Halloweegan Coffin Cake

*Screechy door opening*

Coffin Cake with Dead Dude

Yep. I killed another gingerbread man shaped dude. Megan requested a coffee flavored coffin cake, and because I’m such a good blogger I happily obliged. As a child I hated coffee flavored desserts, and I haven’t had any since the last time a mocha cake made me gag when I was five or six years old. So for this one I went with a mostly chocolate cake with a *hint* of coffee, just in case I’m still a mocha hater. I used my Strawberry Santa Hats recipe for the cake and the ganache, replacing the oat milk with strong brewed coffee. You can always add a teaspoon or two of instant espresso powder to the cake if you want a stronger coffee flavor.

Any 8 by 8 inch cake will work though. To make the coffins, cut the cake in half so you end up with two 4 by 8 rectangles, and then cut out the corners of each rectangle to shape it like a coffin. Here’s a visual:

Cutting the cake

The open coffin with the gingerbread dude was a bit of work, a closed coffin is definitely less fussy.

Coffin Cake

The closed one requires little work, just spread the ganache all over the top and sides of the cake. I piped some leftover-from-last-week chocolate buttercream all around the bottom to make the border look nice and even. The white cross is a simple powdered sugar icing, and I was *this close* to writing R.I.P on the top when I remembered that I suck at piping letters. Phew!

To make the one with the gingerbread dude you will need to slice the top 1/3 off the unfrosted cake and slide it over a piece of wax paper. Spread a thick layer of ganache all over the top and freeze it for 10 minutes or until the chocolate is solid. Carefully flip it over so the unfrosted side is up and spread a generous amount of ganache all over the top and sides. Freeze it for another 10 minutes while you frost the bottom 2/3 of the coffin cake and place a poor little gingerbread dude on top. Peel the frozen cake off the wax paper (if you’re going to draw a cross on top, do that first) and place it *cattywampus* over/on the side of the bottom cake. Done!

On non-Halloweegan related news. Are you a Netflix member? (not an affiliate link, I’m just psyched about it!) Mr. Wing-It and I recently joined and we were getting rather frustrated with their limited online browsing feature for their streaming movies. Grrr! But yesterday I found this awesome site that has all of Netfix’s available streaming movies neatly organized into categories! YAY! Are we the only Netflix members that were unaware of this goldmine? It’s called instantwatcher (not an affiliate link, I’m just psyched about it!) and it even has a subgenre directory that lets you be as choosy as you want! Foreign movies sorted by country? Check! Horror movies sorted by creepy subject, perfect for Halloween? Check! A subcategory for Super Swashbucklers? Check!

We also bought a Roku Player so we can watch streaming movies on the big TV. YAY! Oh, and guess what’s available on Netflix streaming? My beloved Lost in Austen! Just for that, Netflix gets elebenty brownie points.

Today’s Blog-Love goes to DJ @ Skint Vegan! If some day someone comes up with an International School for Future Awesome Moms, DJ should be a member of the board of directors! She is raising her children to be punks (her words!) and those two cutie patootie kids are lucky to have such a cool mom! DJ’s blog is home to the cutest Hello Kitty cake, the most original The Arc de Triomphe costume, and lots of tasty vegan nom noms. Check out DJ’s blog!

PS: Have you seen the updated list of speakers that are going to attend Vida Vegan? Holy shiitake, Batman!

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    Holy yum! That looks so amazing and festive! Thanks for the Netflix link! I totally get frustrated trying to really dig through the watch-it-now stuff.

  2. says

    Amazing! You really “nailed” this one! ;) (*groan*). Seriously, a work of art. And sounds so yummy, too! We don’t have Netflix but I think I am going to have to check it out now that our DVD player died. (No coffin cake for it, though). :D

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    Amazing! You really “nailed” this one! ;) (*groan*). Seriously, a work of art. And sounds so yummy, too! We don’t have Netflix but I think I am going to have to check it out now that our DVD player died. (No coffin cake for it, though). :D

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    Love this cake and I think I love it even more because it’s chocolate with a hint of my favourite flavour – coffee!! Thankyou for the blog love, btw, you have me blushing over here at Skint Vegan Towers! xo

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    Yessss! That looks amazing! You did such a great job with the gingerbread guy, too. I’m going to have to make this cake (ok, admittedly with an upped coffee content, because I’m a fan of mocha) and send a photo. :)
    Thanks for fulfilling my request! I’ll make sure to be plenty demanding in future, hehe.

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    hiya, High Priestess of Halloweegan! muuuuuuahahhahahaa! hooray for a perfect coffin cake and another great dead dude! i was never one for coffee flavored things as a wee one either, but i have grown to like a hint of it here or there. you are cranking out all kinds of ghouls, ghosts, and other spooooooky delights this Halloweegan, River – i can’t get enough! :) every post has me smiling from ear to ear!

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    I know I just say it over and over, but oh the cuteness! I could just gobble up that recently-dead gingerbread person, not to mention its coffee coffin! Love it!

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    Your coffin cake is so awesome! And I love your dead gingerbread man inside. Your chocolate spiderwebs on the plate are pretty cool too. Looks like the perfect center piece for a Halloween themed party.


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