A Few Peanuts a Day Make the Squirrels Go YAY!

Brrr!! Gone away is the bluebird, here to stay is a new bird! Or in this case, here to stay is the squirrel. Poor cold squirrels! This post is about keeping their fuzzy little tails warm and happy during the winter wonderland months. The best way to keep them warm? Build them a nesting box!

Squirrel box/house

Mr. Wing-It and I built this squirrel house a few years ago, and we must have done a good job because one of our backyard squirrels approved of it and moved in for the winter. She actually had her babies in there! No baby pictures though, I don't think Momma Squirrel would have been OK with that.

I think these were the plans that we used, but we decided to wing it and cut out an entrance square, instead of a round entrance hole. You can find other plans if you do a quick google search, like this one or this one. They are all basically the same concept, but with a few different features here and there.

If you're not feeling crafty or you're not confident enough to build a safe nesting box, there are some available for sale that will save you a lot of work and trouble. Here's one, and here's another one. There are a few different ones here, and check out this site where you can buy squirrel houses made out of recycled tires. Awesome!

If you don't own your home, you might want to check with your landlord, or parents, or roommate, or innkeeper, or jail guard before you put up a squirrel house. Some people can be rather paranoid about squirrels.

OK, that's enough chatter. We all know we're here for the cute squirrely pictures!

Momma squirrel relaxing in her box
Momma Squirrel, warm and sleepy in her nesting box. Aww!

Squirrel wondering if the grass is really greener over there
So? Is it greener on the other side?

Another way to keep them happy is to put a handful of peanuts out for them every day. Mr. Wing-It gives the birds and the squirrels a big serving of seeds and peanuts every single day.

Squirrel... hit by bullet?
*I've been hit... go on without me...*
*Every squirrel dies, but not every squirrel really lives*

Squirrel hiding a peanut
They like to hide their peanutty treasures under fallen leaves and save them for later.

Homer Simpson squirrel
Every now and then (but not too often) they indulge in a little junk food,
like Homer Simpson squirrel here.

Newman O's thief
"You might, m'lady, tweak my nose.You could, m'lord, step on my toes.
But Heaven help those poor bozos, who try to filch my Newman-O's"

Raisins are yummy but they get stuck on your teeth!
*Yuck! That seed had bird slobber all over it!*

Squirrel? Hedgehog?
If it has been raining for too long, Mr. Wing-It sets up a temporary eating station somewhere dry. Wet "hedgehog squirrel" here is demonstrating how the temporary eating station works. (sorry about the ugly blinds)

Squirrel drinking water - hurry it's almost completely frozen!
Neighborhood birds and squirrels can have a hard time finding water in winter when everything is frozen, so a bird bath or any kind of water is always welcome. Mr. Wing-It gives them fresh water every morning.

Thirsty squirrel!
I love this unintentionally awesome photo!

Squirrels are very well mannered creatures and they always want to give something back to show their appreciation for their shelter, food, and water. Their favorite method of payment is buffoonery!

*tickle tickle tickle*
*Tickle, tickle, tickle!*

Peeping Tom squirrel
Peeping Tom!

Tree-hugging squirrel
Tree hugger/kisser

Squirrel taking a little nap
Nap time by the kitchen window!

Don't you turn your back on me!
They subtly let us know when they've had enough of our picture-taking.

So peanuts + bird seed + water + shelter = happy squirrels and happy squirrel-watchers! We're no Amanda (her Squirrelly stories are the sweetest!), but we try to keep them as happy as possible. Are you into backyard squirrel or bird watching? It's the best form of geekery! *runs off to stalk the squirrels some more*


  1. I've known people who were, as you say, paranoid about squirrels (not in a good way), but I had no idea there were people who built them abodes and encouraged their comfort. Cool.

  2. Love!!!

    When I was scrolling (quickly) through google reader, I saw these pictures and immediately thought, "Aaaaah!!! River would love this!!!" Then I realized that it was your post. hehehe

  3. Thank you for this spectacular post!! All of the squirrely goodness really cheered me up today! You and Mr. Kook are so sweet to help out the birds and squirrels!

  4. awww, cute squirrels :)

    The closest we get to squirrels is docos and photos. We don't get em here. Thanks for posting the pics!


  5. I've never heard of such a thing, but like it alot! Further reasons to move on from apartment living :)

  6. I ♥ the squirrels! Awww!

    The pictures you take are awesome, they really seem to capture the character and personality of the squirrels!

    Is it wrong that Peeping Tom Squirrel reminds me of the Squirrel Underpants Model? LOL!

