About Me

I've rewritten this page 157 times (slight exaggeration) since 2008. Every time I rewrite it I come back to read it a few days later and it all sounds unbelievably dull. So I'm just going to type a few random words that sort of have something to do with me this time. 

Vegan since 2003. Blogging since 2008. Glutton. Carbs. Chocolate. Couch-potatoing. Potato-potatoing. Library fan. Audiobook addict. Doctor Who. Harry Potter. Hobbits. Escapism. Fantasy. British telly. Anglophilia. Craftiness. Hermit. Depression. Anxiety. Introvert. Procrastination. Drama-dodging. Reality-avoiding. Birds. Ducks. Silliness. Buffoonery.

There. That about sums it up!