Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes

You know what makes sweet pahtaters even better than they already are in their natural form? Hot spices and sweet brown sugar!
Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes 
These Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes are all dressed up for Thanksgiving with a spice mix of chili powder, chipotle powder, paprika, onion, garlic, and it’s all blended nicely with a good amount of brown sugar. It looks like mine burned, but it’s actually just the caramelized sugar and the brownness of the chili powder. The first time I made these they came out soft and soggy because my sweet potato was too big (I halved the recipe) and I didn’t have enough sugar-spice mix. I learned my lesson and doubled the mix for my next batch and they came out crispy and delicious. If you also have a monster sized sweet potato you might want to double the sugar-spice mix too! They are very nice with some barbecue sauce…
Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes 
The recipe, courtesy of Donalyn at The Creekside Cook, calls for butter which is easily replaced with vegan butter or even coconut oil. The sliced sweet potatoes are boiled only for a few minutes before they are left to dry on a cooling rack so keep them from turning out soggy later. Then you crush them with the bottom of a glass, brush with your choice of fat, sprinkle with the spice mix and bake until crispy. Aren’t they pretty?
Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes 
There is a small window of opportunity to eat these while they’re crispy. You have to let them cool down for a few minutes to let the sugar harden up, and then you want to eat them before they’re cold! Let’s dip one in BBQ sauce! 
Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes
So good! These would be a perfect side dish to spice up the Thanksgiving menu, wouldn’t they? Or any menu! Thanks for sharing the recipe, Donalyn! 
Now prepare to have your head explode with the cute creature of the day! This happy little corgi has the cutest furry butt I have ever seen! I love corgis!!! (or corgwn if you’re the corgi police)


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      Quite perfect indeedy! Now I’m thinking that all they’re missing is some saucy black beans on the side. Sweet potato and black beans go together like peanut butter and chocolate :)

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    Sweet potatoes yes! Great idea.

    Oh my lordy that booty shakin corgi is about the cutest thing I’ve seen in ages. I squeee’d out loud! haha

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    These looks great. I was wondering how they got that pretty smooshed look… smooshing with a glass will do that.
    I’m still at work for another hour and a half, wish I had some of these to snack on!

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      Savory cookies! Never thought of them that way. Someone should start a blog or write a cookbook all about savory cookies ASAP!

      Corgis have the wiggliest cutest butts! Someday I will be owned by a butt-wiggling corgi or two. Someday…

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    Oh gosh, those look so addicting! And I’m thinking they’ll make great football watching eats too :) You find the best recipes chica!

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      Like peanut butter and chocolate! :)

      I absolutely LOVE the sweet potato + BBQ combo! Oven-baked sweet potato “fries” dipped in BBQ sauce are the best!

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