Beet Sliders with Coconut Milk Cheddar

Warning: Contents are dangerously delicious!

Today, I intend to reduce your IQ by an average of 100 points simply by showing you this PPK beauty:

PPK Beet Slider
Beet slider!

Quick – what’s 2+2? You don’t know because 99% of your brain cells are busy begging you to make that burger! Look at the color! It’s so beautiful and enticing! These are the PPK’s Quarter Pounder Beet Burgers, but made as (six) tiny little sliders. They are so forkin’ good! I was skeptical of the ground fennel seed, but I trusted Isa and followed the recipe meticulously. The fennel seeds add a whole new level of flavor and they compliment the beets perfectly. I’m glad I didn’t skip’em! The recipe calls for dry mustard, and I used half regular dry mustard and half kickass Colman’s mustard powder. Yeah, baby! The cheesy stuff?

PPK Beet Slider
Moderation is for the weak.

That is a whole lot of coconut milk cheddar. It was so good on top of the little sliders. I covered the skillet with a lid to help it melt. Let’s take a bite!

PPK Beet Slider
Cannot brain. Must eat!

PPK Beet Slider

You want to know what recipe I used for those pillowy, fluffy little buns? I’ll tell you… tomorrow! Mwahahaha! Mwahahahahaha! *cough cough*

My entertainment recommendation of the day is not a Netflix find… it’s a Vegan Eats & Treats special! Amey shared a video of her three little doggies doing some very impressive tricks. You can clearly see all the love that these sweet pups are showered with. Prepare your face for an ear-to-ear grin! Now I shall leave you with a few pictures of our duck buddies shaking off some excess water…

Curly floofed up
Shake it, Curly!

Duck tornado!
Clear the area! It’s gonna blow!

Fairy duck shakes off her fairy dust
Water drops or fairy dust… fairy duck dust… fairy duckst!

Shake it off!


  1. Anonymous says

    Hey there, I wanted to tell you I made these burgers today and they were AWESOME. My family isn’t vegan…probably closer to paleo because of dairy/nut/egg/gluten allergies. But eating meat every meal gets really old (and expensive) and I came looking for a good non-meat dish. I had all the ingredients (or close enough) so I made a batch. Then I made 3 more batches and am currently frying them up in avocado oil and will freeze for lunches. I just didn’t have the fennel seeds, but you would never know. Also, the second batch I added Worcestershire sauce which I REALLY liked. Also, I used crushed rice chex cereal instead of the wheat crumbs, and I whipped up some sunflower butter to use which worked just perfectly. I grew up eating a lot of veggie burgers (pescatarian family) but I haven’t been able to buy most because of the gluten or soy (allergies again). So these worked with all those food restrictions. I’m looking forward to making the cheese, but I want to wait until I get some agar powder. Thanks again!

    • says

      I’m so sorry your comment was stuck in the spam folder! I have now turned off comment moderation so it doesn’t happen again. Spam is annoying, but legit comments getting stuck in the spam folder is even worse!

      Aren’t these burgers amazing? I love them so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed them too – even without the fennel seeds! I recently discovered that they are really good with caramelized onions on top too. Ridiculously good! And they make delicious little individual “beetloaves” as well.

      Nice to know they worked with the sunflower butter and rice cereal too. Next time I blog about these I’ll let people know that you have successfully made these with those substitutions. I know all the gluten-free and soy-free beet lovers will be thrilled! :)

      I hope you like the cheese too if you can try it!

  2. says

    How did I not know about these burger patties? I’ve been neglecting the PPK, that’s how!

    I love that these are brown rice-based and include beets. I am going to have to make these like now!

    And your photos of the ducks shaking are amazing!

    • says

      Bad Mandee! :D

      I know! They are pretty wholesome and tasty at the same time. Winning combo!

      I love it when the ducks do that. It all starts with them shaking their tail feathers for a couple of seconds, so I always know when they’re going to do it. The shaking of the tail feathers usually means that one of two things is going to happen: shaking off the excess water or flapping of the wings. I should do a wing-flapping post next! :)

  3. says

    I’m not even a beet fan but I want the burgers. Want them. But there’s no way I can add fennel so there will have to be a sub in there. The cheese is on the list, too.

    I’m convinced you are a duck whisperer. :)

    • says

      You could, but they might make you appear in it (you know, as the whisperer) and that would blow your cover. (The photo is gone.) So, maybe a book of photos called The Duck Whisperer. I’ll be happy to write a review on Amazon. :)

    • says

      Excellent point! Maybe we could do a Milli Vanilli sort of thing. Someone else can pretend to be the Duck Whisperer while I actually do all the work. There – I get to be the Duck Whisperer and remain reclusive at the same time! :D

  4. says

    I’ve had those beet burgers bookmarked for a while. I’m glad I waited now as I really want to try them with this coconut milk cheddar. Your burger looks amazing with all of that melty cheese deliciousness.

  5. says

    Holy coconut melty cheddar! Now you’re 160% convinced me that I MUST make a batch ASAP! Not so won over by the beet burger thing…you know, because it involves…well…beets…but maybe? Maybe I’ll be adventurous one day :)

    As for the ducks, you shake it girls (and boys)!

    • says

      Yes! You must! If you ever decide to be adventurous and give beets another shot – this recipe would be a great choice! I don’t think it has a super strong beety flavor, but I like beets so I’m a bit biased. The fennel, thyme, onion, and garlic compliment the beets very nicely. I will try to make a little beetloaf with this recipe soon! :)


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