Introducing E.A.T World: Melange and Golatschen in Austria

Note: I moved the E.A.T World guidelines and banners to this post that also has a list of participants! 

After much consideration, I decided to start the E.A.T World challenge at the beginning of the alphabet and visit Austria. More specifically, Vienna. More specifically, a little sidewalk cafe. Any sidewalk cafe, as long as they serve Golatschen!

E.A.T World: Austria - Melange and Golatschen (Danish Pastries)

According to that trusty Wikipedia, the Golatschen AKA Danish pastry is "...said to originate from Vienna and is called wienerbrød..."Viennese bread" Denmark as well as Iceland, Norway and Sweden. In Vienna, however, the pastry is known as Golatschen..."

Is that confusing or what?!

I had never made Golatschen/Danish pastries before, so I needed to find a good recipe that didn't involve too much work in case I screwed it all up. I used this recipe from The Village Vegan for the dough, which was easy and idiot proof. The pastries were flaky and buttery, and they were nothing like a "sweet bread dough", which is what I was afraid I would end up with due to my pastry making inexperience. I also learned all about how to make the different shapes from Joe Pastry. Instead of using cream cheese for the classic cheese danish, I made a concoction of almond paste and oat-milk crème pâtissière. This is exactly what I meant when I said feel free to cook outside the lines for this challenge.

E.A.T World: Austria - Cream Golatschen (Danish Pastries)

E.A.T World: Austria - Bear Claw Golatschen (Danish Pastries)

My virtual visit to Austria was very enjoyable, and my taste buds were very pleased with the pastries and the coffee. The coffee that I chose was a Melange, which consists of coffee with milk and foam, and it's traditionally served with a little glass of water. I made my Melange with oat milk. How did I get it so foamy? With my new super-duper Aerolatte! This is my favorite way to drink coffee from now on. If it ain't foamy it ain't fo' me! Haha *snort* haha *snort* haha *snort*. Sorry.

E.A.T World: Austria - Melange Coffee With Aerolatte Foam

I intend to thoroughly take advantage of E.A.T World and learn how to cook something new for each entry. Instead of creating my own recipes, I will have to leave it all up to the all-knowing interwebs and my slow-growing cookbook collection. My latest addition to my mini-library is "La Dolce Vegan" that I was very lucky to win at a giveaway over at Kate's blog, The Reclusive Housewife! Thank you, Kate! Lucky? Me? It's so unusual!

Well, that's it for me. I'm signing off from my little sidewalk cafe in Vienna. I hope to see you somewhere around the world soon! *Jumps on an imaginary plane to Brazil*


  1. "Eating Around The bite at a time!"....chomp, nom, chomp, nom!

    Your pastries look so professional! I feel like I'm there......

    I'd like a Bear's Claw, a Pinwheel, a Snail Roll, and a frothy-milky hot chocolate please!
    Oh, if only I could visit 'Cafe Kook' for real! *dreamy sigh*

    I can't wait to see B-Z on your worldly food tour now! I'm loving the educational element of this series too. What a great idea!

    See you in Brazil! :)

  2. We call them Kolatschen (the name comes from the czech word koláč, )or Plunder (don't ask me what that means!) and I always wanted to make some with a poppy seed or plum filling. They are available in every bakery and I sometimes curse their non-veganness. Thank you for this awesome post, you could open a shop with your perfect Danishes!

  3. Wow, I totally agree that your baked goods look gorgeous. Like in a magazine! Blogging is kicking my butt these days, so I might have to just admire other participants from the sidelines, but this tour is a great idea!

  4. Your pastries are gorgeous, River. They remind me of my grandmas kolacky (I don't know how Mihl got those accents on hers!). So delicious. And now I need a frother. Sigh. I'm so weak!

  5. Wow! These look incredible...aerolatte? OH..what the heck is that??? Amazon here I come!
    I'm totally in for E.A.T.!!

  6. First, I have to give it up for your baking skills - these things look perfect, and you even provide coffee. Way to kick things off with a delicious trip to Austria!

    I absolutely love this idea - by coincidence, I was talking to the owners of one of the southeast Asian markets in Fargo tonight, and they're offering veg-friendly cooking classes, which I'm so excited about! Definitely count me in on this project, and thanks to Becks for even providing a logo. I love it! I've been a lazy blogger lately, so thanks for an awesome reason to start travelling with you all :)

  7. Becks - Welcome to Cafe Kook! I wish you were REALLY here so we could indulge in some pastry goodness together! Your order is coming right up ma'am... chomp, nom, chomp, nom... :-D

    Mihl - Thank you! I would love to have my own pastry shop! When I get to the letter G, I intend to visit two countries: Greek and Germany. Your blog will be my main source of inspiration for German goodies! :-)

    Lisa - Thank you! Feel free to watch from the sidelines and if you feel like joining us somewhere in the middle, you will always be more than welcome at the E.A.T World Club! :-)

    Aimee - My pastries are blushing! I think Mihl cooked up some magic to type those characters! You DO need a frother, this thing is awesome!! :-D

    Amanda - YAY welcome to the E.A.T World club! I can't wait to see what goodies you cook up! Oh, Aerolatte how I love you! Where have you been my whole life, you shiny little thing? :-D

    Mike - Thank you! My baking skills need a bit of tweaking, but I have to admit I was very proud of my pastries. And of course, there has to be coffee! Welcome to the E.A.T World Club! I'm so glad you're joining! YAY!! Enjoy your cooking classes, I'm looking forward to drooling about your Asian noms! :-)

  8. Such a cool idea. I'll be following eagerly!

  9. River!!!
    Thank you for your birthday greeetings, sweetheart! I love your new blog - ok, new to me. I am working so much now I don't have time to read my fav. blogs -boo hoo! I miss you & all my bloggy friends!

