Happy Holidays (and Anise Cookies!)

Happy Holidays to everyone who is celebrating today! Even if you’re not celebrating anything, I hope you have a happy regular Wednesday! :)

(Andrea, avert your eyes now! Anise alert!)

Mr. Wing-It's Anise Cookies 
Mr. Wing-It’s favorite Christmas cookie is anything with anise, but I had never been able to make a cookie that had enough anise flavor – until yesterday. I found the best recipe for Pine Nut and Anise Cookies at C’est La Vegan, and now the search for the perfect anise cookie is over! The flavor is strong enough but not overwhelming, and the crumb is soft and delicate. The recipe calls for aniseed AND anise extract, and that’s how you make a good anise cookie with lots of flavor! I skipped the pine nuts because Mr. Wing-It is not a fan. I came *this close* to throwing some chopped pistachios in there, but they were not shelled and I didn’t feel like being a nutcracker. As you can see I gave mine a quick little broiling because that’s just what I do. 

And now a holiday message from your neighborhood duckies! Happy feasting!

Quacky Holidays!


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    Happy All-Holidays to you! I did in fact have to avert my eyes and skip to the ducks, but they were so jolly I made a quick recovery and am all happy again! Hope 2014 is super special for you!

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      I nearly missed your comment! Have you ever tried to eat something with anise and then immediately look at a jolly duck? Maybe that’s the secret to enjoying anise, you know, for people who wouldn’t normally like it. Maybe it’s like an anise antidote! You’re welcome anise-haters. You’re welcome.

      I hope you have a super special 2014 too! :)

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      I’m getting better at 5-spice powder — it doesn’t make me throw up anymore. That’s a good sign, right? I once was eating flatbreads in a re-created mining town in Australia, and feeling kind of agitated by the taste — couldn’t quite place it, when all of a sudden I realized the seeds embedded in the bread were anise seeds. I was horrified, but willed myself not to throw up since there were so many people around. Maybe a cute duck would have helped.

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      Nice! It’s a start. First five spice powder and then, eventually, strong anise cookies! :P

      Australia owes you an apology! How nice of you not to throw up in front of everyone though. Maybe you should start carrying a duck around in your purse in case of anise-emergencies :)

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    Oooh, thanks for the recipe tip. I’m gonna bookmark it. I love anise in baked goods. I think it comes from the time I spent in Italy, where Anise is a very popular flavor. Happy Holidays!

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      Very underappreciated! Mr. Wing-It is anise’s biggest fan, but I’m a horrible wife and only bake anise cookies a couple of times a year. Shame on me.

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    Pine nuts and anise in cookies?! That sounds amazing! The first time I ever made cookies with anise was for some world history project I had on Greece. I think. I’m not sure. It was some country that had a traditional cookie with anise in it. And it was so delish! And I totally forgot about that till now. Off to the kitchen to bake with anise!

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    I am yet to make an anise cookie. I always get confused with the extract. I can only find aniseed extract, and Google tells me they are the same, but then I get worried that I am going to make something awful. LOL

    Speaking of extracts – I finally found some maple extract. :D

    Merry Christmas. :)

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      Yay for maple extract! What will you make first? Aniseed extract sure sounds like it would work. Now you’re going to turn into an extract monster and you won’t be able to stop until you have all the extracts! :P

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      Oh no, I think now you might become the crazy extract-lady of your neighborhood! Like a crazy cat-lady but with extracts :D

      I got that book for Christmas! Maybe I’ll have to make those too.

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