XGFX.org, Spanish Tortilla, and Second Chances

What's with all this frequent blogging, eh? I'll go back to being a lazy blogger soon, but first I want to share fantastical link with you. In case you've been living under a rock, yesterday was the grand opening of xgfx.org, which is an all vegan and gluten-free website created by three beautiful ladies!

A few of my favorite things about xgfx.org:

100 recipe links you should know about.
Gluten-free product reviews.
A gluten-free flour guide.
The community driven recipe section...
... where you can find a recipe for vegan chocolate-hazelnut butter!

And since we're talking about the recipes, check out my humble contribution to the database: Spanish Tortilla.

Spanish Tortilla
I originally made this Spanish Tortilla (potato omelet)
for my guest post @ Go Dairy Free last month. Thank you again, Alisa!

Now go check out xgfx.org! It's an awesome site! And speaking of awesome, VegNews has apologized and promised to never use meaty pictures again. That's all most of us wanted. I'm a fan of second chances!

second chanz kitteh furgibs you


  1. Gluten free flour guide? Product reviews? Spanish tortilla? I'm IN.

    By the way, I saw that recipe on GDF, and remember thinking "oh I see she can blog on other blogs but not her own."

    I tease.

  2. thank you again, river! your support is really appreciated.


  3. Wait, what Spanish tortilla? You're awesome!

  4. I'm so happy with xgfx.org, too! Love all the special features and great recipes (such as this tortilla--looks AMAZING!!). :D

  5. you rock the most socks, River! thanks for spreading the xgfx word and thanks for all the love, too. ;) your spanish tortilla looks gloriously good, and might i add that your date-sweetened coconut milk ice cream looks divine as well. you can bet your boots i'll be making both of your delicious recipes super soon, my friend!!! <3

  6. The Spanish tortilla looks like something I need to make asap. I love the way it looks all golden and crispy.

  7. Wow your Spanish tortilla looks so good & it was one of my favourite things pre-vegan. I'll definitely be giving your recipe a go.

  8. Your Spanish tortilla looks amazing and it's making me wish I had one right now. I haven't paid much attention to gluten-free cooking before now, but seeing xgfx.org is making me want to try some gluten-free baked goods.

  9. Lovely Tortilla :-). Is there a reason why so many vegan site are also gluten free? Is it due to allergies or something else? Or maybe is just the US, I don't seem to find this topic so much in the rest of the virtual world.

    ciao and thank you for sharing.


  10. Woot for xgfx tortilla. I love anything potatoes!

    Alas, when I am in Denver I shall be strictly city-bound. I am solo and don't know anyone there to take me to the mountains. I shall have to peer out the window as the plane crosses them!

    Sahara accepts your snorgles. ;)

  11. Oh, wow - I just found my Sunday brunch item. It looks divine! Congrats to xgfx - it's a beautiful and resourceful site.

  12. Ooo, how timely; I started a gluten-free trial run today. I'm printing off the tortilla recipe!

  13. I'm not even xgfx, but I'm way excited about this site. I've been drooling over the photos all week. :-)

  14. Agreed, I'm glad it ended this way, too :)

    I just found that site today! It's AWESOME and I'm glad it now exists. The Spanish tortilla looks amazing.

  15. Ciao and thank you for your answer :-).

    Well, just in case, I do have a lot of gluten free recipes, not because I plan about it, it just happens... probably because I eat mostly vegetables :-).

    Have a happy Easter


  16. Oh dear. That tortilla looks amazing!

    I'm also a fan of second chances. It was absolutely wrong what VegNews did but we have to keep in mind that it is a great magazine with lots of useful tips and recipes...

  17. I love the tortillas! By the way, I just added your blog to my blog roll for Blogs I ♥. I hope you get more traffic and new followers.

  18. Me thinks someone/thing is gobbling up all my lovely comments, I'm sure I posted here??? Course I could have dreamed it.....
    That Tortilla looks the bomb!
    Hope you are well and happy

  19. I miss your awesomeness and I'm definitely sad there's no Halloweegan. Hope you're doing well!


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