Lazy MoFo Enchiladas

This a post I had been saving in case I ran out of mofoness. That day has come, so here is a lame post featuring what a typical dinner looks like around here. Mr. Wing-It and I have quite disparate tastes when it comes to food, so it’s not unusual for me to end up making two dishes for dinner, or one dish but with different components for each of us. These enchiladas are a perfect example of one of our dinners:

Enchiladas for Two

Mr. Wing-It’s flour tortilla enchiladas are filled with faux beef crumbles, refried beans, and salsa. My corn tortilla enchiladas are filled with sautéed onion and zucchini, salsa, and coconut milk cheddar. I like my refried beans on the side. Homemade enchilada sauce is the best, but when I already need to make two different enchilada fillings I usually turn to Frontera Red Chile Enchilada Sauce.
Frontera Enchilada Sauce 
Frontera Enchilada Sauce 
Frontera Enchilada Sauce

It’s delicious and extremely convenient for those nights when I don’t feel like making my own sauce. It’s not super hot, just mildly spicy, but it is pretty salty so I always undersalt the rest of the ingredients to balance things out. I do wish there was a bit more sauce in there because I like a very saucy enchilada and this pouch doesn’t really have enough product to achieve super sauciness. Check out my plate all dressed up with gooey cheesy goodness, guacamole, and my beans on the side!
Cheesy Enchiladas

Today’s daily dose of cute is this excited pup who is obviously over the moon about the arrival of fall! (unfortunately this is not my pup)
Vegan MoFo


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    I’ve noticed this sauce before but never tried it. Thanks for the heads up! Plus, as luck would have it, I just made a big batch of refried beans. Score!

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      I made enchiladas with this sauce again last night! It’s so convenient! Really salty though – I hope you undersalted to your refried beans! :)

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    Your dinner looks yummy! Makes me hungry. I’d forgotten about the cheddar. I had always meant to try it and it just slipped my mind. I will make it this week! Yum!

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      I love that cheddar! There’s a tiny sliver left in the fridge so I need to make some before I run out or I’ll be crying. I hope you love it too if you try it!

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    holy moly. what a great post! i haven’t had enchiladas in soooo long. I wonder why? Maybe post-mofo I will make some! I’ve heard great things about the Frontera line, but I’ve never tried any of their products. Next time I see some in the store, I’ll get some to try out. Also, isn’t that dog video just about the best thing EVER???? Dogs are good.

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      I think you’re due for a nice enchilada then! There are some Frontera sauces that aren’t vegan, but this one is for sure.

      Dogs are awesome! I don’t believe there is another species of animal (including humans) that can get as excited as a dog over anything.

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    Here we are, commenting on each other’s blogs at the same time again. I was just about to start typing when your comment popped up.

    Every time I see you coconut cheese I want to make it and then I forget. That’s got to change. So you make enchiladas with beans on the side? Are you allowed to do that? (just kidding) I’ve never seen that particular sauce but I love Rick Bayless, and sometimes make the sauces from his cookbook, so I should look for his bag o’ sauce.

    I’ve seen that video and I love watching the dog run through the leaves. What a gleeful pup!

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      Ha! How do we do that? Freaky! I was just about to go take a shower but decided to read a few blogs first – freaky timing!

      That coconut milk cheese is so yummy! I don’t mind the mild coconut flavor that mingles with the other seasonings in the cheese. Actually, I love it!

      My beans are on the side because I am a rebel! OK, not really. I started eating my beans on the side to mimic those Amy’s enchiladas that come with a little rice and some refried beans on the side. Blame my bean rebellion on Amy’s!

      Rick Bayless is such a cool dude. I love his PBS show!

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    I need to think about doing this more often! We have so much trouble compromising on what to make for dinner and this sounds like a great way to meet both our needs.

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      It really works! This way nobody needs to eat anything they don’t want. I’m not a big fan of those faux ground beefy things, and Mr. Wing-It would rather eat his own foot before taking one tiny bite of zucchini! :)

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    Dude, you did different dinners in one casserole dish. That’s amazing. Like, really really amazing. !! (Is Mr. Wing-it vegan too? Just curious!) I also love that you can buy enchilada sauce in a pouch–genius!

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      It’s a very convenient sauce! Sometimes I just don’t feel like making a few different fillings PLUS the sauce, so the pre-made stuff really comes in handy.

      Mr. Wing-It went vegan with me back in 2003. He tried meat a couple of times during the past decade but he didn’t care for it anymore and it didn’t really agree with him. I would never judge him if he decided to go back to meat at some point. Who am I to judge anybody? :)

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    Yum, those enchiladas look fantastic and I know that coconut cheese would be just perfect inside! I like that you guys can share this meal with your own variations, I like when I can do this with Chris, too!

    And that dog – OH MY GOODNESS! He has so much excitement!!

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      It’s always nice to be able to make just one meal that we both enjoy. It’s kind of like pizza, we both like different toppings so it would be silly to make two identical pizzas with the same toppings. Right? Right! :)

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