Vegan MoFo – What? No Halloweegan?! You got some ‘splainin to do!

Today I took a break from Halloweegan to celebrate I Love Lucy‘s birthday. I Love Lucy is on my top five list of favorite TV shows of all time, and I just had to make an I Love Lucy cake to celebrate its anniversary!

Oddly enough, I became a Lucy fan only a few months ago. Before that, I used to find Mrs. Ricardo very annoying and over the top, but now I love her crazy shenanigans and over-the-topness! I must have mainly based my dislike on annoying Lucy impersonators that exaggerate her flamboyance.

Lucy rocks! She’s a woman in the 1950’s who does whatever she wants to do and never listens to her husband. She never does what Ricky tells her to do or not to do. She knows what she wants and she’s going to do whatever it takes to get it. Of course, she always finds a way to get in trouble and make a big mess of things, generally with the help of the so very underrated Ethel!

So here’s my tribute to Lucy, Ethel, Ricky, and Fred. Sorry about the terrible pictures. It was late and I had to use artificial light. This was a simple vanilla cake with a sweet raspberry filling and frosting. Check out my new Lucy mug!


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    that cake is awesomely pink.

    I worked in a chocolate factory and was at the end of the cooling tunnel grabbing the chocolates as they came out and putting them in those brown paper cups. they decided to speed it up without asking me, so I sort of got behind. Not as out of control as the lucy and ethel at the chocolate factory scene. nobody else working there thought it was funny (but I did).

    it’s funny how tv shows are. I caught bits and pieces of seinfeld for years and thought it was the dumbest thing ever. then I really got into it. strange.

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    I swear, you subconsciously made this for me. I have been a HUGE Lucille Ball fan since I was a little kid. (My room back home at my mom’s house even has an I Love Lucy theme) This is great!

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    I’m not a HUGE I Love Lucey Fan, though I did enjoy Lucille Ball. The show was always in the same format, so that got on my nerves, but I think my favorite was the grape crushing/wine making episode.

    I agree with the others, your cake is gorgeous. How did it taste?


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    OK… you really got some ‘splainin’ to do! But we love you, your blog and yes… we love Lucy! It’s a hillarious show… I watched it growing up and still watch it when I can.
    My kids are stoked about trying the one eyed monsters… our “trial run” before we take them to our parkday potluck for Halloween!! Yehaw!

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    My favorite radio station on XM is Lucy! There’s also an Ethel station and a Fred station. Sorry, no Ricky! They’re all alternative rock stations.

    I love the pink frosting! Too super cute. I also really dig that mug!

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    I’m so hungry right now that I would eat that whole cake if I could. Vanilla and raspberry would hit the spot at this moment!

    Great job on the cakes and the pics are great!

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    So many Lucy fans!! Thanks for all the sweet comments guys!

    Shelly, October 15th was when the show first aired back in 1951. She really was WAY ahead of her time!

    Mihl, I always learn something new when I read your blog, now you’ve met Lucy reading mine! YAY! :)

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    I hope you forgive me because I don’t know that show, but I love on the other side of the ocean, mkay?
    Whoever she is, taht cake is adorable! And it reminds me of the strawberry cakes I used to love in my childhood.

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    When was her birthday? Yesterday or today? I grew up watching (re-runs) of that show. That show was so much a part of our family that we just refered to her as ‘lucy’ like she was a member of our family! Totally liberated for her day, way ahead of her time. I often think of my hair-brained schemes and ill-fated adventures and laugh because they are so much like hers!
    Your cake is the most beautiful ever in the world!

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    what a fun (and tasty) way to celebrate I Love Lucy’s birthday! that’s too awesome, River! i think the photos look great – that vanilla cake with raspberry frosting looks like heaven itself. mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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    Lucy rocks! I saw a great biopic of her – the drama, the miscarriages, the adultery – no wonder she was so OTT! That cake looks AMAZING, too, so pink! Just like your mug :)

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    Thank you guys!! :)

    I didn’t use any recipe, I winged it from beginning to end. Miraculously, it worked! I did write down the ingredients as I made it, but I’ll have to make it again following my own directions before I can post it. You know, to be safe.

    Celine, you’re too awesome to be flayed. Maybe if you bake us some yummy goodies we can forget about the whole thing. :P

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    Oh, the frosting in the middle…. yummmmmmmmm!!!

    I should watch it. I think I saw an episode when I was in middle school, or part of one, but I don’t remember it really.

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    I love Lucy too and still watch my favorite episodes. She reminds of me of advice my mom gave me whenever I would complain about a boyfriend being bossy – “Just say okay, then do whatever you want!”

    I love the pinkness of your cake!

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    The first picture of the cake is amazing. But when I saw the second, my jaw dropped…it looks so good!!! What recipes did you use for this?

    I used to watch I Love Lucy when I was little but haven’t seen it since =( I will have to start watching again.

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    i agree with liz, i am a i love lucy lover and have always loved watching reruns! (it must be the red hair) :)

    what cake recipe did you use? ed&bv? it looks delicious! white cake is my favorite, but i sadly have never had any luck with making a vegan version.

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