From Boring Soup to Zingy Enchilada Sauce

Leftover soup is one of my least favorite things to eat. A few days ago I made a vegetable soup for dinner with all the veggies that needed to be used up: onion, garlic, carrots, beets, potatoes, one mushy tomato, and also some cannellini beans. The soup was mildly flavored and it didn’t have any super pungent spices or herbs, which gave me lots of recycling possibilities!

Leftover Soup for Enchilada Sauce
In the Blendtec, ready for recycling.

The formerly boring soup became a zingy enchilada sauce! I’ve seen something similar made with store-bought tomato soup, but this is super extra frugal. I blended the soup until smooth, added a little bit of tomato sauce, plenty of paprika (for color), and a lot of taco seasoning until I was pleased with the taste and spiciness. I assembled the enchiladas, baked them at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes, added the cheesiness and baked for a few more minutes – done!

Leftover Soup Enchilada Sauce

The filling was a wing-it spicy black bean and mushroom concoction, and the gooey cheese on top is that dreamy coconut milk cheddar that I’ve mentioned again and again… and again. With a little cashew sour cream and some fresh minced chives, we ended up with some pretty fabulous enchiladas! I’m already having lots of fun with the Wing It, Don’t Fling It challenge! Go leftovers! :D

This is not the most festive post to publish the day before Thanksgiving, is it? Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating!


Happy Thanksgiving!


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    I always do my best to eat all my leftovers, but I’ll be damned if I’m not completely sick of them when I’m nearing the end. This is so creative! The next time I have leftovers, I’m just going to email you and ask you to come up with something, lol.

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    This is so smart! I’ve made soup every week, and I always get bored by the end of the batch, but I never thought to completely change it into something else. You so smaht.

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    LOVE the sound of this dish! I never would have thought to turn pureed soup into sauce. . . such a great idea. I would definitely wing it, not fling it!! :D

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      I was worried because the soup had russet potatoes in it, and russets can be pretty grainy in a sauce, but it worked out just fine. I’ve seen something similar made with store-bought tomato soup, but that’s not quite as frugal as leftover vegetable soup!

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    Oooo Ahhh. I happen to love leftover soup but clearly your leftovers underwent a magic transformation that far surpassed the original. I sure wish I had some leftover soup to play with.

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