Field Roast Frankfurters

Skeptical Squirrels: This is not a sponsored post, I have not received any complimentary products or coupons from Field Roast, and I have never even spoken with anybody from the company. Mmkay?

Do you like mock meats? I used to eat all sorts of them, but these days there is only one brand of vegan meatstuff that does it for me: Field Roast!

Field Roast Frankfurters
Mustard penmanship. Nailed it.

This post is all about their Frankfurters, which are the BOMB! Their sausages and roasts are awesome too, but the Franks kick any other vegan hot dog’s butt. They are chewy, thick, tasty, and soy-free! They are such a treat! Whenever we take a trip down to Whole Foods we grab a pack, and it’s hard not to eat frankfurters for lunch and dinner for three days straight until the whole pack of six is gone. But they do freeze well, if you do happen to be a more demure eater.
Field Roast Frankfurters
Field Roast Frankfurters
No soy!
Field Roast Frankfurters

Mr. Wing-It loves them too, and his favorite way to enjoy these Frankfurters is Chili Dog style. Mr. Wing-It is no ordinary man, and he eats no ordinary chili dog. His chili dogs consist of a bottom layer of chili, a hot dog bun filled with more chili, then hot dog on top, then more chili on top, and then melted rice cheese.
Mr. Wing It's Monster Chili Dog

They make nice little hot dog bites too! Perfect for a fun party. Unfortunately the following picture was taken at a sad party of one: me. ‘Tis the way of the antisocial introvert.
Hot Dog Bites (Field Roast Frankfurters)

Those buns, you ask? If you read my blog during Vegan MoFo last year, you might have guessed that the recipe I used is Maggie’s Homemade Newfoundland White Bread! So light and fluffy and perfect! It is the only recipe for white bread I will ever need. The recipe yields twelve hot dogs, in case you were wondering. I just divided the dough into twelve pieces (after the first rise) and shaped each piece into a log. I placed them on a baking pan fairly closed together so they would stick together as they rose. They baked for about 18 minutes at 425 degrees F, and I brushed a bit of Earth Balance on top as soon as they came out of the oven, which kept them nice and soft. Let’s watch me pull them apart…
Fluffy Hot Dog Buns
Perfection! Thanks, Maggie! 

I cannot recommend these Frankfurters enough! If you haven’t tried them yet, and you live somewhere where you can get a hold of them, definitely check them out! My condolences if you have a gluten intolerance :(
Field Roast Frankfurters

Today’s daily dose of cute is… 
Mmm Field Roast Frankfurter!
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  1. says

    The Field Roast sausages are a staple in my son’s lunch since we decided to adopt a plant strong diet 5 months ago. Just this morning he took the Italian sausage with eggplant on bowtie pasta drizzled with olive oil and dusted with garlic powder. I ever remembered to pack him breath freshening chewing gum for after lunch…because that is important when you are a freshman in high school!

    • says

      Your son’s lunch probably puts everybody else’s lunch to shame, Tammy! It sounds absolutely delicious! You thought of everything – can’t send him to school with vampire-killing breath! :)

    • says

      I can’t recommend this bread enough! Yes to gourmet hot dogs! Sometimes Mr. Wing-It and I make a “hot dog bar” with lots of different toppings and we each get to load our hot dogs with whatever we want :)

    • says

      Maybe THAT’S my skill! You know how we’re all supposed to have something we’re really good at? Maybe my think is mustard writing! Surely I can make a profit out of this useful skill…

  2. says

    Your mustard penmanship is impressive! I’ve never had any of the packaged hot dogs because I was diagnosed w/gluten & soy allergies before going vegan. But, I’m on a mission to try to make some soon. Your post just encouraged me along. Those hot dog bites are adorable.

  3. says

    Your mustard penmanship is impressive! I’ve never had any of the packaged hot dogs because I was diagnosed w/gluten & soy allergies before going vegan. But, I’m on a mission to try to make some soon. Your post just encouraged me along. Those hot dog bites are adorable.

