Sookie’s Peach Sauce = Gilmore Girls Geekery!

Most of you know that I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan… fan, addict, same thing. Have you seen my Luke’s Diner shopping tote? As a true fanatic, I am proud to say that through the years I have recruited several Gilmore Girls fans – ten more recruits and I get a badge! :D

One of my favorite things about the show is that it revolves around food a lot! Not much vegan food, but mostly easily veganizable treats. Sookie, played by actress Melissa McCarthy, is the head chef at the Independence Inn and the Dragonfly Inn. She is an awesome and extremely clumsy chef who is totally obsessed with food. When we first meet Sookie, she is on the kitchen floor practically buried under a big avalanche of pots and pans while her kitchen staff tries to dig her out. She is plastered with band-aids, and her stitches (that she got after she cut her hand making radish roses) have split open. She doesn’t even seem upset about the pot avalanche and the split stitches because she’s psyched about fixing her peach sauce! Apparently, she was using “too much maple syrup” which “strangled the fruit.” So keeping in mind that the peach sauce should be sweetened with maple syrup but not so much that it overpowers the taste of the peaches, I made my own Sookie’s Peach Sauce! :)

Sookie's Peach Sauce - Gilmore Girls Food and Geekery

Sookie’s Peach Sauce

3 peaches
1/4 cup fresh orange juice, strained
3 tbsp maple syrup
pinch of salt
1/4 tsp ground anise seeds, optional
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

1. Peel and cut the peaches into chunks. No need to dice them perfectly, Sookie isn’t looking! :)
2. Whisk together the orange juice, maple syrup, salt, and anise seeds.
3. In a medium saucepan, combine the peach chunks and the orange juice mix. Simmer for 20 minutes.
4. Remove from heat and transfer everything to a blender. Add the vanilla and liquefy for a minute or until you can’t see any chunky bits.
5. Strain the sauce through a fine mesh strainer and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving.

This recipe makes one cup of tangy sauce. If it’s too tangy for you, just add maple syrup to the cold sauce until your taste buds are happy. The anise seeds add a tiny little extra som’n som’n, but you can leave them out if you want.

Sookie's Peach Sauce (Gilmore Girls Food and Geekery)

A few pictures that I took along the way:

Sookie's Peach Sauce (Gilmore Girls Food and Geekery)
I blanched the peaches for a minute
and then cooled them in ice water for easy peeling

Sookie's Peach Sauce (Gilmore Girls Food and Geekery)
The skin slips right off!

Sookie's Peach Sauce (Gilmore Girls Food and Geekery)
Uneven peachy chunks

Sookie's Peach Sauce (Gilmore Girls Food and Geekery)
Simmering the goods

Sookie's Peach Sauce (Gilmore Girls Food and Geekery)
Straining the sauce and catching pesky fibrous bits

Sookie's Peach Sauce (Gilmore Girls Food and Geekery)

The tanginess of the peach sauce goes wonderfully with the mild sweetness of vanilla ice cream. My ice cream here is basically one can of coconut milk sweetened with maple syrup and flavored with vanilla extract. My ice cream maker takes care of the rest! How very un-gourmet! :)

Anyway, if you want to see Sookie in action there is a youtube video with a compilation of some of her funniest moments. Needless to say, the video is full of spoilers!

*sigh* Our long weekend at home went by way too fast, and I was so busy being a psycho baker that I didn’t spend much time on the interwebs. I have some serious blog-reading-catching-upping to do now – google reader is about to explode! We have only a couple of weeks of traveling left, then all my blogging habits will go back to normal! YAY! :)


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    Hmmm, I personally wouldn’t unless they’re organic peaches. I don’t buy all organic produce, but I have read that peach skins are loaded with pesticides. Maybe you can peel them with a regular good-ol’ paring knife?

  2. says

    Hey – I love the look of this sauce. I was just wondering if you think you could make the sauce without removing the peach skin? Just because peaches aren’t really in season yet and I’ve found it difficult to get the skin off!


  3. says

    So funny that I ever thought I was obsessed with GG because I’d seen every single episode ONCE. Alright, alright…I’ll start it over again. The peach sauce looks great, and I hope I can find a time to make it for someone else just so I can tell them the name of it.

  4. Anonymous says

    It is rather interesting for me to read that post. Thanx for it. I like such themes and anything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

    Anete Swenson

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    Thanks, Mike! You sure can’t beat produce that is in season, it’s the tastiest and so cheap!

