Juicy Lucy Burger with Caramelized Onions

Oh yeah. Juicy Lucy, Jucy Lucy, whatever you want to call it – this happened today…

Juicy Lucy Bean Burger 
Uh huh. As good as it looks. So let me break it down for you quickly because I know you want to go make your own Juicy Lucy Burger right now:

♦ The burger bun is, of course, Maggie’s Newfoundland Bread shaped into buns instead of a big loaf.
♦ The bean patty is Dreena Burton’s Mediterranean Bean Burgers.
♦ The cheese inside the patty is Coconut Milk Cheddar.
♦ The cheese melted on top is a Go Veggie rice cheddar slice.
♦ It’s all topped with sweet caramelized onions, green onions, and pimientos. 

Juicy Lucy Bean Burger

(Edit: in case you’ve never heard of a “Jucy Lucy” burger, here’s the all-knowing wikipedia with all the juicy deets about the original beef-based burger)

You wanna make your own Juicy Lucy burger? Copycat! All you need is your favorite burger recipe and your favorite cheese, plus whatever toppings you want. I stuffed my patty with coconut milk cheddar because I *heart* it, but if you want a more traditional tasting cheese you can use Daiya or whatever floats your boat. Here’s how you stuff it:

Juicy Lucy Bean Burger
Rocket science, no? Dreena’s Mediterranean Bean Burgers are SO flavorful! They are kidney bean patties flavored with garlic, parsley, oregano, green onions, red bell peppers, olives. I used pimientos instead of fresh bell pepper and I skipped the olives because I can’t stand those evil little things. I’m pretty sure they are the devil’s droppings. 
Remember a few weeks ago I told you that Jenn was giving away the official-unofficial Vida Vegan Cookbooklette, illustrated by the insanely talented Ms. Amey Mathews? I won it! All the recipes inside my cookbooklette are signed by the authors, because Jenn chased them all down and asked for their autographs. So now I have my very own special copy of the Vida Vegan Cookbooklette and I get to keep a little piece of the event – that’s as close as this anti-social introvert is ever going to get to such a massive gathering of people. Anyway, that’s where the Mediterranean Bean Burgers recipe came from, but you can also find it on Dreena Burton’s blog.
That’s a lot of linkage. Let’s take a big gooey, cheesy bite! 
Juicy Lucy Bean Burger 
Yeah, baby! But don’t take my word for it. Let’s ask a random dog what he thinks of this Juicy Lucy Burger…
Happy Face!
One out of one pup approves!

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  1. says

    Hot damn woman, you’ve done it again with your epic creations! I’m all about the stuff stuffed inside other stuff but it’s those caramelized onions that’s got me drooling all over my keyboard. In the words of Joey Lawrence “Whoa!”

    • says

      The Joey Lawrence “whoa” is the best whoa! So high pitched and dorky! :D

      Caramelized onions are the bomb! I feel like I defiled this oil-free recipe by piling up a pound of oily caramelized onions on top. I regret nothing!

  2. says

    That looks RIDICULOUS!!!!! I need that in my life. Vegan cheese stuffed cheeseburger!! I’m also impressed that you got Go Veggie rice slices to melt so well. Mine never melt.

    • says

      Am I a master cheese melter or what? :P

      OK, I’m not really a master cheese melter. I just stick a slice of rice cheese on top of the patty as soon as I flip it over, and then immediately cover the skillet with a large glass lid. It works like a charm every time!

  3. says

    omg, can I come to your house for dinner cuz that looks amazing!

    AND, tiny dog!!! I fell in love with a couple of tiny dogs on holiday and I keep trying to convince my dad that Jazzy would be find if I got a Chihuahua. My efforts are not working yet!

    • says

      Come on over! I’ll save you a burger and some fries :)

      I hope you can convince your dad to get a puppy friend for Jazzy! My mother in law’s chihuahua is a pretty chill dog compared to most hyper chihuahuas. He would probably get along with a cat just fine!

  4. says

    Whoa… That is one amazing looking burger. I think I need to crack open my own VVC cookbooklette. I love your idea for stuffing the burger first. Genius.

  5. says

    Any time I see the words juicy and burger together, I’m in. It’s so hard to make a veggie burger juicy. But, hey, I have that cookbooklet, so now I know just what to do.

    • says

      Stuffing them with something cheesy or saucy sure helps! Now I’m wondering if that yummy cheesy cauliflower sauce can be made a little thicker and then stuffed into a burger. Hmm. It might be too runny. Maybe freezing it first? I’m going to try it!

    • says

      He’s such a little cutie! Whenever we puppysit him he looks incredibly miserable (he misses his mom) all the time, except for when we whip out a treat and then he’s all smiles :)

  6. says

    Awesome! I also love Dreena’s burgers, but never thought of stuffing them. I’m thinking some kinda feta flavorings would go really well to keep the Mediterranean theme…but then I’d want to ditch the onions. Hmmm….sacrifices!

    • says

      Oh, the sacrifices! :)

      Feta flavorings would definitely be a perfect pairing for these. Awesome idea! Now I’m thinking about stuffing ALL my burgers with either some sort of cheese or onions or something. Otherwise they will just seem so boring :)

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