PMS Cookies (Packed Maple S’mores Cookies)

How many times have I blogged about Dreena Burton’s Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies? I’ve lost count! They are the perfect chocolate chip cookie, and the recipe can be modified to make endless variations with different chunky goodies. Like these.

PMS Cookies = Packed Maple S'mores Cookies

PMS Cookies! PMS = Packed Maple S’mores Cookies. Although if you are a lady and you need a cookie to deal with the other meaning of the abbreviation, these will do the trick ;)

These cookies are indeed PACKED with chunky chocolate and gooey marshmallows. They are crispy on the outside with soft, slightly chewy centers. The marshmallows are gooey when the cookies are warm, and chewy at room temperature. I followed Dreena’s recipe almost exactly. These were my modifications:

* I replaced the 1/4 teaspoon of molasses with 1/2 teaspoon of maple extract which added plenty of maple flavor for my taste.

* Instead of 1/3 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips I used only 1/4 cup, and I added an extra 1/4 cup of big chunks of chopped dark baking chocolate for good measure.

* Then I threw in a heaping 1/3 cup of chopped marshmallows (you could use mini marshmallows if you have them) and that was it. We now know, thanks to Cindy, that we dust our knife with powdered sugar before we start cutting marshmallows to avoid a sticky mess. Right? Right!

These are my last marshmallowy treats for a while since I used up all my precious Dandies. Sadface.

PMS Cookies = Packed Maple S'mores Cookies 

Today’s cute picture is actually a video! Have you ever seen a goose doing a water-somersault? No? Don’t worry, I got you covered. These silly geese were having lots of fun in the water the other day flapping their wings, splashing around, and doing some impressive somersaulting. If I attempted to do a somersault (even on a solid surface) I would end up breaking a patella or a table lamp or something! Watch them flip over on their backs and kick their legs in the air with their heads under water!

If you don’t feel like watching the whole one-minute video, or in case you’re overwhelmed by all the random flapping and splashing, here’s the specific time and location of all the somersaults:

0:06 (right)
0:15 (center)
0:19 (center)
0:21 (right)
0:24 (right)
0:38 (left)
0:48 (center)
0:54 (left)


  1. says

    Aw, that’s my favorite cookie recipe ever! I love the idea of adding marshmallows to it. I’m pretty sure that I still have some Dandies in my cupboard that were in the Vida Vegan Con swag bag. I wonder if they’re still fresh… Yours look so perfectly melty in your cookies!

    What a fun video! It’s so cute how they all took turns splashing.

    • says

      Oh no! I’ve heard that if you let vegan marshmallows expire, then the vegan police will revoke your vegan membership card! Hurry! Eat’em! :P

  2. says

    I love Dreena’s chocolate chip cookies, and I love what you’ve done for them!
    Sadly I have never been able to find maple extract here, and even when I visit the US I have kept an eye out for it and never been able to find it. I was even in Canada and couldn’t find it! Come to me maple extract!!

  3. says

    Your cookies are so gooey and sticky I think I’d have to eat them all — and lick my fingers. I might have to traipse over to the vegan store and get a bag of Dandies. Wait, do you not have a vegan store that sells Dandies?

    The geese must be practicing for a water show.

    • says

      Our nearest Whole Foods is about 30 minutes from here so we only go there once every couple of months or so, and every time we go we bring our trusty little cooler and fill it with all the yummy vegan foods we can find in our area, plus all the special non-refrigerated vegan foods that are absolutely necessary – like marshmallows! :)

    • says

      Mwahaha! Unfortunately I used up all my marshmallows and I didn’t get to make the peanut butter s’more blondies. I’ll just have to pick up another bag next time we go down to Whole Foods! :)

  4. says

    YES they look ridiculously awesome. I love that recipe of dreena’s, it’s my go-to choc chip cookie recipe. I approve of the addition of marshmallows.

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