Peanut Butter Chubby Hubby Truffles

Ouch! Guess how I injured my neck a couple of days ago? Go ahead, take your best guess. Nope. I injured it while I was sleeping. Last Tuesday I woke up with a stiff painful neck and it left me immobilized for the whole day. Yesterday and today have been better, but Tuesday was a doozie! My neck hurt so much that I had to skip my workout, so yesterday when my neck was feeling a little better (but still too painful to exercise) I thought it would be a great idea to make something called Chubby Hubby Truffles. Swapping a workout for Chubby Hubby Truffles – awesome!

Chubby Hubby Truffles
Yep. They’re as good as they look! Even tastier than then look, actually. This recipe comes via Brown Eyed Baker, and it’s another one of those recipes that are super easy to veganize. The truffles are made with peanut butter, pretzels, sugar, and a little bit of butter which is easily replaced with Earth Balance or which ever vegan butter you love the most. The truffles are dipped in melted semisweet chocolate and then drizzled with melted peanut butter and sprinkled with pretzel pieces. Beautiful, delicious, and very easy to make!

Chubby Hubby Truffles
They actually aren’t as gooey and soft as the look here, but I am not very good at being patient around chocolate and peanut-buttery treats, so I didn’t let them set in the fridge long enough for them to really firm up. The next picture, even though it’s a little fuzzy, shows what they look like after they have been properly chilled.
Chubby Hubby Truffles
All wheated out for the week, I used Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Twists which worked like a charm. I was a little worried that the peanut butter would soften the gluten-free crunchy pretzel pieces overnight, but the truffles were just as crunchy on the second day. On the third day… ha! There was no third day! They didn’t make it that long! After I ate the last truffle, I actually scraped the wax paper with a spatula and ate the peanut butter drippings and straggler pretzel bits. Hey, at least I didn’t lick it clean which was my first instinct! Thanks for sharing the recipe, Michelle!

Chubby Hubby Truffles with Glutino Pretzels

Chubby Hubby Truffles with Glutino Pretzels
Nutritional Info for Glutino Pretzel Twists

Let’s see if you can spot what today’s cute creature is missing…

Cap'n No Tail
It’s Cap’n No Tail!


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    Boo to injuries! Hope things are feeling a bit better now. I’m all for delicious food when I’m feeling crappy and those things are my perfect trufflle! I think I’d prefer them all gooey like in the first picture, nom.

    • says

      My neck is feeling better, thank you! They really were delicious when they were gooey and they were delicious when they were nice and firm. The scraps that I licked… ahem… scraped off the wax paper were just as awesome too! :)

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    Sorry to hear about your neck. I just hate when things like that happen for no apparent reason. (Not that I like when they happen for a reason that can be identified. But at least it makes sense.) But at least you managed to distract yourself with what looks like a fine treat. better than fine. More like a “must make!” Who really ate more truffles, you or your hubby?

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      Poor Mr. Wing-It was only able to eat a few because I kept making trips to the kitchen to eat “just one more” until they were all gone. I regret nothing! ;)

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      I didn’t even want to calculate how many calories they have – I just kept popping them in my mouth bissfully oblivious of the calories! :)

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    Oh no! I hope your neck heals as soon as possible. I was going to make a neck joke related to Vampire Diaries, but I don’t want to make light of the situation (although I know you’d appreciate a good V.D. reference).

    THOSE TRUFFLES!!! Perfection. Love the flavor combination.

    Cute, tail-less duck.

    • says

      OK, now I REALLY want to know what that joke was! :D

      Peanut butter and chocolate are such a classic combo – throw in some pretzel pieces and it’s all too delicious!

    • says

      Yep. I’m impressive like that. I once injured my back sneezing! It wasn’t even a very violent sneeze, but I still managed to pull something back there and it left me injured for a few days.

      Maybe that’s my thing? You know, some people are good at sports, others are good with numbers, and I am good at injuring myself without even trying :)

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    Omg. These look so good. Thanks for the link! I will be making these ASAP. Glad you are feeling better. I’ve woken up like that before and it is no bueno. On the bright side, truffles instead of working out sounds awesome!

    • says

      You guys will love them – they are amazing! No bueno indeed. At least there was only one day of complete misery. Yesterday and today my neck has been in a bit of pain, but it’s nothing compared to Tuesday’s pain from hell! :)

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