    It is so good of you guys to build them a home of their own. If we ever get a squirrel in the garden I will build it a nest box and bribe it with doughnuts to stick around a little longer! They are such adorable little brush-tailed critters! *WANT*

    Thank you for sharing your squirrels with us! :)

  7. Liz - This really was the most fun I've had typing up a blog post! :-D

    Andrea - If we were filthy rich, we would spoil every possible backyard creature in every possible way! Lately I've been wanting an open dovecot for the little guys. They seem so cold out there!

    Lisa - Mwahahaha! You know my squirrel obsession too well! :-D

    Tara - I'm glad the squirrels cheered you up! They do have a natural talent for doing that!

    Seitahn - Aww, everybody should get to stalk a little squirrel every now and then! I'm glad you can stalk them vicariously through us! :-)

    Joanie - I hope you get your own set of fuzzy buffoons when you guys move to a house with a yard! If you feed them, they will come! :-P

    Becks - Thank you! The squirrels do all the work though, I just point and shoot! I love Mr. Squirrel Underpants Model! Aww! The squirrel(s) that end up living in your garden will be incredibly spoiled too! And once you spoil them they will never want to leave! :-)

  8. Ohhhhhh my goodness!!!!! My roommates just checked to make sure I was ok, the squeeing was getting out of control. I love that you guys made a squirrel nesting box, and then those photos?! Amazing! That one of the squirrel with the donut is way too cute for words. You rock!

  9. Those are by far the cutest squirrel images I have ever seen--photos or live! I have to admit that I've never been a fan of squirrels (the ones here in Queens Park are pretty aggressive), but these look positively lovable!!

  10. awwwwwwwwwwwww - all the squirrels are so adorable, River! you take such beautiful photos, i just love them all (especially the sleeping squirrel!)!

    i've never thought to build a little shelter for a squirrel. it sounds like fun & something i'd love to make, too. thanks for the idea, my friend. you are too awesome!

  11. Everything about this post is so awesome! Thanks for caring about the local squirrels, for building a sweet squirrel house, for the peanuts, and for sharing these fantastic (and often hilarious) pictures! I love squirrels too, but you've seriously raised the bar :) Great post!!

  12. oh my god - overload of cuteness!!! momma squirrel's adorable.

    we used to have a squirrel that lived in our back garden when i lived at home. he was a fat bugger and he was always inching closer and closer to our door. i think he would have come in if mum hadn't scared him away. which bugged me - he was my friend. i named him timmy.

    oh god that story made me sound special, and not in a good way!

  13. Jes - Squirrels do have a talent for making people squee! The one with the doughnut is one of my favorite ones too, I love the look on the squirrel's face as he gets caught red handed! :-D

    Ricki - I'm so sorry you're stuck with aggressive squirrels! It sounds like they could use some manners-lessons from our friendly ones!

    Jessy - Thank you! I just point and shoot, the squirrels are the ones that strike the awesome poses! I hope you have fun building a nesting box!!

    Mike - Thank you! I'm not sure we can entirely claim this as a selfless good deed though, because we do enjoy watching the squirrels that we allure with those yummy peantus! :-P

    Sal - Aww, I love your Timmy story! All kids should get to have a squirrely friend! :-)

  14. Squirrels! I love squirrels. They are so cute. I get so excited whenever I see one. Which is never actually at home since we do not have squirrels here in Australia. But when I went to England I would practically squee in delight every time a little squirrel friend would strike a pose!

    But back in Australia I have to live a vicarious squirrel life through other people.

    *hugs internet squirrels*

    How great of you to look after them :)

  15. hahahaha I had no idea you speak Squirrel;)

    You are COCO-nutty!


  16. Susan - I feel for you! There should be squirrels everywhere in the world, that way nobody would miss out on their cuteness and buffoonery! :-)

    Denny - Coconutty I am! Yep, I have a masters in squirrel-talk, and I also speak fluent bunny and a little raccoon! :-D

  17. You are the Jane of all trades!! The strawberry hats are gorg! If only we lived closer....le sigh.

    Have a wonderful Friday:)

  18. Denny - If we lived closer we would both weigh a gazillion pounds because we would eat nothing but chocolate, coconut and strawberries all day! :-D

  19. I usually don't like squirrels because I've only ever met the kind that barked at my dogs and threw acorns and/or pecans at my head. But this...is just so freaking adorable!!!

  20. I absolutely LOVE this post. Sooooooooo cute.

  21. Mo - Mean squirrels! Our squirrels are so well behaved that they make your squirrels sound even worse in comparison! Bad, bad squirrels!

    Kelly - I'm glad you like it! It's been nice blogging about things other than food here. A much needed change! :-)

  22. How did I miss this post?? Squirrelly is so pleased that you blogged about squirrels! She really can't thank you enough for building that amazing squirrel condo for her cousins. She has one too but she likes yours better!

  23. Amanda and Squirrelly - I'm glad you guys like the condo! Our backyard squirrels say that Squirrelly is welcome to stay with them any time! :-)


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