Coconut Milk Love

Isn’t it weird being without MoFo? After all the hectic posting and reading and commenting, I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. All my food seems so boring without mashed potato ghosts and one-eyed monsters. At least Christmas is coming and there will be another chance to make themed food!

APLACEFORUS has given me an “Excellent” award! I don’t think I had ever won an award for anything before. I feel like I should wear a fancy gown and write an acceptance speech, but I don’t own a fancy gown and I’m wearing my slippers. It means a lot be recognized by our fellow bloggers! Thank you so much! :)

I also won a free copy of Happy Herbivore’s Pudge-Free Holidays e-cookbook! The book is packed full of mouth-watering recipes for a delicious fat-free holiday season. One of Lindsay’s holiday recipes is the Southern Cornbread, which was the first recipe I tried. It was fabulous! We had it with chili, and the little bit that we managed not to eat with dinner made for a nice evening snack later.

Happy Herbivore's Cornbread

Now on to the Coconut Milk Love. I made some coconut whipped cream and took some pictures of it looking shamelessly enticing on various foods. There are a couple of different ways to make coconut whipped cream, it depends on what you intend to do with it.

For a soft, runny cream that doesn’t need to hold its shape, open a can (14oz or 214ml) of cold full-fat coconut milk and mix it with 1 or 2 tablespoons of cold maple syrup or agave, and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla. Use an electric mixer on the highest setting and mix until smooth and creamy. It helps to chill the bowl and beaters before you start. One tablespoon of maple syrup was enough for me, someone with a sweeter tooth might want to taste it and keep adding syrup until it tastes sweet enough. Keep it refrigerated until you’re ready to use it.

For a firm cream, let a can of full-fat coconut milk chill in your fridge overnight, but do not shake it at any time. Open the can and scoop out all the fat that separated itself from the liquid into a chilled mixing bowl. Add 1/2 tsp of vanilla and sifted powdered sugar to taste, and beat with an electric mixer until smooth. Using only the coconut fat and powdered sugar instead of syrup, makes this cream stiffer than the previous version. Keep it refrigerated!

Here’s the coconut whipped cream (soft) on a slice of apple upside-down cake…

Apple Cake With Coconut Whippy Cream

Here she is on my waffles… evil temptress!

Waffles With Coconut Whippy Cream

Thanks to Ruby Red Vegan I found out that coconut cream on hot cocoa is probably what they serve in Heaven’s waiting room. Not that I’ll ever taste that one. Here’s a big blob of cream…

Hot Cocoa With Coconut Whippy Cream

And here it slightly melted into the hot chocolate. Every sip was heavenly coconuty chocolate bliss…

Hot Cocoa With Coconut Whippy Cream

I only used a little bit of cream for the cake, waffles, and cocoa, so I used the rest to make ice-cream. It was melting rapidly thanks to my hot under-cabinet light…

Chocolate-Coconut Ice Cream

Are my American readers proudly wearing your “I Voted” sticker? Go democracy!



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    those last couple of pics had me drooling on my keyboard. I agree with the coconut milk love. I should start buying the stuff by the pallet.

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    Thank you for all the lovely comments, you guys are so awesome!

    Ha! The hot chocolate seems to have gained a lot of fans!

    Brooke, I did write down the ingredients for the cake as I was making it, but I will have to make it again before sharing the recipe – just to be safe! :)

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    oops! forgot to mention that I didn’t see the table w/ the I voted stickers. my husband did and he stuck his on the “Vote” reminder that I had on the bathroom mirror. It’s still there :) Obama, woohoo :)

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    coconut cream is my favorite thing for sweets.. i can’t understand why anyone would want to use an animal based product while coconut cream exists… insanity if you ask me :)


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    Oh my gosh!!! You are the best! I am so excited that it ended up working for you on the hot cocoa. I can’t wait to try it too! I make homemade mochas (basically hot chocolate + espresso)…so this whippy cream is going to be awesome awesome awesome in them. I’m so glad our brains could unite and come up with somethin yummy. :)

    (Plus that waffle really caught my eye – mmm!)

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    Super cool! I didn’t even know you could make whipped cream from coconut milk…but I think that recipe is my new best friend. And so are you! Thanks!

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    Eh… you call this boring? Everything looks so yummy! I love the look of the whippy cream on the upside-down cake. And the waffles. And in the chocolate milk. And ah, that ice cream! Ok, well, maybe I just like the look of the whippy cream in general…

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    This cornbread looks totally yummy!! =)

    And coconut cream….MMMMMMMMMM!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! =DDD

    If you have time pls visit my new post………=))

    Enjoy the day!!!

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    hooray on the award, River! you & your blog are super excellent, fo
    ‘sho! superw00t!

    that’s so cool that you won a copy of HH’s e-book! the cornbread looks super scrumptious!

    also – hooooooray for voting. i wore my sticker alllll day yesterday & put it up on my calendar at home before i went to bed! yay!

    coconut whippy cream – i’m in heaven! i have yet to have hot chocolate as a vegan – i might just have to enjoy some tonight! yay! all the treats look rock’n, too! you’re making me huuuungry, River! :)

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    Mmmmmm Coconut Creamtastic River!!
    Congratulations on your award – I am SO not surprised – you deserve a million awards and I reckon you should wear a fancy gown just for the hell of it anyway – a fancy gown with your apron on.


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    Congrats on the award and on winning the e-book!
    I’ve never used coconut whipped cream, but it looks so delicious on your food, I want to try it immediately.

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    Hi River,

    That coconut whip cream looked incredible. I love baking with coconut milk but it never occurred to me to use it for whipped cream. Thank you for giving me the idea!

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    I miss MoFo too, I keep going to add the MoFo logo to the tops of my posts but then I remember it’s over :(

    Your coconut cream looks lovely I am going to make it next time I have waffles/pancakes!

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    This blog is definitely most excellent – congratulations!!!!

    That whippy cream in all forms is just amazing. It looks soooo good with chocolate!

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    Coconut whippy cream? Brilliant! All of those incarnations of coconut milk look so delicious (especially in the hot cocoa)! Thanks for the tips!

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    If I had all of that food before I would eat it all in one day, esp the hot chocolate and the other sugar-filled goodies. CONGRADS on the award – you totally and utterly deserve it! and I’m so happy you’re enjoying PFH!!

    & hell yes I voted. I got to the polling place before polls opened and I was 50th in line… and still waited over and hour to vote for OBama but it was well worth the wait and when I left the line had more than quadrupled in size! it went from 100 to at least 300 people! That was still early, too!

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    It is a little sad w/out the VeganMoFo frenzy. Congratulations on both winning the Excellency award AND winning Pudge-Free Holidays! Isn’t the e-cookbook wonderful?! You picked a good recipe with which to start. :) I love all your coconut cream suggestions, especially the one you passed on from Ruby Red Vegan. Coconut cream hot chocolate…yum! My “I voted” sticker is proudly adorning my purse.

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    I’m excited for your christmas posts =)

    I love that cornbread recipe as well and I almost made it today but I didn’t because I would have ended up eating the whole batch haha

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    oh geez! i hardly ever use this perfect food! i feel ashamed. all the dishes you’ve made look amazing. that hot chocolate is calling out my name!!!

    and yes!!! you bet i voted. it was so exciting because it was my first time!!


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