun rocking this Vegan MoFo, everyone! (I have already bookmarked six MoFo recipes today – keep’em comin’!)


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    I’m sad too! No new Halloween posts. :( I’ll just have to reread all your old ones. They are my favorites. :) Have you seen Fork and Beans? She’s doing Halloween recipes all month. So ready to make Halloween recipes for my girls! Hope you’re doing well!!

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      Hi Cindy! Actually I might do a few Halloweegan posts next month. Hopefully I won’t be too uninspired then!

      Is this Halloween going to be the best ever for you guys or what?! :)

      I did not know about Fork and Beans’ month of Halloween – thanks for the heads up!

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    Yeah!! Welcome back.

    I won’t be blogging either, but man….mofo stresses me out just reading! So many posts, so little time! You should share your favorites. If you want. :D

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      Thanks, Katie! I think MoFo wasn’t meant to be for me anyway because I crushed my thumb with a heavy duty stapler and now it’s painful to type. At least I didn’t actually staple myself!

      MoFo can be pretty stressful for sure. I was thinking about sharing my favorite MoFo posts in a couple of weeks (and then again at the end of the month) so you read my mind! :)

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    Hmmm. I left a comment and it disappeared, apparently. I think I said I was happy to see you and your feathered friends back again and was looking forward to your posts. But now I see you’re just stopping by and not mofo-blogging after all. I’m not doing mofo either — too chaotic around here, but I hope to have time to at least read posts! Welcome back.

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      Pesky blogger! I wonder what happened to your comment? MoFo is lots of fun, but one must have plenty of time to dedicate to it. We’ll get’em next year, Andrea!

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      I wish I would have had time to prepare, but I will still enjoy reading everyone else’s MoFo posts. Not posting leaves me more time to read blogs! :)

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      I just realized I said I’d be watching but I didn’t say I wasn’t going to participate this year – doh!! Sorry about that, I just edited the post to clarify that I won’t be posting this year. This is exactly why I shouldn’t be blogging yet – I still have “road brain” :P

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      Stalker goose says hello! MoFo is so much fun – I am having second thoughts about not participating but I know I’d quit after a week without any pre-written posts :(

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