Video: Making Strawberry Santa Hats

Oh, I think I’m going to be throwing Strawberry Santa Hats at you all the way through Christmas! I can’t help it! There is a small window of opportunity to make these little treats! This time I made you a short video showing how to decorate the Santa Hats. The video shows four different methods to decorate them: two methods using special tools, and two methods that don’t require any fancy equipment.

Strawberry Santa Hats
From easiest to most involved, I think they all have their own festive charm!

The four methods from bottom to top (because I am always a little bit backwards):

✓ The fanciest method, which is the one I used for the Santa Hats I made last Monday, requires a piping bag, an open-star decorating tip, and a coupler. It consists of a short-shell buttercream border all around the bottom of the strawberry, finished with a pretty pompom on top. It might take some practice if you have never made a shell border before, but it’s quick and easy when you get the hang of it.

✓ The second method also requires a piping bag, an open star decorating tip, and a coupler. Simply make a straight buttercream border all around the bottom of the strawberry, taking breaks to turn it around as you keep decorating it. It’s super easy and it still looks quite fancy!

✓ Then there is the third method, which I think looks very nice even though it’s done with a ziploc bag or parchment paper cone instead of all the fancy tools used for the previous methods. Just snip a little corner off a ziploc bag, fill it with your favorite non-dairy buttercream, and draw a circle on top of the surface where your Strawberry Santa Hat will sit. The circle should be larger than the base of the strawberry. Place the berry on top, give it a pompom and call it a day!

✓ The final and easiest method, which doesn’t require any decorating tools at all, is to simply dip the strawberries in buttercream. First the tip where the pompom should be, and then the base. The buttercream should be quite softened for it to easily stick to the strawberry. Just let it sit at room temperature for a couple of minutes until it has the consistency of whipped cream. Or you could just skip the buttercream and use coconut milk whipped cream! I might make yet another video with Strawberry Santa Hats hand-dipped in coconut whipped cream.

Enough yada yada! Let’s watch the video!

I hope you enjoyed this very homemade video! Will you be making Strawberry Santa Hats this holiday season? :)


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    I LOVE THIS!!!! So cute and whimsical – makes the process of the dessert even more fun :)

    I’m just now catching up on your most recent posts. Please forgive me – they’ve been worth the wait though.

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