Homemade Date Syrup (No Sugar Added)

Do I have some sweet, syrupy goodness for you today! Do you have some dates? Do you have any water? Good – then go make some date syrup!

Date Syrup
Drool is pouring out of my mouth in this same manner.

Good lawrd. This stuff is where it’s AT, people! Grammar be damned! It’s such a simple concept, yet so unbelievably delicious! You simply simmer dates and water together until the dates are very mushy, then strain them using a cheesecloth, and then simmer the “date water” until it thickens. Done! Holy mother of all that is good and pure! I found this one on the youtubes, and you should watch the video for more details. Now. Go!

Date Syrup
Bow chicka wow wow!

My date watered (after straining) simmered for about 30 minutes before it thickened a little, but it didn’t thick much at all while it was cooking. It did however darken quite a bit, and that’s when I figured it was done. Let it get quite dark or it won’t thicken enough in the fridge. I only got maybe 1/2 cup of syrup form this recipe, and I can already tell that next time I will double it. Want more! What to do with the icky looking “date meat” that is left behind?

Meaty dates

Make date truffles! No recipe for this one – they are wing-it truffles. Date meat + cocoa powder + coconut flour + vanilla extract = nom nom nom nom nom…

Date Truffles
Hello, truffles!

Date Truffles
I like a soft truffle.

Synchronized Goosing
Synchronized Goosing


  1. says

    I would never think to make this but I always have a stash of dates in the freezer, so I could try it out. It looks so glossy and sweet! And I love that you found a use for the flesh, too.

    LOVE the geese, I bet they want to show Curly up!

    • says

      Isn’t it amazing the things we can find on the internet? I never would have come up with it myself either! Sometimes the internet gets on my nerves, but then it gives me sweet date syrup and it’s all water under the bridge!

      The geese are quite funny. The funniest thing about them is the way they walk so very slowly. If there is a hawk flying by and all the ducks get spooked and fly away, the geese will nonchalantly walk away in slow motion like they don’t care – but you can see the freaked out look in their eyes! :P

  2. says

    I agree with Amey — industrious. I have a jar of date syrup sitting in the back of a cupboard — it’s been there a long time. I wonder if it has a long shelf life.

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