VeganMoFo – Halloweegan Pudding Pies

No more spiders! I wouldn’t want to torture poor VeggieGirl anymore. Now I’m going through a ghost phase, so we’re having sweet ghosts today, and probably savory dinner-ghosts tomorrow.

These were originally going to be pumpkin pudding pies, but my mother in law brought us some delicious strawberries and who I am I to say no to strawberry pudding pie? Sorry, no official recipe this time. I was chatting away and not paying attention to what I was doing, so the amount of arrowroot powder that I used for this pudding is a complete mystery.

Anyway, the general idea is to line individual mini pie/tart pans with graham crust, or shortbread crust, or whatever crust floats your boat. Fill the (baked) crusts with your favorite pudding, and chill for about an hour. And by “chill” I mean chill the pies, it doesn’t mean that you should sit back and have some wine and listen to Kenny G with your cat napping on your lap. Although that sounds pretty good too! :)

See? I’m chatting away and not paying attention to the pies again. Once you and your pies have chilled, use a pastry bag to squeeze out a little cone-shaped vegan whipped cream or buttercream in the middle of each pie. There you have your little ghosts, now draw the eyes and mouths with some melted chocolate chips. Done.

See the little ghost in the little bowl in the background? That’s just a ghost sitting on leftover pudding because I ended up with more pudding than crust. They are good like that too though, just the pudding and the ghost.

These would be so cute made in a muffin pan-really tiny pies! Speaking of cute, check out Shellyfish’s spook-tastic Scary Skeleton Cookies and Kittee’s awesome Halloween Sushi


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    What a fun way to eat pudding! I’m a crunchy girl, so I like something to bite into when I eat a creamy dish like pudding. I’d love the crust, I’m sure!

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    You are the best, River – seriously. I’m so glad I found your blog. I was cracking up over the chilling and chatting away stuff…I love laughing out loud! And I’m with Katie, the end of the year holidays are going to be a hoot with you around!

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    Question – do you make your own vegan whipped cream or is it soyatoo or a similar product?

    Sorry if you’ve already given the answer to this question!

    Those whipped cream ghosts are so cute, I have to figure out how to make them for myself!

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    those little ghosts are the best! and how does one make vegan whipped cream?! i’ve seen it in cans before, but i want to make my own! :) mmmmmmmmmm on the strawberry pudding pie – it’s so pretty & tasty look’n!

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    O0o, along with CCV I wonder if you are going to be this creative and fun during christmas! I can barely even stand the cuteness of your treats now =)

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