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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vegan MoFo - The Stripey Cat's Beetloaf!

Thank you for your sweet comments about the Ellen Turkey! I'm so glad you guys could tell he was holding up a sign! :)

This Vegan MoFo has been so much fun already! And it's only day four! This was definitely the right approach for me, I don't have to come up with any recipes, you guys do all the work, my belleh is happy. It's a win-win-win. Here's something that made my belleh happy...

The Stripey Cat's Beetloaf
Doesn't it look festive with all the red and the green goods?

It's beetloaf! Yes! More beets! This dinner came courtesy of The Stripey Cat. Cutest blog name or what? This isn't a faux meatloaf, it's exactly what the name of recipe implies, a beetloaf! The loaf is soft and tasty, made with wholesome ingredients like ground nuts, tahini, herbs, and of course beets. Look at the color! Isn't it beautiful? I had my beetloaf with a side of mushroom quinoa and a good dose of mint dressing. Definitely try this recipe if you're a beet nut! :)

funny pictures of cats with captions
Poor hungreh kitteh

Are you a beet fan or am I putting you off with all the beet posts? Even if you're a beet hater, tomorrow's beet post (last one!) is going to make you want to eat something beety! Oh yes. It will. How much do you wanna beet? I mean, bet.


  1. I'm not a beet fan but somehow you're convincing me that I am. Am I a potential beet fan or am I merely easily influenced?

  2. I'm not a beet fan, but that looks good to me! Maybe it's because it looks ketchupy and I love ketchupy 'meat'loaf....

  3. That sounds so interesting! I like beets, but I usually just roast them. I've seen recipes for chocolate cake that use pureed beets. I'm planning on trying something like that soon.

  4. you better believe i'm a fan of 'da beets! although i didn't always like them - until i decided that i was going to start liking foods i didn't, so i ate beets a whoooooole bunch for about 3 months and i finally loved them! i knew my tastebuds would come around if i forced them to. ahahahhaha! the stripey cat is the cutest name, and i'm gonna have to check it out. thanks, River! i love the icanhascheezeburger kitteh, too! awwwww!

  5. I have been away for a couple of weeks, so have been busily catching up on your blog.

    Your little ghosties and bats and everything were just toooooo cute and adorable. I nearly snorted my water out my nose when I read ghosticide. I can't wait for your Christmas related cuties!

    On the subject of cute, that kitty cushion and kitty coasters... oh so sweet! Almost enough to make me think about pickikng up needle and thread... almost. I'd need to check local blood bank stocks first, I cannot do anything sewing related without a heavy blood offering to the sewing deities, apparently. ;)

    I am also beyond thrilled about Not A Rabbit being back - thanks for giving me the heads up. :D

    I 'liked' you on Facebook. Though I too am rarely there, I shall be sure to check in when I am there. ;)

    I am not doing MoFo this year, but I am looking forward to reading all your blogs for it!

  6. Beetloaf. Man, you're killing me with the puns. Even if I weren't a beet fan (which I am), I'd love this just for the pun factor.

  7. I have had this recipe on my list for weeks--I'm glad you made it! Did you include the potatoes in the loaf? In the original recipe they look like little hidden treasures. I like the mint sauce you tried, too! Yours is quickly turning into one of my favorite blogs--I love your creativity and was gaga over the halloween cuties!

  8. I'm not a beetroot fan, but I enjoy seeing your pictures regardless! :D

    That LOLcat is great. Cats are so good at getting into really uncomfy positions then doing a "hard done by" face as if it's your fault they are not comfy! LOL!

  9. I love beets and you're making me crave them!

  10. Anon - Thank you so much!! I did use the potatoes, but unfortunately I grated them too finely and I did not end up with little hidden potato treasures. There's always next time! :)

  11. I love beets as well! I think their awesome, and that plate does festive.

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  12. i love beets in my burgers.. i got that idea from a veggie burger at houstons in kansas city.
    this summer i made pickled beets and about flipped - so tasty... nothing like i would have thought beets would taste like!

  13. I think beets are the one vegetable that we don't eat very often - so keep the beets coming. Totally gives me some inspiration!

  14. That looks so frickin' good and I'm not even really into beets.

  15. I'm not a beet lover; but I'm trying to be because they're just so good for you. I made myself love kale; I know i can tackle beets. Your posts are gorgeous and interesting. I love the cooking other's recipes approach too; MoFo is a good excuse to kick your own butt in gear. I will do this next year instead of coming up with new recipes every day :)

  16. ah hahahaha! I love the meatloaf kitteh. I am loving the kitteh of the day. I am loving River!