VeganMoFo – Halloweegan Cinnamon Rolls!

So, I had some leftover spiders in the fridge from last week’s spider cupcakes. What to make? What to make? It turns out that making spiderweb anything is super easy and very Halloween-y! You can make spiderweb cupcakes, cakes, cookies, puddings, all kinds of treats. You just need some icing, frosted, or melted chocolate, and a toothpick-like I described on my previous post.

You can even make spiderweb soup! You must check out this post by Diann at Eat’n Veg’n. It’s too cool for words!

I had a humongous craving for cinnamon rolls, but I needed to make something for Halloweegan. So instead of drizzling the icing on top like I would normally do, I drew several icing circles from the center and all the way down to the edges. The toothpick trick didn’t really work here, so I had to draw the straight spiderweb lines myself.

Wanna make some chocolate spiders? All you need is either a pastry bag with a #3 round tip or a small ziploc with a tiny cut in one of the corners, and of course some melted chocolate chips. I’m not sure how many spiders I got out of 1/4 cup of chocolate chips, maybe about 18. It’s best to make them on wax paper so you can remove them easily once the chocolate hardens.

1- Draw a “U” shape as you squeeze the chocolate out of the pastry bag.
2- Draw a smaller U shape right inside it.
3- Flip the wax paper over so the U shapes are facing down.
4- Repeat steps 1 and 2. The new U shapes should almost touch the center of the upside-down U shapes.
5- Now you should have two sets of mirrored U shapes. Draw a circle over the middle where both sets of U’s nearly meet.
6- Fill in the circle with a generous amount of chocolate.

Here is a step by step picture that might help you visualize how the spider-drawing process works:

Chill the chocolate spiders for 30 to 45 minutes in the fridge before you peel them off the wax paper. Keep them refrigerated until you’re ready to use them.

I have some ghost treats planned for the next couple of days of Halloweegan. No more spiders, I promise! :)


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    Anonymous, I’m so glad you made and enjoyed the spiders! Melisser’s candy corn looks so amazing, I bet your kids had the best Halloween treats in the whole school!
    YAY for annoying the stuck-up M&M mom! :P

  2. Anonymous says

    I didn’t make the cinnamon rolls but I made the chocolate spiders, so cute! I also made the candy corn from The Urban Housewife and combined them to make treats for my sons preschool class. Just used some cute pumpkin treat bags from Michaels (they’re paper, like mini gift bags) and filled them with candy corn then put a couple of spiders on top of each. Yeah it took hours but it was worth it to see the kids flip out plus it really annoyed the stuck-up mom because she only brought M&Ms *snort*

  3. says

    your creepy cinnamon rolls look delicious! i can’t even remember the last time i had a cinnamon roll…i think my goal should be to make them sometime this week!

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    Hi River,
    Your spiders are right on. But, if you wanted to do something to really freak out your foodie readers, you should make chocolate grain moths.

    Ew. You’d probably lose readers, so it might not be the best suggestion.


  5. says

    Well, it’s official, I’ve been working waaaay too hard with my head in the books (computer screen?). HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED ALL THESE AMAZING HALLOWEEN GOODIES???!!!

    River, you are incredibly talented. Every single post is just astounding. Love these cinnamon rolls (oh, and every other goodie you’ve made, too!). And I LOVE your choice of ingredients for all of these! ;)

    I’ve added you to my Google Reader and can’t wait to see what you come up with next! :)

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    Cinnamon rolls AND halloween, you rock bigtime! And I have absolutely nothing in my cupboard which even vaguely resembles a cinnamon roll, grrr…. must stop self from licking computer screen….

  7. says

    HEY HEYYY =)))

    Thank you SO MUCH for your nice words on my blog :)) Appreciate it SO MUCH!!

    OHHHH MY …!! THEY LOOK TOTALLY CooL!!!!! Cinnamon Rolls….mmmm..!! And they’re SO ARTISTIC MADE…!!! Talent is WHAT YOU HAVE , Girl!! :DD

    Well…if you have some time pls visit me on my new post from TODAY… You’ll make me SMiLE…:))

    Enjoy the time!!! :)))

    Happy Tuesday!!

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    Oh, those are *too* cute, and I’ve been wanting to veganize the family cinnamon roll recipe … and I do have a halloween potluck coming up …

  9. says

    i haven’t had a cinnamon roll in forever. it has got to be like 10 years or something. thanks for the instructions on making the cute little spiders, too! i might make some to put on cuppies for halloween! yay! you’re too awesome, River – thanks! :D

  10. says

    I have never had vegan cinnamon rolls and I think I need to go find some right now. Yours look soooooo freaking delicious. All your ideas are so creative and fun! I love it.


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