Coconut-Kissed Almond Date Truffles

What do you do when you are craving something sweet but you have eaten way too many peanut butter squares? You make Anja’s Coconut-Kissed Almond Date Truffles, of course!

Coconut-Kissed Almond Date Truffles

These are so sweet and tasty and easy to pop in your mouth one after the other! Anja is right, there is no need for additional flavorings because they are naturally delicious as they are – just almonds, dates, and coconut. Simply perfect! They come together in minutes, so if you’re not doing anything right now I suggest you go whip up some precious truffles! :)

Coconut-Kissed Almond Date Truffles

Speaking of dates…

Deodorant check!
Curly does a  quick deodorant-check before a hot date with a silly goose.


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      Absolutely! I am so glad you are enjoying the photos! Ducks are not as popular as kittens and puppies, but I really think they deserve a place of worship on the interwebs. Thanks so much for the feedback – I will definitely keep the ducks and geese coming after MoFo is over! :)

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    You make the simplest foods look so darn good. I love almond and date balls — don’t ya think they would look great on the Thanksgiving table for dessert?

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