    • says

      They are! It’s too bad we can’t have an international online vegan store where we all could buy vegan food from anywhere in the world (even cold stuff!) without having to get a bank loan to pay for international shipping charges.

  4. says

    Damn dude, you make that bread recipe look better then I ever could! Those buns look amazing.
    Field Roast Frankferters are the best! But the only way to eat them is piled high with sauerkraut, nom!

  5. says

    River, I am really impressed with your mustard writing skills! I have never been a mockmeat fan, but I feel like I might have to give these a try. The too meaty texture just really freaks me out.

    • says

      Just call me Captain Mustard! :D

      These are very chewy, so maybe they might be too meaty for you? I don’t find them meaty in the same way as those Boca and Morning Star Farms patties, but they are super chewy. I hope you love them too if you decide to try them!

  6. says

    yes! Those little devils are THE BEST!! I am totally in love with them. I like all the Field Roast products, but I must say – these are my tops. I love your fancy mustard writing – very well done! And, also, I am totally impressed with your homemade buns. Taking veggie dogs to the next level, River!! :)

    • says

      Field Roast Frankfurters lovers of the world unite! They really are the best!

      The homemade buns are amazing! Truly exceptional. It’s hard to find good fluffy vegan hot dog and burger buns, so I’m glad I have Maggie’s recipe to rely on.

  7. says

    I just found out you’re BAAAAACK courtesy of Pinterest! Yay!!! Now I have 10 days of River MoFo posts to go through already–wahoo!! So glad you’re giving it a go again this year, River. I was just admiring my adorable little Mr. Turkey as we approach Canadian Thanksgiving, in fact! :D Welcome back and can’t wait to see what else you cook up over the next 20 days!

    • says

      Hi Ricki!! Yep, I almost didn’t play this year but it’s MoFo, so I made myself find the energy for it!

      Aww, Mr. Turkey! How’s he doing? Is he behaving himself? Hopefully he’s not teasing the girls? :)

    • says

      Maybe some day they will offer their products in the UK! Fingers crossed! I’m sure there would be plenty of demand, if they could figure out the logistics and whatnot.

      How kind of you to compliment my mustardy penmanship. Thank you! :D

  8. says

    Darn gluten — it’s such a bother. The field roast factory isn’t that far from my house — in fact, we passed it the other day on our way to a dinner/talk. And I’ve eaten field roast sliders at Seattle Vegfest. My husband loves the hotdogs and sausages, and I believe there is a package in our refrigerator as I type — sometimes when I wake up in the morning I can smell one cooking. Oh well. I think you’re right. Field Roast is the best vegan meat.

  9. says

    I love Field Roast, but can you believe I’ve never tried the Frankfurters???? I know! Not sure what I’m waiting for.

    P.S. Mr. Wing It is a genius cause that chili dog looks damn perfect.

    • says

      Oh, you must! They really are the BOMB diggity bomb bomb!

      I’ll tell Mr. Wing-It you said that. He thinks YOU are a genius because you created the best BBQ sauce ever. No joke!

  10. says

    holy shit yeah, look at that chilli dog!! Gimme.

    I think Jojo bought some field roast sausages back from one of her trips to the US and we barbecued them on my birthday last year. And they were damn good. I don’t think they were frankfurters but Jojo might correct me on that!

  11. says

    Agreed! These frankfurters are the best. No other veggie dog compares. I loooove Mr. Wing-It’s chili dog stylings! That’s my kind of chili dog for sure. I usually just pour chili over it generously, but I like his multi-layered approach.

    The frankfurters are about $7 at our Co-op, and so I don’t buy them very often. However, whenever we serve them at cookouts, they’re always a big hit!

    • says

      It’s sort of like a chili dog casserole, isn’t it? He’s a man of many layers! :D

      Yep, they’re certainly not cheap. If they were I would probably eat them way too often!

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