Teeccino Review – Win a Free Sample!

Why didn’t I try Teeccino before? Somebody slap me and put a dunce cap on my head! Yep. I found it. I found my favorite Fauxfee. Or Faux-Joe. Which one do you like better, Fauxfee or Faux-Joe?

The Teeccino elves were lurking around the blogs when they saw my previous review of Pero and Roastaroma, and they offered to send me some samples of their goods for me to try. I intended to buy a whole bag of Teeccino next time we took a trip down to Whole Foods, but testing a free sample first just in case I didn’t like it sounded like a good plan. Of course after trying and loving the sample, I had to buy a big 11 oz bag! Actually, I got a pack of three bags from Amazon for just over $7 each! Seven bucks! Score!

Teeccino goodies
The samples that I chose were the Maya French Roast (formerly Caffé) and the Mediterranean Java. The Java is a little bit sweet with a caroby flavor, and even though I thought it was yummy as a dessert or afternoon fauxfee, this review will be all about the awesome French Roast Teeccino which was my favorite.
Teeccino Dark Roast Fauxfee
Dude, this stuff is the bomb-diggity! I’m not going to tell you that it tastes just like coffee, because only coffee tastes just like coffee, but Teeccino French Roast has filled a void left by my precious Joe when we broke up.
The ingredients of Teeccino Maya French Roast are: Roasted organic carob, organic barley, organic chicory, organic ramon nuts, organic coffee flavor. Check out this page on Teeccino’s website for detailed info about all their ingredients.
Reasons why I’m in love with Teeccino French Roast:
  • First of all – you brew it in a coffee maker! Just like coffee! The ritual, people! The sacred morning ritual has been restored!
  • It’s not watery like a regular tea, I assumed it was because of the ramon nuts, but then I realized that the nuts are fat free. That Ramon dude sure sells some good nuts! :P
  • It tastes good! Even though nothing could ever taste exactly like coffee, this stuff is good enough to drink in my Luke’s mug. Oh yea, I said it! The Luke’s mug usage had been suspended since I quit coffee, because only coffee is worthy of it. Not anymore! Teeccino has now been granted access to the honorable Luke’s mug!
  • One bag will last me a loooong time. The first cup that I made was way too strong and bitter because I made it with one heaping teaspoon, so keep in mind that a little goes a long way. For me, a flat teaspoon is plenty for one cup of coffee… fauxfee!
Worthy of my Luke's mug!
Worthy of my Luke’s mug!
I also got to sample a little French Roast Tee-Bag, but instead of brewing it, it’s prepared just like tea. I can’t notice a difference in flavor between the brewable and the tea bag versions, but the little Tee-Bags sure come in handy when you’re in a hurry!
Teeccino Dark Roast Tee-Bag

OK, so now you want to try a sample too, don’t you? No problem! The Teeccino elves are going to send out a sample to 50 lucky people! Here’s the deal: (The giveaway is over, thank you for playing!)

  • If you want to try a sample of Teeccino, all you have to do is leave a comment here that starts with the word *WANT* The first 50 comments that begin with the word *WANT* will get a free sample. Comments that don’t start with the word *WANT* won’t be counted. I didn’t mean for that to sound all drill-sergeanty, it only means that if you don’t need a sample but you still want to say something, you can! :)
  • The fun is only available to US and Canadian residents. Sorry worldly people – you know I still wuv you!
  • Winners will be announced when we reach 50 *WANT* comments. I will not contact the winners directly, (fifty people, that’s too many!) instead I will post a list of winners on a new post – so come back and check to see if you made it!
  • To claim your free sample, you will have to email your address to the Teeccino folks and C.C it to me to avoid sneaky sneaks falsely claiming their fauxfee! I have trust issues.
  • The Teeccino French Roast samples available are: 25 Trial Packets of the brewable kind, and 25 Tee-Bags. The Teeccino folks will choose who gets what randomly.
Oh, you noticed those two chocolate cookies sitting prettily by my cup of Faux-Joe? Those are my yummy spelt chocolate-mint cookies that came all the way from Canada! Ricki sent me a box full of Canadian goodies because she’s cool and awesome like that! Don’t you love receiving goodies from your favorite blog buddies?
A box full of Canada!
Cookies! Chocolates! Cassava craquelins! Omnomnomnomnom! I can officially tell you that I am now addicted to cassava crackers! But I don’t ever want to say the word cracker again, from now on it’s craquelins! And look at that adorable embossed bar of soap! Everything came wrapped in beautiful kitchen towels! Isn’t that the most eco-friendly idea ever? Brilliant! Oh wait! Check these out:
Canada mittens!
Squeeee!! I love my Canada mittens! They are so warm and soft! Now if I ever visit Canada I can blend right in with the locals, right? Thank you, Ricki! You rock some serious socks! But you already know that! :)
UPDATE: We reached 50 *WANT* comments! Check to see if you won a free sample!


  1. says

    WANT!: I’m a poor college student trying to go cold turkey on the energy drinks. THis will be the perfect substitute during my exam period to pull all nighters!

  2. Kim says

    WANT. I’m really curious about this. I love a good cup of coffee, but I’m trying to keep my caffeine intake to a minimum.

  3. says

    WANT!! I’m looking for an alternative to coffee while I’m nursing!

  4. says

    :) I’m so glad that you liked Teeccino! We do love it. We’re in the midst of a blizzard and the libraries are closed. So I got to brew up some Teeccino and smile out at the falling whiteness. I’m glad to hear that the individual brew bags work well. I’ve been thinking about getting some of those for work.

    Oh Canada! We’re going this summer :)

  5. says

    I live over the seas, so no teeccino for me!

    I have a question though…

    I don’t like coffee. It actually makes me sick, so the smell and taste are not things I enjoy. Decaf is not an option. Would something like teeccino be OK as a substitue in coffee flavoured baked goods do you think? Or other coffee based drinks?

  6. says


    After saying that, I also can’t keep my mouth shut about the Luke’s mug. First, where did you get it?!?! I WANT! And also, Lorelai would be ashamed that you are drinking fauxfee (my fave new word, by the way) from it. Somehow, I can’t see her supporting that kind of thing.

  7. says

    WANT! And also, WANT!! I love Teeccino. I remember sampling it in a health food store over here and thinking, “Whoah! That stuff is great!” Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

    And I’m so glad you enjoyed the package. :D Our little Todd the Turkey is still hanging out over our fireplace and helping perk up the room (but out of reach of the Girls, obviously!). Okay, gotta go–time to eat some craquelins and watch la television! ;)

  8. baxtersmom396@ yahoo.com says

    I want to try Teeccino so much!! I have been looking for a good alternative to caffiene! Pick me, please..

  9. says

    WANT — definitely want to try Teeccino. I gave up coffee years ago, and STILL long for it .. as well as that RITUAL you talk about: the brewing, holding the hot mug, sniffing that coffee aroma, letting the steam fog your glasses … you know — all those rituals!

  10. AmyL says

    And thanks for making this possible – some days coffee makes me just plain jittery (though, oddly, sometimes it doesn’t – wish I could figure out why the difference!). This would be a GREAT alternative!

  11. Anonymous says

  12. says

    WANT!!! I get so sick when I drink caffeine and always feel left out when everyone at the office grabs their cups-o-Joe. Thanks for the offer!!

  13. maggie says

    WANT! sweeeeeeet. ive been wanting to kick my coffee habit for far tooo long.

    Omg i just punched myself in the stomach when i realized i posted my comment on another one of your blog posts. doh!

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