Vegan MoFo – Ricki’s Fudge Nut Clusters!

How to read this post:

1- Grab a bucket.
2- Place bucket on your lap.
3- Scroll down and read the rest of this post.
4- Drool profusely into bucket.
5- Put bucket down and wipe off any excess drool from your chin.
6- Go hug Ricki for sharing this obscenely amazing recipe.

Ricki's Fudge Nut Clusters

Ricki's Fudge Nut Clusters

It took me about 20 minutes to make these little clusters of heaven, so I figured I’d take my sweet time taking lots of pictures for my hungry readers. They are fudgy and nutty and chocolaty and dreamy! The recipe calls for cashew and macadamia butters, but I am a broke vegan and all I had was almond butter which worked wonderfully anyway. If they are *this* good with almond butter, I can’t imagine how friggin’ awesome they are with yummy macamadia… see I can’t even spell properly thinking about a batch of madacamia… macadamia nut butter based Fudge Nut Clusters! I did have a few macadamia nuts that I used for the nutty bits, along with almonds. Thanks for sharing yet another addictive recipe, Ricki! :)

Ricki's Fudge Nut Clusters
Fudge on death row. NEXT!
Ricki's Fudge Nut Clusters
Need a bigger bucket?

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    That looks incredible! I have almond butter, and hazelnut butter, but they are a big grainy (damn nut skins!), but I also have nice smooth cashew butter in the fridge…I wasn’t sure what to do with it…but I think I know it’s fate now!

    Your pictures made me *drool*.

    I’m off to hug Ricki!

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    I thought you were kidding about the bucket. And here I am with a lap full of drool. Note to self – listen to River next time. And make this fudge.

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    Wow, they look fudgy and chocolatey and like a treat I definitely deserve to make and then devour!

    I love that you are blogging recipes from other bloggers, sharing the blogger-love! :D I think I used the word blogger/blogging too many times!)

    And I love that you have a giant Cheshire cat grin when you see E.A.T World posts, it is a great challenge! Thanks for starting it!

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