Quacky Halloween From Curly!

Can you guess what Curly’s Halloween costume is supposed to be? Here’s a hint: he’s not “doody”. You probably have already guessed if you are a fan of FRIENDS! :)

Quacky Halloween from Curly and the gang!!

Happy Halloween from Curly and the gang!

Give up? Here’s a little clip for those of you who are stuck or never watched FRIENDS. “Space Doody!” :)


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      That would be a good costume! This one wasn’t very fair for people who didn’t watch the TV show “Friends”, because it’s from one of their Halloween episodes when Ross was dress as “Spudnik”. He had an old TV antenna on his head (attached to a metal strainer) and he was wearing a potato suit, so instead of Sputnik, the silly goose was Spudnik! :)

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