Extreme Makeover: Kitchen Cart Edition!

A couple of months ago I rescued an ugly-duckling kitchen cart from certain death. Mr. Wing-It's mother was going to get rid of him because she had bought a new one to replace him. I have to admit that he used to be rather unattractive back then, but he was just a diamond in the rough waiting for someone to polish him... or sand him down. You've heard the story: Kitchen Cart meets girl, girl notices a certain je ne sais quoi about him, girl gives Kitchen Cart a makeover and they live happily ever after.

Exaggerated reenactment of the rescue:

Mr. Wing-It's mother: I've had enough of your unsightly stains and crookedness! I've found a new Kitchen Cart, and he's sturdy, and he's taller, and he has doors and a drawer! You're a disgrace! Go! Shoo!

Me: Noooo! *standing in front of Kitchen Cart*

Mr. Wing-It's mother: Don't try to defend him! He's a squeaky piece of junk! He's out of here! He's firewood!

Me: No! Not firewood! I'll take him! I'll give him a home! I will love him, and hug him, and call him George!

Here is what Kitchen Cart looked like before the makeover. He had some very ugly stains and scratches on the surface, some of the boards were crooked, and until a few minutes before I took this picture he used to lean like the Tower of Pisa. Mr. Wing-It very skillfully tightened up some screws and made him nice and straight, but I forgot to take a picture before the tightening-upping.

Kitchen Cart ~ Before

After lots of sanding-down and several coats of acrylic paint, Kitchen Cart became a beautiful swan!

Kitchen Cart ~ After

That wood thing that looks like a house is a bread box that I made a while ago, but that's a story for another time. Isn't Kitchen Cart handsome now? He has cream colored legs and an olive green top and towel bar.

After all his scars were gone, he looked like he had lost all his character. He needed something to make him unique and different from all the other kitchen carts. Enter the crackle medium. I applied the crackle medium in between coats of paint, which was easier said than done because the paint kept curdling up on me. I learned that a little crackle medium goes a looong way.

Now Kitchen Cart has a few crackly areas on his legs that give him lots of personality. He's not just some bimbo kitchen cart with a perfect paint-job.

Well, what do you think? Isn't this a happy ending? Would you like to see more furniture-makeovers or home-improvement posts in the future?

Well, I'm off to click around Chocolate Covered Katie's blog to participate on her "Chocolate Covered Kindness" Page View Charity Drive. For every page-view on her blog, one of her favorite charities gets some cash. Just like that! I will probably look at her dirty pictures while I'm hanging out there. Maybe even check out that hot boyfriend of hers. It's his suspenders that take the hotness to a whole new level!


  1. You're my hero, Kitchen Cart Saver Girl!

    No, really... well done!! It doesn't even look like the same piece.

  2. Hehe, love the dialogue ;)

    Stellar kitchen makeover pieces!!

  3. I'm usually a big fan of natural wood but I'd have to admit your painted cart has an abundance of charm. It really looks great! And you saved its life, which makes it even better.

  4. What a beautiful kitchen cart makeover! I love the finish especially.

  5. You did a gorgeous job making over Mr. Kitchen Cart! I also think your bread box is adorable! Please, more furniture makeover/crafty posts in the future!

  6. Wow ow wow weeee!!! Love the crackly action, too. Gives it some depth. Keep up the home goods stuff. I very much enjoy the inspiration.

  7. LOL! You're so funny :D

    Yay! You saved him! What an marvelous makeover.

    'George' is looking particularly handsome in the 'after' picture! What lovely crackly legs he has (and Wing It apron looks right at home on his rail! Awwww!).

    I look forward to future makeovers, you are awesome!

  8. I love your new blog. Bring it all on, buffoonery, furniture makeovers, seagulls and more. :D

    Very glad to see you back in the blog world!

  9. Lisa - It's Kitchen Cart Saver Girl to the rescue! Hee hee!

    Liz - The dialogue wasn't silly or anything, was it? :-P

    Andrea - Thank you! I like natural wood too, you know, that mountain log home type of wood. Some day when Mr. Kook and I live in a little mountain town, there will be plenty of natural wood! :-D

    Thanks, Jes! The crackly finish is my favorite part too! It kind of makes him a little badass!