  10. i love the Eating Around The World, River - this is just too awesome and i might have to join in. yay! also awesome: you winning la dolce vegan! w00t! i love your foam (i may have to check out that aerolatte) and your Golatschen looks amazing! wow! i've never heard of The Village Vegan - totally going to check it out. thanks, River!

  11. Intense craving alert! My goodness those pastries are exquisite--and your foam?! What an expert! I think I may have to join you all on your journey. After all, who doesn't love delicious, global cuisine?

  12. I love this idea. Genius. I am going to start next week. And the pastries, oh my. I think I just drooled on my keyboard.

  13. love this idea, i'm gonna try and remember to join in!!

    and holy crap oat milk pastry creme sounds awesome, please tell us how you make that???

    15 yemen road, yemen.

  14. oh and Shellyfish - we miss you too!!!!

  15. Tahn - I hope to see you somewhere around the world! :-)

    Hi Shelly!! I'm glad you like the new blog! We all miss you too, there is a gigantic void in blogland without you! :-)

    Jessy - YAY! I hope you do join us! You and Dan would come up with some awesome meals! You do have to check out the aerolatte! It's so freakin' fantabulous!

    Jes - Do join us! Oh to think of all the awesome global dishes that you would create or veganize! :-)

    Krys - YAY!! I'm so happy that you will join us! You are so open to trying new foods, like your awesome Ethiopian dinner the other day! You rock!

    Sal - It would rock socks if you would join in!! The pastry cream was nothing more than a glorified thick vanilla custard with some almond paste melted into it. I didn't really measure how much almond paste I added to the custard, but I will take notes next time I make it. It was very tasty! "I guess I'm going to Yemen! I'm going to Yemen!" :-P

  16. Thanks for the bump, River! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside (and I think you've sent some traffic my way, too - I've picked up a few followers in the past couple of days).

    And mad props to you for those scrumptious looking pastries. I was wondering where the vegan bakery was until you started talking about the recipes involved. Wow :)

    I'm on board for the world tour! Not sure what kind of progress I'll make, but I'm going to try. Thanks for the great idea.

  17. LOVE IT! I'm in - how could I resist? I'll be taking a little sidebar badge, why thanking-yooo! I've also tended to stay away from Danish pastries cos they seemed so fiddly, but if you're saying this recipe's a winner I'm willing to give it a go!

  18. Kate - YAY for new readers and followers! And YAY for you joining us! Never mind progress, just have fun! And thank you, my pastries and I are seriously blushing! :-)

    DJ - Woo hoo!! I'm so glad you're joining in! Yes, this recipe was so very easy to make and it was so very buttery and awesome! I even screwed up and over flattened it, but it still tasted amazing. I hope you like it too! :-)

  19. River, what a fabulous blog event! I can't wait to participate (and will happily "WING-IT"--ha ha!) :D And those danish pastries? OMG they are totally bakery-worthy. They are gorgeous! They are mouthwateringly beautiful. I wish I could try one RIGHT NOW.

  20. What a great idea. Those pastries look so delicious! Guess I can't them during my sgar free gluten free phase.

  21. What a super fab idea River! Those pastries had me there already!
    Happy New Year


    (I'm still playing catch-up after crimbo)

  22. Ricki - Thank you! Maybe I can email you one? YAY! You're joining in! I am ecstatic! I can't wait to see how you wing-it (hee hee!), what you create and how you adapt things to fit your ACD! :-)

    Susan - Thank you! Yep. These are definitely not sugar free! So many FRIENDS fans in blogland! :-D

    Jeni - Happy new year to you too! I hope you join us! Oh, and I already have the "S" reserved for Spain! :-D

  23. River, this is such a great idea! I'm totally down for this.

  24. How fun! Those pastries are gorgeous & I assure you, Vienna Austria is as well!

  25. I seriously thought those were from a bakery, at least some of them...just crazy I guess. Probably because I have a tendency to scroll through the images several times before reading anything about it. Really incredible though! This is such a great idea, I'm not sure how to follow along yet...but count me in ;) Perhaps I will start with A...

  26. What a unique idea. I think it would be awesome to try foods from all over the world... now are you actually traveling or just trying to re-create recipes from different places? Either way, very creative. I'll stay tuned to see what happens... Good Luck Everyone, I can't wait to see pictures.

  27. Not really traveling, just play-traveling... mainly in my pajamas! Hee hee! Not quite as glamorous as real travels! It's been lots of fun already though! :)

  28. I LOVE this idea!!! I will eagerly read all of your amazing posts so that I can try some of your recipes.


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