Resale Redo! A Table Makeover.

After a whole month of blogging about food, today I want to share something different and non-edible.

Unless you are a termite. Then I wish you bon appétit!

A few weeks ago I found this little treasure at a resale shop for $19:

Table Before

Uh huh. Not my style either. It’s a very sturdy table though, and it’s made of real wood instead one of those thin woodesque materials that don’t fool anybody. When I saw it I knew I had to have it, and even though I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to redo it, I know that I was definitely going to redo it. Nothing wrong with patriotism but I don’t want it on my table top.
Table Before

Stripping the paint from the top revealed a beautiful chunk of wood that deserved to be showed off! I also stripped the paint from the drawer and stained it, along with the top, with a nice “jacobean” brown stain. Just a couple of thin coats of stain to let the wood shine. I really dislike sanding or stripping legs and thin little surfaces, so instead of sanding and staining the legs I went ahead and painted them bright red, right on top of the original matte white pain. Drum roll, please! 
Table After

Ta-da! Isn’t she dashing? Yes, her drawer is a little crooked but I think that just makes her spunkier. I’m pretty sure that an actual human being with human hands made this table from scratch – she doesn’t come from an assembly line, I don’t think. Unfortunately, the little drawer knobs that came with the table were glued on there and I wasn’t able to remove them and use the purdy metal ones that I had in mind. But I still think she’s pretty fabulous!
Now you will need to use your imagination to picture what the next consignment shop table looked like before I changed it, because I completely forgot to take a “before” photo. It’s easy to imagine though, because it was 100% white. The body was white, the top was white, the drawers were white, and the little knobs were white. All I did to this one was stain the top with a couple of coats of jacobean stain and painted the knobs a dark bronzey color. 
Table After

Dainty little thing! It looks like it has nine drawers, but it actually has three. So there you have it. That’s what I have been up to lately. Now I have an old 70’s style TV stand that I need to work on and hopefully transform it into something a little less ugly. Wish me luck!

You didn’t think I would forget to end this post with a cute animal shot, did you? This guy is cute and menacing. Maybe a little bit psycho. But I’d still snorgle him!

Psycho Hawk


  1. says

    Well done. You have a good eye for spotting pieces and imagining how they should look. The crooked drawer table would fit perfectly in my house, where everything is so crooked it’s hard to tell if the paintings are hanging straight or not. But I love the multi-drawered table best. I haven’t found a good source of thrifty furniture since my two beloved resale shops closed.

    • says

      Everything here is pretty crooked too. Maybe we are the crooked ones? :)

      That sucks! I hope somebody opens a good resale shop in your area soon. It’s hard to pay full price for something when you know you can get something similar or adequate enough at a resale shop for a fraction of the price, isn’t it?

    • says

      Me too. I especially need to find a painted piece to redo. I usually can’t bring myself to paint over wood, even if I think it would look good painted. We have some pretty good high-end resale shops, but I want a cool low-end one. And no, I don’t think the crookedness is my fault. Even the switch plates are crooked, not to mention all the doors. Perhaps the house is sinking.

    • says

      It does sound like the house is sinking! You’re going to slide right off the crooked/tilted bed while you’re sleeping one of these days! :)

      OK, google the word “tilt” (but without quotation marks) and see what happens! Freaky!

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    love your pics! i use to have a falcon- i had a falconer’s license. They are AMAZING and deep spirits, though they are extremely mistrustful of people (with good reason). Such a lovely post~

    • says

      A falcon! Is that what this guy is? I’ve been calling him Mr. Hawk all this time! No wonder he never wants to hang out with me :)

      I’m always glad to see a wild animal that is mistrustful of people. Smart birds!

    • says

      Oh, stop it, you! :) I’m working on another one right now, but it’s one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen so it’s going to take some time to make it purdy. Wish me luck!

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    oh great job, I’d happily put either of those in my house. I’m not very good with stuff like that, I tend just buy stuff from ikea!! haha.

  4. says

    Wow, you did a great job upcycling those tables. I often forget that these types of things can be done with second hand goods. Thanks for the inspiration. And I’m totally with you on the original style of that first table…not my cup of tea either.

    • says

      Thanks! It’s really nice to find second hand stuff for cheap. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if something is actually a good deal or if it’s just junky stuff and I want to buy it all! :)

    • says

      Isn’t it the perfect shade of brown? It’s hard to find a stain that doesn’t end up looking too red or orange. Jacobean is my favorite!

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