    Tara - Mr. Kitchen Cart says thank you! There will definitely be more home craftiness posts in the future!

    Joanie - I will definitely bring on more home goods stuff. Isn't the crackly action purdy?

    Becks - Crack is whack! :-P
    Wing-it apron was placed there specifically for this picture! That's where I *want* it to be, but I'm afraid the Pepenator would try to nom it!

    Susan - Thank you! I'm glad you like the new blog! Beware what you wish for - there will be plenty of buffoonery! :-P

  10. Great job! This is one of my favourite things to do. Makeover an old piece that someone else has thrown away - although not as dramatic as throwing myself in front of it during the save :p

    Love the new blog ^_^

  11. I think it looks absolutely beautiful! What a great project, I love to do stuff like that.

  12. Holy moly! Wow. This cart is so lovely now and you made a breadbox too. Geez, you are super talented.

  13. You are so very talented, I wouldn't know where to start if I found something like that, in need of a new home and some paint!

  14. Love the drama haha- and you did a fabulous job on making over the cart! :)

  15. that's one happy ending, indeed! you are too awesome, River! i love that you reused the old kitchen cart from your mother-in-law! you did an absolutely rock’n job fixing up it up –it looks amazing! i loooooove a cracked medium – it’s my fav!

  16. hahahaha girl you've got some fine wit on ya! You should be writing scripts for Seinfeld or Golden Girls!

    Cart looks good cause it's been given some Rivvy lovin! All is right in Cart-world again!

  17. Angel - Isn't that fun?! There's such a big sense of accomplishment when you do things yourself! It's even better when you throw yourself on the floor to save it though! :-P

    Mihl - Thank you! It was a lot of fun! I didn't know there were so many fellow bloggers that enjoy doing this kind of thing!

    Krys - Aww, you're too nice! If you knew how everything fights me every step of the way, you'd see there really isn't a whole lot of talent there! :-D

    Mandee - Thank you! I think it was meant to be, he needed me and I needed him! :-)

    Melinda - Thank you! Gotta love the drama! Hee hee! :-)

    Jessy - Isn't he handsome?! Thank you! The crackly action is my favorite too, it gives it a little something something!

    Deniberry - You're way too kind to me! That was some fine story writing though, wasn't it? Ha! Kidding! :-)

  18. Kitchen Cart IS handsome now! I'm so impressed that you did that, I really want to learn how to redo furniture like that. Repurpose, reuse, revamp!

    You know, I am such a disorganized person, and that is probably why I am obsessed with things like kitchen Carts, shelves, boxes, etc. They just look so organized and cute, like they would change my life by helping me get everything straight in order.

    I love the colors you used, very cool!

    And Yay for chocolate covered kindness! Click click click!

  19. I just bet that Mrs. Kook wishes she still had that cart now!! It is beautiful, and looks perfect in your kitchen. :)

  20. Ha ha! This is great. I got a kitchen cart from Target a few years ago and the directions for assembling the doors was wrong. I'm still not sure how to do it. You've inspired me.

  21. Natasha - You just made Kitchen Cart blush! I am very disorganized too, and I also love carts, shelves, large food storage containers, all that good stuff! The sad thing is that my brain is about as disorganized as my things! :-)

    Ricki - Thank you! She did say that she didn't even recognize it anymore!

    Mo - We bought a kitchen cart from Target.com last year and they sent us the wrong color. We took it back to a retail store and ordered another one online - they sent us the wrong color again! I've given up on Target kitchen carts! Good luck with yours though! :-)

    Thank you, Melisser! He's blushing again! :-P

  22. Miss River!
    I love your new site!!! Not that I didn't know I would ;)

    You are so creative and... crafty! Hehe so I guess your blog title is a good one.

    Hope you had fun with the dirty pictures!


  23. Thanks, Katie! I'm glad you like! The dirty pictures were sweeeet! :)

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