    Penny, their mockery of anything vegetarian is annoying! I also ignore it and enjoy the rest of the show’s awesomeness. Enjoy the final season! I am going home soon and my compulsive Gilmore-Girls-Watching shall continue! :)

  7. says

    So glad to be among GG fans here! The ONLY thing I don’t like about it is their attitude to veg*ns, but I love it so much I try not to think about that.
    Your peach sauce looks SO GOOD!
    We still have the whole last series to see. It should be out on DVD here soon…

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    The peach sauce looks so good, and especially inspiring with all the peaches showing up at the farmers market here – thanks for the ideas, as always!

  9. says

    Jodye – I don’t know how it is on oatmeal, but I can tell you that it’s awesome on waffles with a scoop of coconut whippe cream! It’s good to see you back in blogville! :)

    Carissa – Interesting! I’ve been thinking about doing an EAT World post about Thai food, and now you gave me a great idea! :)

  10. says

    What pretty pictures and I do love peaches! That sauce is such a great summer sauce idea for ice cream. I bet it would be good on Thai sweet rice too!

  11. says

    Kathy – Awesome site! I will definitely submit it tomorrow when I have a working brain cell or two! :)

    Kelly – Aww, thank you! I do have a growing list of Gilmore Girl foods that I want to make. Luke’s Santa Burger, Emily’s Christmas apple tarts, homemade poptarts, chili cheese fries…

  12. says

    Mihl – You always make me drool over your breads and all your baked goods – it’s payback time! :P

    Cindy – YAY! I hope you love it too! I wish I could go to a farmers’ market today *jealous* :)

    Jessica – Aww, thank you! I miss your blog! It’s so true, the show never gets old. It’s awesome to see how many people watch GG’s on a continuous loop! That scene with Fernando the ice cream maker is hilarious! “Somebody sent me a fascist ice cream maker?” Hee hee! That show had the best writers ever! :)

    Sara – Thank you! Every time I made this sauce it had a different color. I think that blanching the peaches helps the red patches of skin “bleed” onto the peaches’ flesh and that’s what makes the sauce look so orangey. The peaches with the most red made the prettiest batch! :)

    Michal – You just made me jealous! I wish I could be watching GG’s right now too, but the internet connection in this hotel is slower than turtle-speed and it’s not fast enough to watch videos. BOO!!

    Ricki – Thank you! I tried two tablespoons of maple syrup and it wasn’t quite enough, but four was too much for my taste. I’m glad you watched the video! Sookie had lots of funny moments, I wish I could make my own compilation! And I think you’re just going to have to watch the show to find out if Sookie and Jackson got married or not… *naughty grin* :D

  13. says

    Your peach sauce looks just great! And just the right amount of maple syrup. ;)

    I have never actually watched Gilmore Girls (gasp!), but for YOU, River, I looked at the video. So cute! Now I’m dying to know whether they actually got married or not. ;)

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    Ahh, my favorite show! I don’t have cable and for relaxing nights at home I re-watch all the seasons starting from the beginning and all the way through and then repeat after the few months it takes. True addict here as well, they never get old. Your peach sauce looks just scrumptious! Speaking of ice cream makers, how about that opening scene when Lorelei’s gets one as a wedding gift and Sookie and Rory want to keep it but Lorelei won’t let them…”Max woulda let us keep it” Adore your blog

  15. says

    Kiersten – YAY! I hope you love it too! It might be time to rewatch… just sayin’! :D

    Vegyogini – Thank you! Do you think Sookie would approve of my peach sauce? :D

    Jes – I know! I was watching the pilot while I was making the sauce and I felt extra geeky! :P

    Jennifer – That really is quite annoying! It also bugs me that they Made Michel a vegetarian at first but later on he isn’t anymore. Meh.

    Susan – I watch the show on a continuous loop, when I finish the final episode I start again from the beginning. Crazy? Maybe! :D

    Katie – YAY! Wasn’t what Luke did for Rory and Lorelai awesome? I didn’t like what the writers did with him with the whole April thing, but I’m glad he went back to his old softie self in the end :)

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    Yay for the Gilmore Girls. :) I love that show… I should do a rewatch soon.
    Lovely looking peach sauce. Also love your idea for super fast ice cream in the ice cream maker.

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    I love that you made the peach sauce.

    The thing that bothers me about food in Gilmore Girls is that it’s soooo anti-vegetarian. The only two meat-abstainers (Mrs. Kim and April’s swim coach who Luke goes on a date with) are presented as crazy and Lorelai and Rory are highly mocking of anything veggie. I still love them though. :]

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